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Ten Contradictions Atheists Just Can’t Stop Making

I saw a list of Ten Contradictions Theist Can’t Stop Making, so I thought I would post one of my own about contradictions atheist make all the time. 

1. Saying there is a scientific answer to the beginning of the universe. But, then acknowledging that they have no idea where matter came from. I guess when unicorns and fairies mate they create matter from nothing.

2. Saying they don’t believe in God, but when they are in the slightest pain (like hitting their thumb with a hammer) or express almost any emotion they call on God usually followed by a curse word. This one is one of the funniest to Christians. It is amazing that people that claim to hate God call His name more often than Christians in prayer. 

3. Claim they don’t believe the Bible, but do not study it or understand the most basic premises. I don’t know how many times I have had to answer Old Testament questions from a Christian perspective. 

4. Saying that atheist can be as moral as Christians, despite the fact that atheists give significantly less than Christians to charity (even non-Christian charity). Christians feed more, care for more elderly, children and orphans, provide more medical care, more clean water, more education and more disaster relief by percentage of income than atheists. Saying you are as moral, but not proving it by actions could be called hypocritical.  

5. Speaking of atheists being hypocritical, they always point to sinful Christians as hypocrites even though all Christians acknowledge we are all sinful and then atheist don’t acknowledge the amoral behavior in their own lives.

6. Say they will never pray…until they are on their death bed. (Personally seen this. You want to have a sobering experience? Watch an atheist on their deathbed.)

7. Atheist blame Christians for everything bad that has ever happened in the world when in fact atheist like Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot have killed more, subjugated more, tortured more and enslaved than all Christians combined.

8. Hate God, despite saying He does not exist.

9. Being hateful when someone just trying to be nice and polite says “God bless you.” usually after a sneeze. I was told at work to start using “gesundheit” or “be healthy”. You want to know what makes Christians laugh? Now you know. 

10. Claiming that there is no moral authority and then flabbergasted when people don’t live up to a nebulous societal moral code.

I got about a thousand more but this is a good start.

Here is their list. 

Ten Contradictions Theists Just Can’t Stop Making

1. Explaining what god is or wants, then saying humans cannot understand god.

2. Claiming that god loves us all, then rationalizing human suffering.

3. Pretending that free will and a divine plan are not mutually exclusive.

4. Behaving hatefully, then saying “god bless.”

5. Declaring god as the source of objective morality, then interpreting scripture.

6. Labeling god as omnipotent, then blaming evil on the devil.

7. Seizing upon minuscule inconsistencies in highly specialized scientific disciplines as a failure of science to explain the universe while accepting supernatural explanations for which there is no evidence.

8. Subscribing to religion, then labeling the religious beliefs of others as “crazy.”

9. Accusing atheists of cherry-picking scripture to make it look bad.

10. Claiming membership in one of thousands of sects of religion as authority for telling non believers why our interpretation of religion is wrong.