3 glass jars

Epsom Salt And Coconut Oil Face Scrub For Oily Skin

Epsom salt offers the goodness of deep exfoliation, while coconut oil clears trapped skin impurities.

How To Make?

1. Take half bowl of Epsom salt and mash it to make its particles finer.
2. Transfer the mashed Epsom salt into an air tight glass jar.
3. Take half bowl of coconut oil and transfer it onto a pan.
4. Heat it on low flame.
5. When the coconut oil becomes warm, switch off the flame.
6. Transfer the warm coconut oil into the glass jar containing Epsom salt.
7. Mix the two ingredients well, until the salt saturates in oil.
8. Add lemon juice to the saturated mixture and stir well.

This makes your salt scrub for oily face. Use it thrice in a week before bathing for best results.

(i) Epsom salt offers deep exfoliation to oily skin. Coconut oil offers necessary moisturization, but clears unwanted dirt and sebum trapped in skin pores.

(ii) Lemon juice reduces the size and appearance of open pores. It offers astringent benefits and reduces redness and inflammation too. It also targets blackheads, whiteheads and acne marks.

(iii) It also reduces the unnatural glare from oily skin.