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I don’t post much about my weight loss journey but Words can’t describe how proud I am of myself for losing 94 pounds in the last year and 3 months! Seeing the difference in pictures motivates me to keep going. I feel like a whole new person and it feels great to be so confident in myself and wear the things I want to wear without caring what anyone thinks. Never did I ever think posting my selfies through out the weight loss process would get me 20 thousand Instagram followers! But with your help I’ve learned to love my body and my journey ain’t over, I’m still going 😊💖

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How do I get a job working for someone like you? I'm the assistant to 3 different managers here at a law firm in Sacramento and I know I would be great working as an assistant for you.

One of the first things I did after the election was put together a team of experts who helped me hit the ground running on day one to help Nevada families. I am always looking for qualified individuals who are eager to work hard and give back to their communities. One way to get your foot in the door is by applying to my new internship program. I have internship opportunities available in my Washington, DC, Las Vegas and Reno offices. The program is designed to get you familiarized with the legislative process in the Senate. A typical day in my office may include answering phones calls, assisting with correspondence, researching legislative issues and attending committee hearings, or drafting press releases and help me prep for interviews!

To apply visit: https://www.cortezmasto.senate.gov/content/internships

If you have any questions about my internship program, please email internships@cortezmasto.senate.gov

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Thank you for sharing the videos with us! I'm going to their show in Chicago! I was wondering how early you got there for merch? I'm driving up from TN and really want to get a LightStick for the concert! I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time! <3

I got in line around 1:45 pm and it took over an hour and a half and the only things they had left were the sticky notes, towel, wristband and hair ties.

There was a separate line for army bombs if out paid with cash.

I got into the venue and went straight to merch (there’s 3 different booths. One at the main entrance, one at section 7 and then I think 22)

The hats and the hoodie were sold out.

But all I wanted was the tour book and jhopes fan. But I also impulse bought the tote and a yoongi fan for @deathbyyoongi because his were the first to sell out


Okay, so I’m from New Zealand and even tho I’m hella white I have Maori family and I’m Maori, and thanks to all my schooling I know quite a bit about Pasifika culture. So her’s some fun facts:

1: Moana literally means sea- in Maori, the word moana means sea, we literally sang a song about “Kai moana” (food from the sea)


Oh yea, it’s not just one culture-

 There is Maori, Samoan, Tongan, potentially more, so all that stuff about Maui and Te Fiti come from different mythology.

3: They used people with Pasifika and Maori heritage!!- This one excites me a lot because they didn’t whitewash and it’s exciting, so go Disney!!!

4: We’re all just hella sassy, they did that bit right

5: Maui isn’t a demi god-  In Maori myths, Maui was just a regular guy who had a hook and caught the sun and pulled up some islands with his brothers. Also did a couple of other things. But nope, not a demi god.

all in all, it’s an amazing movie, but I wish they had stuck to one culture, cause it’s confusing enough as it is unless you’ve grown up with the language and the culture


Call out post for Travis Willingham: so supportive???


Uwueuwie this took longer than usual I’m sorry :v

Aged up!Yuri wanted to look cool with Otabek’s biker gang look but he ended up looking v cute

Edit: their hairstyles are based off @istehlurvz ’s designs ofc