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10. 9. 8. the screen flashes through pink visuals, clouds, water, the sky. 7. 6. 5. the lights go completely down, 4, 3, 2, 1 - the sound of an angelic choir rings through the room as as a familiar chord progression begins to play. “it was an angel. i really saw it.” smoke pours out of the floor and a suited figure rises through a trapdoor, rings glinting as he grips the microphone. the screams intensify, the heavens open. harry screams his hello as the guitar hits the first chord hard enough to send it straight through your heart. welcome to harry styles on live

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My sib thinks that anti otayuri is reasonable bc "they have a maturity difference" like I'm 5 yrs younger then u and everyone thinks I'm 3-6 years older calm down EVERY SINGLE relationship is GOING to have maturity deferences that's how ppl are stop acting like someone being whiny and insecure means their way more immature then someone TWO FUCKING YEARS OLDER like Jesus Christ

I have a maturity difference with people my own age is that also fuckin illegal?


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this started of as a doodle and then it got out of hand i fucked up

it looks really ugly and wonky because i just started drawing without doing any thumbnails or anthing and it’s in this teeny A5 notebook and by the time i realised how far it was going i couldn’t be bothered to do a better one

6:31PM | 3 chaps down, 15 more to go 😩 drowning in bio these days sigh. also, i’m trying to queue as many posts as possible since i’ll be busy with school for the whole of this week. but looking at the bright side of life my one month long holiday starts next week! not too sure how much of a holiday it is though… with my GCEs around the corner… SIGH 😪