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Japanese vocab with Yuzuru - Day 19

Okay now onto baby Yuzu when he was still a young promising star in Sendai :3

1. 天才(てんさい|ten-sai): genius

Recycling this gif from Day 16 where the other guy tells him he is “表情の天才” (genius at expression) because I love that pun so much (real reason: too lazy XD)

The other day in a chat, after rewatching Worlds 2012, my friend said “How can he be that good at 17?” and the first word that came up in my mind was “Tensai!!!!” :))) But that’s not all there is :3

2. 努力(どりょく|do-ryo-ku): effort, hard work

Similar to 成長 (sei-chou) in Day 5, this noun can be used with できる(de-ki-ru) to form a verb, meaning ‘can work hard’.

In Future of Tohoku (at 20:53), Nanami-sensei regarded him as 努力できる天才(a genius who can work hard). Let me just quote her answer cause it’s just too precious:

“Of course everyone wants to escape when they’re exhausted right? But he doesn’t show a hint of that. I think he always train with all his might with the limited time he has. I think he’s definitely a genius, but that’s not all. He works twice as hard as others. He wouldn’t have achieve so much without all his efforts. He is a genius who can work hard. He works hard in order to maximize his natural talent. The way he works hard is to me what truly makes him a genius”


Hey everyone I recently started drawing, I was pretty bored of reading manga all the time and wanted to try something new so here’s a drawing of me and Monika! I hope everyone likes it! (OOC) Don’t repost without permission and don’t use unless you credit me, reblogs are fine and yes, I did use the menu background. Don’t delete the caption, thanks! <3


ok the poses people are making for pets are so fkin cute n also i got s&s a pet so those posts are supposed to start coming out on saturday :~D neatneatneat

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Hi how’s your day been

You mean, on an Objective pov? Or on a I’m Dying, I Wish I Had Time To Draw pov? :^}

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YAY GOOD JOB ON FINALS!! Would you like to do Koushiro for the ask thing? :D

THANKS IM VERY EXCITED!! + literally nothing would make me happier. <3

favorite thing about them: koushirou’s isolationist tendencies and shyness always struck me really hard and relatable as a kid, and the fact that the group accepted it for him and let him deal with it on his own terms without it lessening their relationship with him is. something i really adore about the original dynamic. + he’s just so excitable, i love him
least favorite thing about them: i love koushirou but FUCK he’s a prick. i saw a post at one point about how koushirou would’ve been a better leader than taichi and i had to be like. do you know who koushirou is as a person. Do You Know How Difficult Awareness Of Others’ Emotions Is For Him.
favorite line: it’s cheesy and also dub, but hearing mona say “prodigious!” always hits me Right in the nostalgia.
brOTP: i’ve talked abt sora/koushirou before, so i won’t yell abt it again. i LOVE LOVE LOVE koushiro and iori becoming Passionate Knowledge Buddies together, complaining abt takeru and daisuke, etc. (that moment in determination when koushirou panics abt murdering digimon? That Was Iori’s Influence You Can’t Tell Me Otherwise) tbh koushirou’s relationships with the 02 kids are All very important to me, and i wish they got more recognition
OTP: i’ve talked abt taichi/koushirou, light of my life, the ship that gets me up in the morning, yes? i actually adore all of koushirou’s relationships, so there really is only one or two that i don’t ship. in terms of canon, he and miyako def dated in middle school before she got with ken. there’s really only like…one relationship where i think it would just Never Work.
nOTP: and that relationship is koushirou/mimi. i. don’t want to insult anyone who likes the ship. but i honestly cannot fucking stand it. they’d be miserable. they don’t have any mutual understanding. they’re HILARIOUS friends, and i like them like that, but in a committed relationship???
random headcanon: my url is “trans koushirou” for a reason! unlike some of the other trans chosen (i have a number of these headcanons because I Know Who I Am), he starts presenting as male very early in life, definitely before the start of adventure. it makes a lot of sense with his original arc and the confrontation of emotion (traditionally feminine) and logic (traditionally masculine) and the collision of the two. i tend to justify koushirou’s less-than-ideal tri moments to myself (i.e. The Mimi Thing) as being the symptoms of someone who has recently gone on t (heightened sex drive), in addition to some of the better koushirou tri moments being a result of the same thing. the headcanon is very near and dear to me.
unpopular opinion: koushirou and taichi have a closer friendship than yamato and taichi and the fact that jyou/koushirou is almost always a “pair the spares” situation does a huge disservice to both of their characters and their dynamic
song i associate with them: before i started associating it with yuujin, love songs for robots by patrick watson was Absolutely a Koushirou Song for me. i always think of his relationship w/ taichi when i hear sidekick by walk the moon, too
favorite picture of them: