3 hit combo


Hwoarang doing this same combo since Tekken 3 and i really love it. I remember this was the first combo i learn in Tekken 3 and since then, hwoarang become my favorite. I can say this is my favorite character of the entire game but i also enjoy playing with Leo. When i got my copy of Tekken 3, i remember i played with all the characters but i feel comfortable with Hwoarang. He is quick and letal, great Taekwondo fighter.

MHX Demo Reminder: Bushido commands

It can be jarring at first but during a perfect evade, the direction you hold the circle pad is the direction you’ll run. If you are too far away you will run to nothing so be careful.

During the run here are commands:

  • GS: X to do upward hit, then hold X for strong charge, then X finisher swipe
  • LS: X to do an attack and if you have enough gauge R after that to do new spirit slash
  • SNS: X+A to do a jump attack (follow with XX)
  • DB: X to do an upward attack ,if in demon mode the evade will be an attack itself
  • Hammer: Hold R for strong charge
  • Horn: 3 hit combo press any button you like the attack is the same but note is not
  • Lance: X to do the new cross hit, then follow with thrusts
  • GL: X to do the upward reload hit, then X for strong slam
  • SA: X to do spinning finisher
  • CB: A (!) to do elemntal burst 2, not sure about guard
  • IG: X to do kinsect double hit, then follow with X, A
  • LBG/HBG: the reload is automatic, you can dash after it as well