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you are the first dream, the only dream i ever was unable to stop myself from dreaming. you are the first dream of my soul, and from that dream i hope will come all other dreams, a lifetime’s worth.


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3 days - Enough to Believe

They burst out of the house into bright sunlight that pounds through Sam’s head. He has his arm slung over Dean’s shoulder and Mary is half a step behind them, covering their exit.

There are three steps down from the porch to the sidewalk leading to the driveway. Sam grunts and braces himself on Dean, his thigh spiking pain hot up his leg.

“Easy, Sammy, I got you,” Dean says, quiet and low and steers them toward the back of the Impala. Sam’s eyes prick and burn to hear the sound of the voice he built his world on. Dean alive is too good to be true, too surreal. Having Mary here just makes it that much harder to believe, but Sam doesn’t think he is hallucinating again. There’s too much real, physical pain aching through every part of his body. It’s different, just like Dean had said all those years ago, begging Sam to believe. Sam is trying to believe again, but he feels scraped raw and ripe for infection. Torture brings Sam’s hell memories so much closer to the surface.

Sam’s been to the cage three times now, by his count. Once he jumped in himself. Once Cas broke his wall and sent Sam careening into the memories of 180 years of hell torture so devastating that Sam had to split into three pieces just to survive it. And once when Sam had walked right into the cage, terrified but hopeful, because he thought God was asking him to. Every time Sam ended up in the cage, he ended up there on faith. The faith that he was doing the right thing, the faith that Cas would not hurt him, standing there like an idiot while Cas touched his forehead, and faith that he was worthy of God’s trust.

Strange that Sam’s faith should suffer now that he knows God is alive and well. He tries not to think about how Chuck helped him and Dean make it to Stull Cemetery so Sam could do the right thing and fall. He’s grateful for that help. It was the right thing to do. Sam has to believe that, even now with Lucifer on the loose again. But if he thinks about how Chuck, how God, played a roll in getting him there, he has to think about the rest of what that means.

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winter things ➳ 3 days until christmas

❝This fallen love becomes an arrow to me
That points to where you are…❞ - On The Snow by EXO