3 days of peace love and music

Make Time in your Day for …

1. Things that make you laugh

2. People who make you smile

3. Your favourite kinds of food

4. The music you love to play

5. Curling up with a book

6. Being with someone you love

7. Peace and tranquility

8. Good company - and solitude.


This is sad day for all people who know his music, who just know him. I remember when for the first time I listened cover of charming “Chelsea Hotel No 2” by Lana Del Rey 3 years ago and cover of amazing “Is This What You Wanted” by The Last Shadow Puppets few weeks ago. I love them but no one isn’t be able to sing them better than Leonard. You left us dear Leonard but you and your beautiful and deep voice always will be in our hearts.
Rest in peace Mr. Cohen

Chester was *edit* IS one of my heroes  and ALWAYS WILL BEEEEEEEE. and helped me and a lot of people with his music..and I understand his pain you could hear it in the music and to all the haters and rude comments I keep seeing what the hell do you know like seriously a lot of people struggle with depression and mental health I do and some days it sucks but I just hope Chester found his peace. I love you forever Chester<3 



Uzbekistan native Timur Simakov launched his career aged 18 walking for top brands including Prada, Roberto Cavalli, Raf Simons, Louis Vuitton, Yohji Yamamoto, Dior Homme, Paul Smith, and more. Eleven shows in total.

He’s since become a favourite of Kris Van Assche, starring in the KVA and Dior Homme FW15 catalogues.

In June 2014 Timur opened the Gucci runway show going on to become a catwalk regular in Paris and Milan.

His editorial credits include Interview Germany, VMAN, L’Officiel Hommes Italia, GQ China and British GQ Style.

Age: 21
Birthplace: Uzbekistan
Ethnic Origin: Russian, Asian
Nickname: Timur
How were you scouted: Jonathan Viatge
What’s your best feature: Harmony with the world
Top 3 beauty/grooming products: Cinema, soul, motorbikes
Your favorite fragrance: A girl’s hair, incense
Hobbies: Music, art, being kind
What was the last movie you watched?: Mishima: a life in four chapters (1985)
What was the last track you listened to on your iPod?: Al Green – Love And Happiness
What is your biggest fear?: Not helping the world find peace
What is your dream country to visit?: A fictitious country
If you got to relive one day in your modeling career it would be…: I don’t need to relive, i have time to make this day again in the future. Everyday there is something fun.
If you could be on the cover of any magazine, it would be: Forbes haha
What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you on a shoot?: A stylist told me to ‘try this underwear’ and presented a transparent thong.
What was the last thing to make you cry?: Sincerity from my friends
Who are your idols?: Always different worthy people that change my attitude .
What was the last dream you remember?: I’m was diving in a river, reading a book. I went beyond the universe all at the same time. I control my dreams.
One word to describe yourself: A particle of the universe. Do good things, make love.
Instagram handle: timursimakov

30 question tag

Rules: Answer thirty questions, then tag twenty blogs (LOL nah) you would like to know better. 

I was tagged by @fireturtlepagan​, the most beautiful person in the world besides Gal Gadot

1. Nicknames: Some call me the space cowboy, some people call me the gangster of love… or Ronnie, I guess.
2. Gender: Vaguely female
3. Star sign: Virgo, bitch
4. Height: 5′5″
5. Time: 10:09 pm
6. Birthday: September 7, y’all best be praising my existence that day
7. Favorite bands: Imagine Dragons, Bastille (*high-fives turtle*), Les Friction, RED, Delta Rae, System of a Down
8. Favorite solo artists: Josh Groban
9. Song stuck in my head: The shitty-ass pop music that plays on repeat where I work. I can never know peace from this agony.
10. Last movie watched: Paranormal Activity 3. 
11. Last show watched: Face-Off
12. When did I create my blog: When did my blog create ME?….
13. What do I post: A lot of shit.
14. Last thing I googled: “some call me maurice”
15. Do you have other blogs: Indeed, though one is inactive and another is… not for the public eye.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  Here is my sith headcanon blog
16. Do you get asks: Not on this blog, but my sith blog practically lives on them.
17. Why did you choose your URL: It’s the first part of my Toontown toon! I’m Queen Furball Weaseldoodle. I’ve been playing that game with sister since it first came out… such nostalgia.
18. Following: 322
19. Followers: 132 on here, 861 on my sith blog. Holy shit
20. Favorite colors: Blue and black
21. Average hours of sleep: 7 hours or so. (Ahhh, turtle.. :C I wish I could transfer some of my sleep to you.)
22. Lucky number: 69
23. Instruments: does rock band count
24. What am I wearing: yoga clothes=sleepwear
25. How many blankets I sleep with: just my sheets and comforter. will add a blanket underneath if it’s winter 
26. Dream job: comic book artist or concept artist or… SOMETHING THAT WILL PAY ME
27. Dream trip: New Zealand. Must see Hobbiton. Must become Hobbit. Must pet sheep.
28. Favorite food: C H  O  C  O   L  A  T E 
29. Nationality: American 
30. Favorite song now: Ready, Aim, Fire by Imagine Dragons

I tag nobody because I’m too tired 

Preparations for #SUZALULU WEEK 2016 are now under way! fyeahsuzalulu held the first ever Suzalulu Week last year and we got a decent number of responses for a fandom that’s now so small, so let’s try it again this year!

This year’s banner features artwork by the lovely and talented @sarulovecushaw , who has kindly agreed to let me use it for the event.

Here’s how it will work and how you can participate:

  • There will be 1 - 2 prompts for each of the 7 days
  • For each day, you can write, draw, make gifs/graphics, whatever you want - as long as it’s related to suzalulu and that day’s prompt (you don’t have to post something for EVERY single day, and it’s totally okay to only submit one little thing, although of course, the more there is, the merrier! You also do not have to follow the prompt sequence but it will be great if you do!)
  • Tag it #suzalulu week 2016 (with the spaces in between; and make sure it’s within the first 5 tags so tumblr’s tagging system catches it) and I’ll reblog it here!
  • Usual rules apply: no rape, no pedophilia, no using other artwork without permission from the artist, NSFW is welcome but please tag it accordingly.

This year, we also celebrate TEN YEARS since Code Geass began in 2006. I’m going to try doing a few things differently this round though, given that September seems to be a busy period for many people, especially those who are still in school. SO:

1. Voting on when to hold it - I’d like to keep the dates relevant, so here are 6 options:

  • Aug 31 - Sept 6 (Aug 31st commemorates the day Turn 21 aired, aka the day Lelouch and Suzaku took over the throne and Lelouch declared Suzaku his Knight of Zero)
  • Sept 22 - Sept 28 (Sept 28 commemorates Zero Requiem; it’s the original air date of the last episode of R2)
  • Sept 28 - Oct 4 (as above)
  • Oct 6 - Oct 12 (Oct 6 marks the tenth anniversary of the premiere of Code Geass, being the date where the pilot episode first aired)
  • Nov 29 - Dec 5 (Dec 5 is Lelouch’s birthday)
  • Dec 5 - Dec 11 (as above)

Please pick the MOST CONVENIENT WEEK for you to participate, since the fandom has shrunk so much that we need all the activity and participation we can get!

2. Invitation for more prompt suggestions. The TENTATIVE prompt list is as follows:

Day 1: Red
Day 2: Hands OR “jazz hands, with constipation”
Day 3: “The heart may forget, but the body remembers” OR “Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity” - George Carlin
Day 4: Domestic
Day 5: Rage and Serenity
Day 6: “A kingdom, or this.”
Day 7: Reincarnation

As with the first time, you are free to interpret a prompt however you like (be it AU, canonverse, etc etc. A quote prompt can be rephrased or can function as a theme or as inspiration, instead of appearing word-for-word).

However, I’d also love to consider other prompts for inspiration! Such as a music prompt (featuring this song), for example. So if you’ve got some ideas, send them in. We can also work with an entirely different prompt system altogether, where Suzaku and Lelouch will each have an assigned character prompt for the day, and there will be one specific prompt for an AU option (participants can pick any prompt for that day). One example of this is SaiGenos Week.


1. Spread the word and reblog this post
2. Submit your votes and suggestions HERE by July 31st 

so that I can consolidate them, make decisions, and start promoting the week proper.

If you have any questions, do send fyeahsuzalulu an ask or message me ( @touchreceptors​ ), your friendly neighborhood mod, on tumblr.
Thank you all and let’s make this a memorable week for everyone! <3

masterlist | july 8

p r e f e r e n c e s

Preference #1 :: Fan Favorite Pictures

Preference #2 :: Listening to Music

Preference #3 :: “I love it when you…”

Preference #4 :: His Favorite Picture of You

Preference #5 :: The Other Boys Think You’re Attractive

Preference #6 :: “3000 Miles” (His P.O.V.)

Preference #7 :: “Shut Up!” 

Preference #8 :: Snow Days

Preference #9 :: Superhero (AU)

Preference #10 :: Movie Night

Preference #11 :: Leaving

Preference #12 :: Best Friends

Best Friends Part 2: Ashton Irwin

Preference #13 :: What He Loves About You (Physical)

Preference #14 :: What He Loves About You (Personality)

Preference #15 :: He Has a Nightmare

Preference #16 :: Post Break-Up Run-Ins

Preference #17 :: “Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace”

Preference #18 :: Professional

Preference #19 :: Book Couple You Resemble

Preference #20 :: Amnesia

Preference #21 :: You Play 5 Seconds of Snogging

Preference #22 :: The Makeup Tag

Preference #23 :: Couple Moments Caught on Camera

Preference #24 :: Tweets

Preference #25 :: Cuddling

Preference #26 :: Leaving (Part 2, Happy Ending)

Preference #27 :: ”Amnesia” - 5 Seconds of Summer (Requested)

Preference #28 :: Best Friends Part 2: Calum, Michael, and Luke

Preference #29 :: ”Fall For You” - Secondhand Serenade

Preference #30 :: “Six Degrees of Separation” - The Script

The Wedding Series

Preference #31 :: (Wedding Series) The Proposal 

Preference #32 :: (Wedding Series) First Dance

Preference #33 :: (Wedding Series) His Face When You Walk Down The Isle

Preference #34 :: You Tell Him About Your Insecurities

Preference #35 :: Christmas With His Family

Preference #36 :: He Tells You About The Girl He Likes

Preference #37 :: She’s All That (You’re A Bet)

Preference #38 :: He Scares You

Preference #39 :: “When You Look Me In The Eyes”

Preference #40 :: Jealousy

Preference # 41 :: Stealing His Clothes

Preference #42 :: He Sees You Cry

Preference #43 :: Cliche

b l u r b s

there’s a considerable age gap

you have sleep paralysis

you’re a waitress and you spill coffee on him

he’s rude to you in front of the boys

you’re in a play and he surprises you by coming 

getting turtles together

he tries to find out a secret

he’s in the mood to cuddle (luke/4)

he discovers you self harm (ash/4)

how he is around the girl he likes

he gets mad and you have to calm him down (blind michael/4)

you snort when you laugh (michael/4)

you fall asleep in his arms (luke/4)

they come to see a play you’re in

you have a breakdown because of stress (luke/4)

you steal an item of clothing that’s theirs (lashton/4)

making sundaes together (luke/4)

they tease you about being in honors/AP classes

shopping with them (luke/4)

swimming together (ash/4)

he wakes you up in the morning (ash/4)

the types of girls they would go for

they find out you sing

he finds out you were diagnosed with depression (luke/4)

you’re in a band and you meet them and fall in love (muke/4)

first kiss (luke/4)

you live in america (luke/4)

you get a puppy together

i m a g i n e s

“Don’t Hurt Her!” :: Ashton Imagine

Blind :: Ashton Imagine

The Fifth Second of Summer :: Ashton Imagine

Accidents :: Michael Imagine

Torn :: Michael/Harry Imagine

Best Friends :: Michael Imagine

Movie Nights :: Luke Imagine

make sure to request here, they’re always open xx

ohheyitsthat1weirdgrl  asked:

I've never heard any of the songs you have on your playlists, so I wrote then down in a brand new notebook. Whenever I'm feeling down, I listen to self discovery, whenever I'm outside, sitting in the grass, when it's sunny, I listen to the 'a sunny day Playlist, whenever I'm traveling with friends, I sit in the back seat and stick my earbuds in, and listen to 'nomad' playlist. I'm so happy that I found you, because you've introduced me to new music, and not generic pop, or r&b.

oh my god this just completely made my day!!!! nothing makes me happier than sharing music with others and im thrilled that you have found some peace and inspiration in the playlists i’ve created. thank you so so so much for sharing this with me, you have no idea how much this means to me <3 sending you so much love!!

I was tagged by @rhi3915 and @rockinthebeastmode (lovelies). This could have been really embarrassing, but luckily iTunes was kind to me tonight. (Mostly)

Rules: We’re snooping on your playlist. Set your entire music library on shuffle and report the first 10 songs that pop up. Then choose 10 victims.

1. Our Lady Peace - Somewhere Out There
2. Eminem - Crack A Bottle
3. CCR - Lodi
4. Jethro Tull - Locomotive Breath
5. Salt N Pepa - Push It
6. Pearl Jam - Future Days
7. Pink Floyd - Lost For Words
8. David Guetta - Who’s That Chick
9. Radiohead - Karma Police
10. The Who - Behind Blue Eyes

I’m going to just leave this here for anyone to do, but will tag @i-dream-of-emus @bitchy-broken @eveerez @slitherouter

Ayo! I was surprisingly tagged in something (thank you to the lovely @citrusgeoff ) So basically I put my music on shuffle, name the first 10 songs and tag some folks!

1.Waterparks - Pink

2.Jain - So Peaceful

3. Panic! At The Disco - Kaleidoscope Eyes

4. Twenty One Pilots- Glowing Eyes

5. Crown The Empire - Mercury

6. Waterparks - Gloom Boys

7. Green Day - Espionage

8. Paramore - One Of Those Crazy Girls

9. Green Day - Youngblood

10. All Time Low - Ground Control

I tag @restlessheartsyndrome @gloomboysmp3 @parawhore4ever @alexcaskarth

I was tagged by @bblues-is-dead so everyone could get to know me better :) even though this took like 2 weeks to post lol 

♡relationship status: Singles as hell sense 2012 I have no clue why tbh. Havent been able to find a little either “sad day” Maybe some day I will be able to find someone to love :p 

♡favorite color: My favorite color is definitely blue it reminds me of early mornings when the sun barely comes out and it makes me feel peaceful 

 ♡lipstick or chapstick: LOL definitely chapstick :p

 ♡last song listened to: Olafur  Arnalds, Nils Frahm - 21:05 https://open.spotify.com/track/0ApSUGeVIBNi2ttmzQ6rpl im a pianist so I usually listen to Ambient piano music 

♡top 3 tv shows: Hannibal, American Horror Story, Chefs Table 

♡top 3 characters: Hannibal Lecter, Kaori Miyazono (Your Lie In April), Amadeus

 ♡top 3 relationships: Kaori Miyazono -  Kousei Arima (Your Lie In April),   Rachel McAdams - Domhnall Gleeson  (About Time/ Or the Notebook with Ryan Gosling) 

Ah I would tag people but I hardly have anyone to tag that are close friends on here.