3 days of st patricks day

what the signs are doing for st patrick’s day

aquarius: making friends with drunk strangers

pisces: passing out by noon

aries: barhopping all day

taurus: getting lit in the street

gemini: dancing on tables

cancer: drunkenly crying in the bathroom

leo: dressing cute even though it’s freezing outside

virgo: trying green beer for the first time

libra: only having one or two drinks

scorpio: rallying til 3 am

sagittarius: finding a place to dance to live music

capricorn: avoiding the crowds by drinking at home

It’s that time of year again where I love to draw everyone’s favorite movie slasher under 3 foot 2 (up yours, Chucky): the Leprechaun! Here he is, keeping track of his precious gold and searching for a lovely wife. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!