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get to know me meme: [3/6] favorite friendships -

      Phryne Fisher & Dorothy Williams (Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries)

When I came to work for you, Miss, I was afraid of everything and you taught me so many things and made me brave and you made me happy…Please come back safely. Oh, Dot.

Usnavi falls in love with Nina instantly the first time he sees her, a little baby in a bundle of blankets, so tiny and pink and precious, a brother falling hard for his sister. He thought he’d never love anyone this much. Twenty-five years later and Nina lets him hold her firstborn child and Usnavi feels it all over again.


ShootWeek: Day 3 ↳ favorite Root friendship(s)


Behind the scenes of The Sound of Drums/The Last of the Time Lords (Part Two)

Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s coverage of the filming for DWM issue #385

It’s Thursday 8 March.  DWM is standing in a slate quarry, near Merthyr Tydfil, in the Welsh valleys.  It takes a special kind of stupid not to be wearing a coat.  In DWM’s defense, we didn’t realize quite how high up and exposed Vaynor Quarry would be. […]

In the quarry, John and David are fighting over a watch (with which the Master can self-destruct his entire fleet of ships, and destroy the world, and what’s the betting it can display multiple time zones and is waterproof up to 200 metres?), above a steep drop.  It’s a long way down, and there’s sod all at the bottom bar slate.  “I know everyone will start shouting if I go too near the edge,” says David, “but I’m just compelled.”

“I’ll do it!” threatens the Master.

“Weapon after weapon after weapon,” chides the Doctor, “and all you do is talk and talk and –”

He is interrupted by the faint, dainty melodies of an ice cream van chiming away in the distance.  “I don’t believe it,” laughs John, as the take is abandoned.  “We’re in the middle of nowhere, and the Benny Hill theme is running in the background!”

“I’m surprised,” adds David, “they have ice cream at this time of year.”

“Well, it is Wales.”

Back in Vaynor Quarry, John Simm has filmed his final scene for today.  “When’s the funeral?” he asks.

“Tonight,” David answers.  “We’re waiting for you to leave, then we’re burning your effigy.”

“The death of Vader!” chuckles John.  “Doesn’t the Doctor push me out to sea?”

“No, that was in the old script.”

“Can we have Light My Fire playing then?” asks John.  “Try now we can only lose / And our love become a funeral pyre…”

That night, things hot up.  Oh yes!  A pyre is set alight by the special effects boys, and David is handed a burning torch.  “I’m worried about the sparks,” he says, before the take.  “If someone sees my coat go up, just shout.”

The parts are available here: [ 1 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ]
Other behind-the-scenes photosets are available here


#ThankYouBones Week Day 10 (25th March): 3 other favorite ships/friendships 

Well I can’t pick 3 friendships so I chose all of them.  They all come together during the highs and the lows. To support each other when someone is injured or grieve when someone is unfortunately killed. They are there for the arrival of new family members and celebrate at weddings. They celebrate the holidays together. They work together to solve cases and personal problems. They geniuinly enjoy each other’s company.

My wish for my life is to have a great group of friends family like this.



So…. it looks like that time has arrived. The final stretch of the final chapter. A day that many of us never thought would come because we all believed that our beloved show was practically invincible. And it truly pains us to know that our favorite thing in the entire world is finishing soon. But, on that note, we believe that it is also time we, as a fandom, celebrated Bones together, for one of the last times. And hence, after some collaboration from @drtemperancebrennans@boothseeley and @emm-doubleyou, the #ThankYouBones Week was born.

Unlike our previous challenges, this one is special, in the sense that it will be a 12 days-long event, starting from Thursday, March 16th and ending on Monday, March 27th, aka the day before the finale. The prompts for each day are as follows:

  • Day 1 (16th March): 12 episodes/seasons of your choosing
  • Day 2 (17th March): 11 temperance brennan character growth moments 
  • Day 3 (18th March): 10 seeley booth dorky scenes
  • Day 4 (19th March): 9 angela montenegro iconic quotes
  • Day 5 (20th March): jack hodgins ‘king of the lab’ scenes
  • Day 6 (21st March): 7 camille saroyan ‘i’m the boss’ moments
  • Day 7 (22nd March): 6 james aubrey x food scenes
  • Day 8 (23rd March): 5 b&b moments that made you fall in love with them
  • Day 9 (24th March): 4 hodgela scenes that made you cry
  • Day 10 (25th March): 3 other favorite ships/friendships
  • Day 11 (26th March): 2 families/familial scenes (platonic or not) 
  • Day 12 (27th March): 1 bones cast final thank you

As always, we would like everyone to participate in this challenge - so all forms of creative outlet are welcome. Gifs, graphics, edits, images, fan fiction (posted on AO3 and/or on fanfiction.net) or even just text posts - anything goes. There are no rules, all we ask is that you have fun with this challenge and let your imaginations run wild!

The official tag for this week will be #thankyoubones. Be sure to tag us in your posts if you want us to see them! We realise that this post is a VERY last minute attempt of ours, and that leaves very little time for you all to prepare, but we still sincerely hope that you can participate in this challenge and please spread the word as soon as possible!


#thankyoubones week: day 10 → 3 other favorite ships/friendships 

I love every single friendship on Bones, especially since to me, they are all this huge makeshift family. But these 3 listed above are my utmost favourites. Why? I’ll tell you why: 

  1. Brennan and Angela - to me, these two represent the most iconic best friends on television. Sure they are polar opposites, but they have been best friends for such a long time, and would do almost anything for the other, and I do hope to find a friendship like that myself one day. 
  2. Booth and Cam - these two have had the longest friendship on the show, over 20 years worth by now, and have remained good friends after all these years. While I was never a fan of them as a couple, their friendship certainly works for me, and they incite a special nostalgic pang in my heart whenever I watch scenes of them together because I can’t help but think back of their long history with each other. 
  3. Booth and Aubrey - this friendship is fairly new yes, but one that I will certainly miss dearly. Considering how Aubrey joined the team after Sweets’ death (rip dear Sweets), he has managed to earn Booth’s trust, respect and affection, and really, any scenes of them either talking about life or enjoying a meal together makes me really happy.