3 jun 2014

Compilation of all of SCANDAL’s “SCANOMICS” radio broadcasts so far. The band have started as regulars on TOKYO FM since 2nd Apr 2013 and the radio programme is still ongoing.

I have provided most of the overall translations with the exception of the earlier broadcasts. List is as follows below:

I only started taking the translations more seriously (?) from the June 2013 broadcasts onwards and nowadays, I try to translate as much of the programme as I can. Do enjoy them!

This post will be updated whenever I finish the latest SCANOMICS broadcast and its link will be available at the top of fyscandalband’s page.


Special photos (given at random) for fans who join/continue KISSme Japan membership at the concert venue

Soohyun: Don’t look at me like that! It’s embarrassing ^^
Kiseop: I want to be the No.1 in KISSme’s heart!
Eli: I perform on stage for everyone. We’ll be together forever
Hoon: My love and feelings for KISSmes is becoming more and more ♡ 
Kevin: I want to grow old with KISSmes~^^
Jun: I’m the youngest [member] Jun! Please give lots of support~!!