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Helllo! Can I request a scenario chubby s/o with hizashi, aizawa and bakugou, has they're s/o are always very sad about they're body and frustrated for being like that? (Separate each of them pls?) I'm so grateful for all your kindness and keep it up the good work!

I dont think I’ll be able to write 3 completely different scenarios for just the one prompt so instead I’ll write a crap ton of hcs for it. Hope this is okay with you!

Yamada Hizashi

  • Not judging them at all and chewing out anyone who did.
  • Always thinking of new ways to make his s/o see how beautiful they are.
  • Whenever he’s on air he’ll always give a shout-out at the end of it to cheer his s/o up.
  • Wallking up to his s/o and pulling up either sides of their lips into a grin.

Aizawa Shouta

  • “Who cares? I love you for who you are, not what a number on a scale says.”
  • Leaving post-it notes with cheesy messages around the house to remind his s/o how amazing they are even when he’s not there.
  • Tells his s/o that he wouldn’t change them for the world.
  • Lots of tight hugs and forehead kisses.

Bakugou Katsuki

  • From his own experience cause the boy has no chill he has found that letting his s/o just rant for a while helps get it out their system.
  • Will always tell his s/o if anyone ever says anything about their weight to just tell him who it is and he’ll “handle them”.
  • If his s/o really is adamant on being frustrated with their body, he’ll offer to train with them if they want to try and lose some weight.
  • Kissing his s/o and telling them very clearly to stop saying such stupid things about themself.
Tokyo Ghoul :re Chapter 80 Spoilers

Hanbee blocks Kurona’s attack despite being nervous
Hanbee: (In terms of offense… If this continues on I dont have a chance of winning…)
Hanbee repels Kurona’s attack but her Kagune came out from behind
Hanbee: (Current status recovery… Abara’s limit… announces…!!)
Kagune extends from behind to pierce his head from a blindspot. But Hanbee senses it and lower his head to avoid
Kurona takes off her hood
Kurona: ….your response is good, so is your defense
Kurona takes off her kagune from her back that has the shape of a sword
Kurona: We are quite confident with our skill in handling quinque
And swings the sword towards Hanbee
Kurona: This makes me reminisce about the time when we were juniors, playing?
Kurona signals her finger as if asking Hanbee to attack
Hanbee: (Forced ignorance!! Concentrate Hanbee)
Hanbee concentrates and attacks. But his attacks were all blocked by Kurona, and successfully give a blow back to him
Kurona: Come come come
Hanbee: (Tch…)
Suddenly Kurona appears in front of him
Hanbee: !
Hanbee collapses
Hanbee: (Her head…..?!)
Hanbee got attacked

Hanbee: Gu..u
Hanbee: (Lose in strength..!!)
Hanbee: (Give my all… Abara’s best…!!)
Kurona attacks directly
Hanbee: Ah, I will attack!!!
Just when Hanbee is swinging his sword, Kurona jumps in the air, and her quinque in hand shines
Hanbee: (This is bad…..this is really really bad!!)
Kurona uses her kagune to pierce through Hanbee’s right leg
Hanbee: It hurts~~~~~~~~!! It hurts so much~~~~~~~~~~!!

Seeing Hanbee in pain, Kurona puts up a smile
Kurona: I dont understand, why are you following that guy? He doesnt care about life at all. Didnt he abandon you here?
Hanbee: …I need to correct 3 points of yours….First, ghoul investigator are required to follow their superior, this has nothing to do with loyalty….Second, …however, I, Abara, is loyal to Suzuya Special Class to the core…and third, Suzuya senpai does not leave his subordinates behind

Then, Suzuya appears from the air  swinging Jason.
Kurona successfully evaded Suzuya’s swing, but she got pierced by Sasori in the face
Kurona: …..with that position…still able to land an attack so fast… your attack is perfect, I cant even dodge
Kurona got pierced in the left eye, head on the right side,  neck and chest, she calmly accepts the blow. Kurona lands, and talks to Suzuya while taking off those blades
Kurona: …its good meeting you here Rei
Suzuya: …you have become quite a monster yourself, Kurona. Do you want to have a little gettogether again
Kurona smiles, and Juuzou swings Jason, his swing caused the surrounding trees got cut off. Kurona moves fast as if hiding, but Suzuya’s subordinates has already surrounded the area
Kurona: ….Subordinates (companion) huh.. important ones important
Kurona laughs
Kurona: …I am happy, finally Shiro can see Suzuya in pain
Suzuya: ….Shiro? Bearing those attacks she still can survive?
Kurona: Huh? You are here right~ Haha! Dont ignore me!!
Shiro is … on Kurona’s belly….
Shirona: Fu..fu
Suzuya: Oh oh, thats disgusting

*Next week I wont be translating Chapter 81, cause I am going on a trip to Korea~~~ but I will definitely read it, wonder how this little get together will turn out*