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etsyfindoftheday 3 | 7.5.16

soy wax glass jar candle in sweet smoke + matchbox by bonlux

this masculine-scented candle blends sweetness and smokiness — honey and beeswax and woodsmoke and spice. i would LOVE to try it! you can also pick up a matching matchbox for a great gift-giving set. check out all their pretty choices today :)

Epsom Salt And Coconut Oil Face Scrub For Oily Skin

Epsom salt offers the goodness of deep exfoliation, while coconut oil clears trapped skin impurities.

How To Make?

1. Take half bowl of Epsom salt and mash it to make its particles finer.
2. Transfer the mashed Epsom salt into an air tight glass jar.
3. Take half bowl of coconut oil and transfer it onto a pan.
4. Heat it on low flame.
5. When the coconut oil becomes warm, switch off the flame.
6. Transfer the warm coconut oil into the glass jar containing Epsom salt.
7. Mix the two ingredients well, until the salt saturates in oil.
8. Add lemon juice to the saturated mixture and stir well.

This makes your salt scrub for oily face. Use it thrice in a week before bathing for best results.

(i) Epsom salt offers deep exfoliation to oily skin. Coconut oil offers necessary moisturization, but clears unwanted dirt and sebum trapped in skin pores.

(ii) Lemon juice reduces the size and appearance of open pores. It offers astringent benefits and reduces redness and inflammation too. It also targets blackheads, whiteheads and acne marks.

(iii) It also reduces the unnatural glare from oily skin.

PaganAlchemy’s (AWitchyWriter’s) 2014 Giveaway

PaganAlchemy is the Etsy Shop I had opened on August 7th, 2014. To end the year, I will be having a large giveaway specifically for those who have become my customers. This type of giveaway will most likely only happen once a year.

The Winner With Receive
- 2 2’’ x 3’’ Custom Deity Pillar Candles (Choose Scent & Color)
- 1 4oz Bar of Shea/Cocoa/Mango Butter Soap (Choose Scent(s))
- 1 Doreen Virtue Oracle Deck (I have many. The winner will have a choice between 7 different decks)
- 1 Special Oil Blend (Winner Chooses Oils)
- 3 (1oz) Glass Jars filled with Yarrow, Jasmine Flowers, and St. John’s Wort
- 6 Sample Tealights (Winner Chooses 6 from my shop)
- 1 Box of High Quality Japanese White Peach Incense (50 sticks)
- 1 Custom-Made Prayer Beads Set (Choose Beads & Charm)
- 6 Large Gemstones (Raw Elestial Quartz, Tumbled Red Calcite, Raw Rose Quartz, Raw Lapis Lazuli, Tumbled Apatite, Tumbled Ruby in Zoisite)
- 1 $25.00 Gift Card for my shop PaganAlchemy

Runner-Up Prize
- Next purchase will include 1 free item of choice under $25.00 in value

If I reach 100 sales before December 10th, I will add:
- 1 $25.00 Gift Card for my shop (To be given to a friend)
- Winner’s Gift Card will be upgraded to $50.00
- 1 Jewelry Item From my Shop Priced at $75.00 or less

100-Sale Runner-Up Prize
- Whatever Item is not chosen by the Winner (Gift Card Set or Jewelry Item)

- You MUST be a customer of PaganAlchemy in order to enter this giveaway! All purchases between October 1st and December 10th will be counted.
- You must be following AWitchyWriter on Tumblr
- Every $5.00 spent at my shop is 1 Entry.
- For every 200 reblogs of this giveaway, I will add another Runner Up and prize (Example, I reach 200 reblogs, there will be two runner-ups and the second will have a different prize from the first)
- You CANNOT spam your followers! If you spam, you will be warned. If it continues, you will be disqualified and all reblogs will not be counted in the reblog total.
- You must be 18 years or older, or you must have permission from your parent or guardian should you win this giveaway
- Sadly, this giveaway is only open to Canada and the United States due to how big the package will be. Internationals can only win the Runner-Up Prize Gift Cards
- Due to how big the Winner prize is, the Winner will be kept anonymous. Runner-Ups have the choice to be made public or private

Good luck! This Giveaway Begins October 18th and Ends December 15th (Package will not be shipped until January, to be sure it arrives; Christmas makes things disappear in the post!)