3 hour tour

Happy Father’s Day (Will Roland X Reader)

WC: 2579

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of verbal and emotional abuse, alcohol

Summary: Y/N gets invited to go on the DEH Father’s Day yacht party, but doesn’t bring her dad. Will is intrigued, and it stirs up something’s Y/N really didn’t want revealed.

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A/N: This was requested by my beautiful swan mama @polygenderselkie so I hope y’all enjoy!

“I have an announcement, people!” Michael said, and we all turned our heads toward him.

“Seeing as Sunday is Father’s Day.” As he said this most of the cast cheered. I kept silent, a sour look crossing my face.

“I have decided to spoil myself, and the rest of you lovely people, seeing as my children probably won’t.” Michael said, earning chuckles from everyone.

“What is it?” Will called from the back of the room. Michael smiled and folded his arms over his chest.

“I have booked a 3 hour yacht tour around New York Harbour. You can all bring one or two people with you. It’s going to be incredible!” Michael said, and everyone in the room cheered.

“I love you dad!” Laura shouted, and I snorted loudly.

“I second that.” Mike called, slinging an arm around Laura’s shoulders.

I shook my head and walked up to Michael, smiling brightly at him. “Thank you Michael, my ‘I kinda think of you as my’ dad.” I said and he laughed loudly, smiling widely.

“You’re very welcome, my ‘I kind of think of you as my’ daughter.” Michael said, pulling me into a brief hug. I returned the hug, letting go quickly.

Everyone slowly trickled out of the blue room, until it was just Will and I. “So, who are you gonna bring on the yacht trip, Y/L/N?” Will asked, sitting down next to me.

“I don’t know, really. I don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend to bring, and I’m not bringing my dad.” I said, and Will furrowed his eyebrows.

“Is your dad out of town, or something?” Will asked, and I took in a deep breath.

“Something like that. Anyway, am I going to get to meet the famous Bill Roland on Sunday?” I asked, desperately trying to change the topic.

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so, today was a busy day, 3 hours around the british museum and I still had things to see, and 3 hours walking tour of the old city of london. Tomorrow the Grim Reaper tour. And that is in the afternoon, I don’t know what to do in the morming, maybe go to the national gallery or somewhere else.

3 Hour Tour ❂ Ashley & Baby

Baby and Ella had their private time holding each other and talking in the morning and then kissed goodbye for the day. And it was a full day indeed. He was going to meet his new friend Ashley for a tour of the island before doing some gardening with Sage. He figured he could bring Ashley along to meet Sage because there wasn’t a better friend to have on the island than Sage. 

He hopped along the tiles in the hallway to the cafeteria in his green Chucks, short purple skirt, and wolf print t-shirt the nightmares of the prior night forgotten in the bright light of another beautiful Orenda day. He was more than excited to meet his new friend in person and burst into the cafeteria looking every which way. His clash of mismatched clothes and exuberant attitude were now fairly well tolerated by his fellow participants, but still garnered a few funny looks as he hopped around looking for Ashley.


Let me just tell you

Seeing whales in the wild where they belong is the most amazing thing to witness. It cost me $40 for a ticket to go on a 3 hour tour off the coast of California. $40 well spent. I saw Gray Whales, Rissos Dolphins, Sea Otters, Sea lions, seals and Pelicans! 

Please consider this alternative rather than visiting Sea World. It isn’t that much of a price difference for the entire trip trust me. It’s also well worth it. You won’t be disappointed. 

See all these beautiful animals in their natural environment.. the ocean.. their home! All of these photos were taken from the same tour I was on but at different times of the year.

3 Hour Tour

I want you to show me
I want you to point and say I did that
I made this
here’s how and
whether it was fun, or sad
if it was significant and why
how does the maker feel?
what are the stages of creation?
take me to the spaces between the dots of ink
and step back to see not just the wheel but the larger machine.
The dust speck in daylight.
among millions yet just one catches your eye
caught dancing in the smoky river
feeding sticky imaginations wanting
to deconstruct her art in front of her
and watch her come alive
as we arrive on the same page
and truly understand