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[What is the most difficult or challenging episode you’ve done so far?]

CaitrionaYou know, it’s great when Sam and I have fight scenes, or emotional scenes, we feed off each other in those scenes. And it’s always great ‘cause I know how to push his buttons, I think, in a scene and vice versa.

Sam: I’ll push back.

Caitriona: Literally, actually! We had a scene this season - which is not really a spoiler - but we were rehearsing and I gave him a little push. And Sam just went  * B O O M *  and I flew across the room, landed on my butt, and I couldn’t walk for about four days properly. “Aww,” see, yeah! Yeah, trying to fight with a He-Man is challenging.

Sam: Those are always the great scenes, though. We really enjoy them, don’t we? Taking chunks out of each other.

Caitriona: Throwing things at each other.

Sam: Yeah.

Is it wrong of me to really hope this entire moment from rehearsal makes it into the Season 3 Gag Reel? 😂

“The Thief Descended!”, (´∀`* )-Ahaahaaa~ *gets stabbed*

Pls, this particular “thief” is better than that blasted Goemon.
I’ve always been in love with this guy. ( ´ ▽ ` ).。o♡


Day 250 - Sabonea | サボネア | Cacnea

Sabonea has a rough exterior, and is bumpy to the touch. It can shoot its spikes and often lines up small debris to use as target practice. In time, nutrients from its diet of dried fruit allow its pins to grow back.

(P.S. New Pokémon drawing every single day!)

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