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I bet that if Butch and Benny met they’d get along very well. Butch would be like “I hope Benny-senpai notices me Woah, this man is really cool!”, fascinated by his 50’s slang and his style and everything, to the point that he would even want him in the Tunnel Snakes. And while Benny at first is annoyed by Butch’s continuous noises, keeping a “Scram, kid” attitude, then he would start to like having him around and takes him under his wing, teaching Butch all that he knows in a senpai-kohai relationship. And they’d spend the time drinking and saying bullshits and talking about “pussycats” and I’m sure they’d have really good times.

Bonus: After Butch’s been hanging out with Benny for a while, he and the LW are having sex and suddenly he goes “You’re platinum, pussycat! You know how to swing!” and the LW just bursts out laughing and asks him from what old movie he’s stolen that line. Butch is really ashamed.

Someone messed up their name
  • Politely corrects them: hinata, kiyoko, daichi, iwaizumi, suga, ennoshita
  • Is too shy to correct them and awkwardly is called by the wrong name, tries to escape asap: yachi, asahi
  • Pretends to be confused about what their own name is to make the person feel better: yams <3
  • Makes fun of the person: oikawa, kuroo
  • Just… leaves the person to think about what they have done: also oikawa, tsukishima, yaku
  • Realizes later that the person was talking to them, is haunted by that knowledge for 7 weeks: bokuto??? Kenma, kageyama
  • Is deeply offended: tanaka, oop oikawa again, nishinoya, lev
  • "What the what": kageyama, hinata

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Eunwoo, I might love you more >-< *kisses him right by his mouth and runs away* -BunBun🐇

EW: *blushes and hides his face in his hands*

Y-you might what now~?? Y/N~! Wait, come back~!!

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*chases after you while the other boys teasingly cheer and holler after him*

Astro RPs/Bias Talks are open!

The signs as slightly out of context Hannibal quotes
  • Aries: The tooth fairy is a one night stand
  • Taurus: He is trash
  • Gemini: They cried because they didn't like the stewed apricots
  • Cancer: Burned burn burn
  • Leo: You brought me CHICKEN SOUP
  • Virgo: I believe that's what they call a mic drop. You dropped the mic
  • Libra: What a cunning boy you are ;)
  • Scorpio: You put your hand on me in the picture, like a pet <3
  • Sagittarius: Ding dong, the dragon is dead!
  • Capricorn: I am especially fond of cats. I am especially not fond of children
  • Aquarius: Just feel on my chest
  • Pisces: Meat's back on the menu ;)
Cheated Love

Part 3

Jungkook x Reader x Jimin

Warning: Violence, Slight Cursing, Shitty Writing

Let me begin by apologizing for my really really REALLY late update on Cheated Love. I’ve just been really busy lately with work and school. I barley have a life honestly lol. I also apologize for how terribly written part 3 is. I honestly been working on this for a month at most and I just.. Ugh. 

Very Sorry~

Please TRY to enjoy

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Jeder durchlebt mal harte Zeiten zu bestimmten Situationen. Das Leben ist nicht einfach. Einfach mal was zum nachdenken: Hast Du gewusst, dass besonders die, die taff wirken, die sensibelsten sind? Dass die, die die meiste Güte aufweisen/geben die sind, die als erstes schlecht behandelt werden? Hast Du gewusst, dass die, die sich am meisten um andere kümmern, die sind, auf die acht gegeben werden sollte? Hast Du gewusst, dass die 3 schwierigsten Dinge auszusprechen “ich liebe dich”, “es tut mir leid” und “bitte hilf mir” sind? Selbst wenn eine Person lächelt, heißt es nicht, dass es Ihr gut geht, schau hinter das Lächeln, um zu sehen, wie groß die Not ist, in der sich die Person befindet. Für alle meine Freunde, die gerade Schwieriges durchstehen - lasst uns einen Durchbruch wagen. Wir alle brauchen positive Unterstützung/ Ziele.
—  Mein Onkel