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How Would EXO React To Their S/O Crying Over Skype


Minseok had some time before a concert so he had decided to call you. He was in the dressing room, waiting for the concert to begin. And as always he couldn’t stop thinking about you, so he called you. When you answered you didn’t turn on your camera like you usually did. which worried him. “Let me see your face,” he said while lifting the phone slightly for a better aegyo ankle.When you finally turned it on, you had a tear-stained face. “Nooo, what happened?!” he asked right away, all signs of aegyo gone. “I miss you,” you simply said with a hoarse voice, and the tears returned and you started crying again. Minseok couldn’t help but smile. “Awww baby, don’t be so sad, I’ll be home before you know it!” He said enthusiastically, he didn’t like it either but there wasn’t much neither of you could do about it. Minseok then returned to his aegyo and soon you were smiling from ear to ear again. “there, no I can go on stage without a worry,” he said with a smile. You smiled back, “I love you,” you said “I love you too, see you soon!” Minseok said as he waved at the camera.

“Awww baby, I’ll hurry back! Please don’t cry!”

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Junmyeon had just woken up on the other side of the world, and you were about to go to sleep. Just as you were about to turn off the light, you noticed the time. You knew Junmyeon had just woken up around this time so you hurried and called him. When he answered he was sitting without a shirt, and with messy bed hair. His voice was hoarse from sleep when he greeted you. You suddenly got overwhelmed with emotions, and you started crying. God, you missed to wake up in his arms and turn around to see that face. Junmyeon was surprised, and all sign of sleep disappeared from his face. He comforted you and told you that he wanted nothing more than to hug you. He tried his best to cheer you up, and you stopped crying. As soon as you hung up the tears came back and you ended crying yourself to sleep. On the other side of the earth, Junmyeon felt like shit. He realized how hard it was for you when he was gone. Of course, it was hard for him as well but he was busy and he could distract himself. He briefly considered breaking up with you so you wouldn’t be like this everytime he was gone but he quickly pushed that thought aside. He couldn’t do that.

“Y/n, don’t cry… When I come back I’ll spend so much time with you that you’ll need Minseok-hyung to make me leave again.”

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Instant confusion and panic as he called you and saw you crying. A million thoughts ran through his head. What did I do? What’s happening? What’s happening? Are you dying? Am I dying? What? Before he had the chance to ask you told him you missed him very much. He comforted you, apologizing for being away from you. Telling you that he missed you as well. Promising you that he’d make it easier to be apart. At least he tried his best. On the days you weren’t able to call each other, he made a video of him talking about his day and thoughts. Every day he sends you a cheerful good morning text, with the number of days until you could see each other again. He often send a shirt by mail, he had worn and you returned a shirt of his that had lost his smell. He took pictures of where he was, telling you he wanted to take you there. You loved it, and the time apart didn’t seem horrible anymore. Still bad of course, but not horrible. When you told Yixing that, he became over the moon happy. Of course, he didn’t like being away from you, but it affected you so much, surprised him. He was also glad he had found a way to make you feel better.

“Good morning princess only 6 more days until I get back! I send a shirt yesterday, so it should be there tomorrow ~~ Love you <3″

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Baekhyun would have mixed feelings when he called you on your two year anniversary, and you broke down in tears right in front of him. You always told him that you were doing fine when he was out of the country, he just didn’t know that it wasn’t true. You just didn’t want him to feel bad, but when SM decided to hold an encore concert in Japan, which meant 3 more days away, which meant he couldn’t make it home to your anniversary. You couldn’t hold back the tears. You weren’t the one to cry, especially in front of others, even Baekhyun. So when he saw the tears he was conflicted. The inner jokester told him to laugh and tease you, but the boyfriend side told him to shut up. While you were spilling out all of your feelings, Baekhyun just listened with a serious face. You were surprised because honestly, you had expected him to tease you, but when you stopped talking and just cried Baekhyun suddenly started talking about how hard it was for him. After that you got a bit closer, and you called each other a lot more while he was away. The jokester did win though and he did tease you about it for a long time. He never did it in front of others though, it was like a private memory between the two of you.

“I miss you SO much when you’re not with me, Y/N.”

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Okay, okay, okay. You all know what he’s going to say: “AHHH WAEEEE” Jongdae’s loud signature whining filled your ears as you had called him after hearing him perform the song the two of you had written together. It had filled you with so much joy that you started crying, and seeing him just made you miss him which just added fuel to the fire. But seeing him whine loudly on your screen just made you laugh through your tears. “YOU MAKE ME FEEL LIKE A HORRIBLE PERSON” he whined, making you laugh harder. “I wanted to surprise you, but I guess you weren’t happy?” he said, as his eyes disappeared behind a smile. “You made me too happy! The song made me emotional, and then I started missing you…” You said, with tears still running down your cheeks. He was quiet for a while, and he walked away from the loud music from the stage. He had just finished performing and now Jongin and Sehun were doing some dance, so he had a few minutes to spare. He walked into an empty dressing room. “I just thought you needed it, it was like a special song dedicated to you,” he said while looking everywhere but the camera. “Are you blushing?” You asked, “NO I’M NOT” He whined. “I gotta go, we’re about to perform Lotto, love you,” he said, and turned to you, “I love you too~,” you said as he hung up

“Be strong! I’ll be back soon, I promise!”

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Chanyeol was in China to visit Yixing. He did that often, as he didn’t want Yixing to feel distant to the rest of Exo. You often tagged along, but you couldn’t really take any more days off your work. Chanyeol had gone without you, and before you knew it, he was doing a cameo in a Chinese drama. When it was time to return to Korea, he had to fly from China to the other end of Korea to film a variety show. Then to Japan for an SM event with the rest of Exo, and so much more popped up.  So a short trip turned into almost two months apart. Just when you thought he came back, he had to do a photoshoot in the other end of Korea. He told you over Skype, and that was just it. You started crying, and he followed soon after. His eyes looked puffy and he had dark circles, you knew he had worked really hard these past months. “I’m so sorry,” he said in between sobs, and you just kept shaking your head, in response. You didn’t want him to apologize. When you hung up that night you both felt empty and you made a decision. So the next day you jumped on a train to go meet Chanyeol. When you arrived he started crying again, and you hugged for a long time, the makeup artist starred at you, as the crying smeared his make up, but honestly, you couldn’t care less.

“Is it you? Y/N! I’m so sorry I’ve been gone for so long. I feel horrible, please don’t hate me!”

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He was quiet when he saw the teats build in your eyes, you were similar to Kyungsoo in many points. You liked your privacy, you enjoyed cooking. And the members had officially named you “the Satan-couple” as you both had a stare that made one fear for one’s life. Feelings were something Kyungsoo always showed behind closed doors, but in public, you were happy if he took your hand. It wasn’t something that bothered neither of you. You always had a hard time when he was away. He knew that, and he hated it. You knew he did, and you felt horrible for going into depressed-mode every time he was away but you couldn’t help it. Your life wasn’t right when he was away. When he wasn’t on tour with Exo, he was gone on a filming side. You often visited him there, and it was nice, but he was busy and had almost no time for you. So he had just finished the busy performances from their repackage comeback, and now he was filming for Room 7. It was too much and now you were crying he just wanted to hug you while letting you cry, but he couldn’t. He didn’t say much to comfort you, but the next day, you woke up to a flower delivery, and a trail of flowers all the way to work. There was a bouquet in the trees, on the bus stop, in the bus, and the street corners. When you finally he reached your work, Kyungsoo was standing there with a bouquet in his hands, smiling as he saw you turn a corner. You ran to him and asked what he was doing home, “I missed you, too” he whispered in your ear.

“I talked to your boss, you have the day off and so do I. Let’s go! I have the whole day planned out”

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Jongin was sitting in the waiting room in the hospital. A wheelchair had been put beside him, for when he had to move. The injury on his foot had returned with full power, and he couldn’t walk. So now he was stuck in a hospital in China, with his manager. While the rest of Exo was finishing the concert. Not long after he had entered the waiting room, his phone started buzzing in his pocket. He couldn’t help but smile when he saw your name on the screen. “Hi, babe!” He said cheerfully, as your face appeared on the screen. “Are you okay?!” You asked in a worried tone. Jongin tried to assure you that he was fine, but the wheelchair revealed otherwise. “I’m coming to China,” you said firmly and got up to pack your bags. “You really don’t have to…” Jongin said he didn’t want to burden you, “well, someone has to watch over you. The foot has probably been hurting for weeks, am I right?” Jongin was a bit surprised, how did you know him so well? And sure enough, early the next day, you were in his hotel room. Taking care of him, it almost made him want to have an injured foot a bit longer

“You don’t HAVE to come to China… Please come to China”

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Similar to Baekhyun, in the way that the savage side of the maknae would love to mock your crying, but the other side of him would die a bit on the inside that he was the reason that you felt that way. He would kind of mix it and tell you that there isn’t a reason for you to be crying. He’ll promise that he’ll hurry back as soon as he can. He joked about how he knew that he was an amazing person but damn. After you hang up though, he just wouldn’t be able to get you out of his head. It wasn’t a new thing, but instead of the confident smirk you always had on your face after a sassy remark, was replaced with the image of you hiding your face under your covers while being able to hear your quiet sobs. He’d go to one of the other members, and ask for advice. It was a new situation and he had no idea what to do about it. When he finally came home, he acted differently. You couldn’t really tell what it was, but it looked like he was trying to make you feel more loved. Like he was very focused on creating memories with you, now that he was here. Suddenly, the both of you were appreciating each other a lot more.

“Ahh, Y/N there’s no reason to cry… You know I’ll be back soon”

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YOI @ Namjatown (non-food pics)!

They had a nice big poster + Makkachin <3

On March 24th, they added a new game, “Yuuri’s Hug Hug Competition.” Lined up super early before opening so I could take a shot before prizes ran out. As u can sorta see from the last photo (taken from Namjatown’s official twitter, all other photos are my own), the game goes like this: You can buy up to 5 tries every time you go up (which is not often; you gotta get a ticket that tells you what time to come back, usually several hours later there were so many people). For each try, the nice ladies will give you a lil ball which you can place anywhere on the ramp to the right. You let go of the ball, it swings onto the slope and bounces off the lil stoppers and falls into one of the slots at the bottom, each of which has a character (the person Yuuri “hugs”) and a letter A-D. There’s only one A (Victor), and increasingly more of the lower prizes (most D), which obviously means you have to be incredibly lucky to get A and most people get a lot of the other letters. A prize is a tote bag, B prize is a charm, C prize is a button, and D prize is a random sticker (all others you can choose your character, which is why some characters ran out faster than others). It’s supposed to be mostly luck bc of the knockers and the fact you have to place the ball on the ramp so you can’t really tell it to go anywhere….

….but apparently I had amazing freakin luck or there is some skill involved bc

I got A prize twice in 8 tries ^v^)b So top tote is Yuuri + Vic + Chris (was out of stock later in the day), bottom tote has Phichit + Yurio + Otabek. All in all, a very successful day <3


ホームステイのお母さんがくれた弁当! 素敵。アメリカでそんな弁当は普通じゃない、普通は地味なサンドイッチ。( ̄ー ̄)






1 June 2017 BTS THE WINGS TOUR ~Japan Edition~ in Osaka

3 June BTS “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” (Japanese ver.) Handsake in Osaka

4 June BTS “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” (Japanese ver.) Handsake in Tokyo

7 June 2017 BTS THE WINGS TOUR ~Japan Edition~ in Hiroshima

8 June BTS “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” (Japanese ver.) Handsake in Hiroshima

13 June BTS 4th Anniversary

14 June 2017 BTS THE WINGS TOUR ~Japan Edition~ in Nagoya

15  June 2017 BTS THE WINGS TOUR ~Japan Edition~ in Nagoya

17 June BTS “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” (Japanese ver.) Handsake in Nagoya

20 June 2017 BTS THE WINGS TOUR ~Japan Edition~ in Saitama

21 June 2017 BTS THE WINGS TOUR ~Japan Edition~ in Saitama

22 June 2017 BTS THE WINGS TOUR ~Japan Edition~ in Saitama

23 June BTS “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” (Japanese ver.) Handsake in Fukuoka

24 June 2017 BTS THE WINGS TOUR ~Japan Edition~ in Fukuoka

25 June 2017 BTS THE WINGS TOUR ~Japan Edition~ in Fukuoka

30 June BTS “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” (Japanese ver.) Handsake in Sapporo


1 July 2017 BTS THE WINGS TOUR ~Japan Edition~ in Sapporo

2 July 2017 BTS THE WINGS TOUR ~Japan Edition~ in Sapporo

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