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‘Don’t,’ said Laurent, ‘toy with me. I—have not the means to—defend against this.’

‘I don’t toy with you.’

;3; my sons. More fan art to come i can’t help it


stop being a punk Rogers


PICKLE: …miss guru? my super cute blue alien lover is over there and um, what’s the verdict? are we… are we gonna make it!?

GURU: hmmm… yes, i see a blue haired baby in your future! a baby, and maybe a dog and a cat if pets is ever released… yes, i think you’ll be just fine!

PICKLE: ehhhh?! that happens after we move to a bigger place, right?!

Opening up a few Discounted Flat color commissions!

They’re priced at $20 for single character, and $35 for two character c:

-Nsfw is okay!

-no more then 2 characters

-No detailed armor/ complex costumes/ complex weapons please!

need to make sure I have rent covered this month, so I can open up for like… five slots c: 

they usually look like this! 

If you’d like a piece, please PM me! c’: Thank you again!

my friends tell me i look like anna kendrick haha


Un Nouveau Voyage (2015) // Amour Eternal (2016)
Shiotsuki Shuu & Fujioka Sayaka in Sera Myu Uranep promo