3 different poses


Gemma glanced down at her watch and then stood up, realizing she had to get going if she didn’t want to be late. “I have to get to class.”

Augustus stood up too, pushing in his chair and then somewhat blocking Gemma’s way as he asked with renewed concern, “Are you sure? It’s okay if—”

“Yes, I’m sure,” Gemma interrupted with slightly reddened cheeks of her own. “I’m feeling a lot better and—and if that changes, I’ll call you or Mom or Dad or maybe even Tobias.”

“Do you pinky swear?” Augustus asked.

Gemma hesitated, feeling confused before she caught the rare, playful smile that rose to his lips. It surprised her, but nevertheless made her smile too. “Yes, I pinky swear. Here, let’s make it official.”

She held up her hand, pinky finger lifted in wait and soon grasped by Gus’ own.

“Pinky swear,” they stated in unison, and then dropped their hands with light, scattered laughter.

“Maybe he is good for you,” Gemma tentatively mused.


“Nothing,” she said with a slight shake of her head. “I’ll see you tonight, okay?” she added, and then turned to go, leaving Augustus with both the dishes and his thoughts.


(please support your local broke art student)

$15 -1 Full Character Layout (3 images of 1 character in 3 different costumes/poses) (first image example, from my concept sketches for Miraculous Night)
$15 Character Scene Sketch (2 Characters interacting, limited color) (second image example, from my concept sketches for Miraculous Night)
$10 - 1 Full body character sketch (third image, because Lila!Volpina is fun to draw)

Payment is through PayPal and you must pay before receiving your commission
No NSFW, No Mech
I’m open to any character, canon or OC/Miracusona. References must be provided for an OC
***Or for an extra $5 I will design a character for you based on a description!***

Private message me here or email me at isawiitch@gmail.com if you’re interested!!!

(It’d be cool if yall could signal boost regardless ;u;)
I felt like making a 30 day drawing challenge

Character design Challenge (feel free to use any character, but preferably the same throughout this)
1: Yourself as a character
2: Draw the part of anatomy you have the most difficulty with from 6 different angles
3: Draw something sinister and dark
4: Create 3 different character designs for one of your own characters
5: Draw your favorite character in 3 different dynamic poses
6: Draw portraits of people with different features… And horns
7: Design a whole entire new character based on a flower
8: Draw your character as a child, a teen, an adult and as an elderly person
10: Draw yourself with your character’s clothing
11: Design a magical power for a character
12: Draw your character using the power from before
13: Draw a personified pokemon
14: Draw your character’s family
15: Draw your character’s death
16: Draw 5 hands, 5 arms, 5 legs, and 5 torsos in different positions.
17: Draw different expressions for your character
18: Design weapons for your character
19: Draw your character 3 times, in dynamic poses using the different weapons
20: Pick your favorite weapon and draw 5 different poses and ways to use it
21: Draw your character confusedly using a random object
22: Draw your character in 2 different fighting poses
23: Design a companion character for your character
24: Draw your character’s house
25: Start a finished project
26: Continue it
27: Continue it
28: Continue it
29: Continue it
30: Finish it


This is a snapshot of my week so far!

I’ve had ¾ really good days with my macros. I still need to tweak them, but I’ve stayed under my calorie goals and increased my protein intake dramatically! I’ve also lowered my simple carbs and increased healthy fats. I’m really proud of this.

Tonight I went to yoga.

Not only did I go to yoga, I went to yoga on a whim. I didn’t have my mat, I luckily had some clean gym clothes in my trunk, I didn’t have this planned… I just decided I wanted to do yoga today.

Not only did I go to yoga on a whim. I went to an intermediate class after not practicing in at least a year!

I went to an intermediate class and I didn’t give up. I didn’t leave in the middle of it when I felt my heart racing. I didn’t give up when I fell out of a reverse half moon pose 3 different times. I didn’t give up even though my legs and abs were shaking and I’m pretty sure the whole room could feel the tremors.

I stayed. I stayed and I powered through each pose to the best of my ability. I put my heart into each stretch, each stand, each breath.

And you know what? I’m proud! I feel really good. This is the first time I’ve done a real workout besides walking in probably 9 months?

This is the end of my brag session. Thanks 😊