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1 June 2017 BTS THE WINGS TOUR ~Japan Edition~ in Osaka

3 June BTS “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” (Japanese ver.) Handsake in Osaka

4 June BTS “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” (Japanese ver.) Handsake in Tokyo

7 June 2017 BTS THE WINGS TOUR ~Japan Edition~ in Hiroshima

8 June BTS “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” (Japanese ver.) Handsake in Hiroshima

13 June BTS 4th Anniversary

14 June 2017 BTS THE WINGS TOUR ~Japan Edition~ in Nagoya

15  June 2017 BTS THE WINGS TOUR ~Japan Edition~ in Nagoya

17 June BTS “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” (Japanese ver.) Handsake in Nagoya

20 June 2017 BTS THE WINGS TOUR ~Japan Edition~ in Saitama

21 June 2017 BTS THE WINGS TOUR ~Japan Edition~ in Saitama

22 June 2017 BTS THE WINGS TOUR ~Japan Edition~ in Saitama

23 June BTS “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” (Japanese ver.) Handsake in Fukuoka

24 June 2017 BTS THE WINGS TOUR ~Japan Edition~ in Fukuoka

25 June 2017 BTS THE WINGS TOUR ~Japan Edition~ in Fukuoka

30 June BTS “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” (Japanese ver.) Handsake in Sapporo


1 July 2017 BTS THE WINGS TOUR ~Japan Edition~ in Sapporo

2 July 2017 BTS THE WINGS TOUR ~Japan Edition~ in Sapporo

Anyone else hating this over packed sched?

~ Icons: Dragon Age Inquisition Tarot Edition ~

Here are 28 Dragon Age Inquisition tarot icons (3 of the advisers, 17 of companions and 8 of the Inquisitor). All icons are 100 x 100. Enjoy!

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Can we all take a minute to look at this?

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Or this?

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Don’t forget this…

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Watching gifs of the Blinders smoking makes me wish I could smoke like 3 packs a day….

I’d literally ruin my lungs, slowing killing myself to look as hot doing it as they do.

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Seriously. I could do watch this forever

As much as I would like to call it profusion, we’re facing a sort of confusion with the ascent and nerve of a TV drama series. When I look around, I feel that people of the same age divide. I could actually point them out and divide them myself, like Moses did with soup. I mean water. My point is: there are those who decide to put a ring on it once they hit mid twenties and the rest, who decide to hook up more or stay indoors more (depending on the monthly booze-tobacco-expensive footwear-pasta-books-mascara budget), lose weight, make a diy business, go to Africa or hit the therapist (not in the face, but some might also consider that after their cash withdrawal receipt failed to match their self esteem boost).
We don’t need to be teenagers to become confused, and I for once know there wasn’t so much confusion around back in ’97. It’s floating around, it protrudes through the torn sleeves of your shirt, it itches your skin, it melts in your Starbucks latte. It’s responsible for your bad breath, bad habits like smoking 2-3 packs a day, exchanging walking with cabs or intentionally forgetting to say hello to all the friends that you hate because they’re happy. It’s in the mindless sex you have only for the sake of f e e l i n g something better than tequila. In the plane tickets you buy wishing you didn’t come back. It eventually makes us go on Facebook and like that sappy sad page “My friends are getting married; I’m only getting drunk”. Coke, bikes, beer, drunken girls in Control at 2 am, top 5 easy ways to get in their pants, post hipsterism, electronic vibes, Florence and The Machine on the rocks, riding in cars with boys, Urban Outfitters. The labels of a an artsy fartsy world filled with confusion.
Stupid takes it all.
—  Ioana Cristina Casapu
Showing my husband the video of JDM and Paxton:
  • Husband: Does he have like a 3 pack a day habit?
  • Me: Maybe.
  • Husband: He looks like he reeks of cigarette smoke.
  • Me: .......
  • Bitch, you trying to insult my fictional husband? Don't think I won't get petty and not sleep with you until you say something nice about him. Have I said that Anna Kendrick looks like she is sucking on a lemon...no. Because I love her too, because you love her. She's adorable. Punk ass.
Karasuno headcanons

bc there can never be too many hc’s on tumblr

-Daichi and Noya are in a war of five-starring each other

-it started when Daichi accidentally hit Noya’s butt instead of his back, then Noya slapped Daichi’s ass and it’s an all-out war now

-Narita and Kinoshita send each other memes throughout the day and mention them to each other

-Ennoshita is the pun King

-Hinata can burp on command

-but Asahi belches the loudest (and scARES HIMSELF)

-Tanaka once lost a bet and had to wear a hot pink wig at a practice match

-Suga can speak multiple languages

(Japanese, English, Spanish, and some french, and learns German)

-everyone calls Kageyama ‘Cowgeyama’ because he drinks so much damn milk

-even tho Tsukki gets annoyed by his team he is the salt master supreme and will roast anyone from another team that talks shit

-Nishinoya pops everyone’s joints before practices and games and he should seriously be a chiropractor

-Daichi is awful at video games but kills it in cards and board games

-Kageyama has super dry hands so he has like 20 different lotions in his volleyball bag that he never uses

-Tanaka is always snacking. Like during classes, during water breaks at practice, he’s always eating something it’s ridiculous

-Ennoshita is chewing gum like 99% of the time like he spits a piece out and pops a new one in he goes through like 3 packs a day

-Daichi once brought his dog to practice and Asahi started crying

-Noya wrestled with it even though they were the same size

-Suga and Tsukki are the scariest to be around when they’re together (the sass level is ridiculous)

-Yamaguchi is the record holder for number of spoons he can put on his face (13)

-Kinoshita is the rap queen and learns songs with rap in them really fast (EVEN OTHER LANGUAGES)

-bus rides (on the way) are lit… They’re usually blaring music and singing (shouting) it loudly, gossiping, playing cards, truth or dare, etc

-and then on the way back they’re all asleep

-Noya knows how to breakdance

-Tsukki set up all of Daichi’s social media

-all the first years sometimes go to a nearby park and swing on the swings

-hinata can fit the most marshmallows in his mouth

-Kageyama can do the “knife game” thing and almost gave Suga a heart attack

-during team hide and seek they couldn’t find Narita for 30 minutes after the team found everyone else but he was actually hiding behind a mop handle the whole time

-Daichi, Suga, and Yamaguchi take the best notes (so aesthetic)

-Tanaka is actually super smart but doesn’t apply himself so he has bad grades

-the team once had a nerf gun war but they had to stop after hinata got shot in the eye and popped a blood vessel (by ASAHI WHO CRIED)

Same shit, different year.

Y/N’s p.o.v.
‘Well, we can’t just ignore them Y/N" it was that time of year, the holidays were fast approaching which meant going to visit each other’s family. “I know that and that’s not what I’m saying, Robbie. Why don’t we just go see your family and send mine a card? There’s always drama when we go see my family and for once I would like to enjoy a Christmas without any issues” I sigh, folding a t-shirt and putting it in my suitcase. “Family is family, Y/N. No matter what” Robbie says watching me from the bed, having finished packing 3 days ago, but as usual, I left until the day before we left. Christmas with my family was never enjoyable, and now that Robbie and I started spending the holidays together Christmas with my family was a dreadful time, for both of us. The holidays with my family got worse when Robbie cane on to the scene, and each year was worse than the year before. “Y/N, we can’t skip out on your parents. It’s rude” “but you don’t want to go either. Why cause trouble when it can be avoided?” “We can’t do that. Yes, things get bad but we can’t just not go and see them” Robbie says rolling off the bed and practicality ‘thumping’ down the hallway. Why would I want to go spend time with a father who disrespects my boyfriend and a mother who has stepdaughters who don’t know when they have crossed the line. Having divorced parents was never fun, but this made it 10 times worse.

“You ready to go?” Robbie calls from the kitchen, gathering the last of our bags, placing them by the back door, “as ready as I’ll ever be” Robbie insisted that we leave at 5am claiming that ‘it was better to get an early start and beat the traffic’. It was a 6 hours drive to my dad’s and an additional 3 and a half from there to my mums, so I guess an early start time for our trip is a good idea.

Robbie had been driving for 4 hours so we switched over for the last 2 hours. The whole trip I had been trying to convince myself that maybe this year would be different. But as we pulled into my dad’s driveway, that feeling completely disappeared. I felt like my stomach was in a huge lump in my throat. Robbie jumped out of the car, running around to my door, opening it and helping me out. Robbie never let go of my hand, sensing my dread. “Now or never right” Robbie says, tighten his grip on my hand slightly. “I’m going with ‘never’” “Y/N” I sigh, nodding. “Fine” Robbie smiles, “thats my girl”. Walking to the door seemed like the longest walk of my life. I know, I’m being over dramatic, but on the other side if that door, meant nothing but hate and arguments. “Y/N, how are you, darl-oh, I see you bought ‘him’ with you” We haven’t even walked inside the house and the shit had already started.

“Have you seen your mother yet?” Dad asks as we sit around the dinner table, waiting for his new wife, Rose, to bring the food out, “Umm, no. Robbie and I are heading to see her after we leave here. It’s easier to come here first since you’re closer” “I see. And then will you go see ‘his’ parents” I sigh, I’m getting sick of this. “Thats enough. ‘His’ name is Robbie. Not ‘his’ or 'him’ or 'that one’. Robbie. Say it with me, Dad. I’ll even spell it out for you, R-O-B-B-I-E. Robbie, say it, dad. It’s easy” “Don’t you dare speak to me that way, Y/N. Not in my house” dad says, standing up from the table, a stern look smacked across his face. That’s when you know shits about to get real. “Why should I respect you when you don’t respect the man I love! Robbie doesn’t deserve this. I don’t deserve this. Robbie has been nothing but respectful to you and to your wife and you can’t even give him a single bit of respect. Don’t even bother unpacking the car cause we are not staying. Come on, Robbie. Let’s go somewhere where you’re treated with respect” I say, removing myself from the table as Dad storms off to who knows where. Robbie reluctantly follows me out to the car, “Y/N?” He calls softly, “I mean it, Robbie. I’m not staying in the same house as him. I don’t have to put up with him disrespecting you. YOU don’t have to put up with that” he sighs, “I know you know I’m right, Robbie. That look on your face says everything” he pulls me into his chest, resting his chin on top of my head, “I’m happy that you’re sticking up for me, sticking up for us, Y/N. I really am. But I don’t want to get in the way of your relationship with your dad” We were interrupted when Rose came out of the house. “Oh I’m glad you haven’t left yet. I put some food in these to-go containers for you both. Drive safely alright" Robbie takes the containers while I hug Rose. “Thank you, Rose. I’m sorry dinner was ruined” “Oh dear, I understand why you said what you did. It’s not fair for your father to treat Robbie like that” she says giving Robbie a hug, “maybe next year will be different” I say rolling my eyes, like that would ever happen. “We’ll just have to wait and see. You two better get going before it gets too late. Let me know when you get there okay, I would hate for something to happen to you both” Robbie smiles, getting in the car “Come on, misses. Rose it right” I nod, “coming. Say bye to dad for me, please” I say giving Rose one last hug, “will do, sweet. Stay safe, okay?” I nod softly before getting into the drivers seat of the car.

“Can you call my mum and let her know we’re like, 20 minutes away?” I say, taking my phone out of my pocket and passing it to Robbie, “Hi mum, Y/N wanted me to let you know that we’ll be arriving at your house in 20 minutes roughly… yeah, I know. We’ll explain when we get to you. Will do.. Alright, bye” he hangs up and slides my phone back into my pocket, “what did she say “that we are 3 days early. But she’ll have the spare room sorted by the time we get there” I nod, stopping at a red light and looking over at him. “What?” “I love you, Robbie” he smiles, placing his hands on my thigh, “I love you too, Y/N”

“My darlings!” My mum yells, rushing out of the house and wrapping Robbie and I in a hug as soon as we reach the front door, “Hi mum” I say as she let’s us go, “how are you both? Ron will help unpack the car” Ron was mums new partner, after dad and the divorce she never saw the need to remarry, atleast not any time soon but I could see she would marry Ron at one point. “We’re both good mum, at least we are now anyway” mum shakes her head “your father, I swear he will always be a pain” she mumbled as she followed us inside.

Robbie’s p.o.v.
“Morning Robbie!” Samantha, one of Ron’s 3 daughters, squeals as she rushes into the kitchen, “morning, Sam” I say, my ears ringing. We were soon joined by Emily and Lucy, Ron’s other 2 daughters. “Ohh Robbie, I’ve missed you!” Lucy says as she snakes her arms around my waist, locking me in her grip. “Uhh, yeeeaah, I’ve, umm, missed you too?” I say trying to pry myself out of her grip. “Lucy, let him go, Robbie is taking me to the movies!” Emily says, pulling Lucy away from me, 'please hurry, Y/N’ I think to myself as the 3 girls argue over who was doing what with me today. “Morning everyone” Y/N chirps (A/N is that weird to say? Like do people actually say that or no?) as she enters the kitchen, making herself coffee, Samantha, Emily and Lucy all mumbled 'morning’ back not taking their attention away from me.

Y/N’s p.o.v.
Go to see my dad, Robbie gets treated like shit. Go to my mums and he can’t be left alone. How has my family not scared him off by that?. Time to save him. “Hey, Robbie. Do you want to head out and do that last little bit of shopping for your family?” “Yes!” Robbie says immediately, standing up from the table. “Lets go then, see you later girls” they all moan as Robbie rushes out to the car, he couldn’t get out of here fast enough. “Makes me sick” I say as I open the car door and climb in. “What does?” “The way dad treats you. The way the blonde squad throw themselves at you. This is why I don’t like going to see my family, as bad as it sounds. But it’s the same shit every year” “hey. Family is family, no matter what they do, Y/N. Let them flirt with me, I only have eyes for you, Love. You’re the one I want, and the only one” Robbie says leaning over from the passenger seat and pecking my cheek, “thanks. But next year, we are only going to see your family” I say, starting the car up. “You say that every year, Y/N!” Robbie says laughing, I roll my eyes as I pull out of the drive way, “I mean it, Robbie” “yeah yeah, same shit different year, I know” he says smirking at me.


A/N sorry it’s taken so long! I’ve been trying to settle in at uni and it’s taken a lil while to get on top of everything, but I have everything under control and can start writing again. This imagine is kind of on the longer side so I’m not sure how I feel about it but yeah. Hope you like it

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I'm just starting to play a Hailee FC, but I'm struggling to find many resources for her. Would you be able to link me to some good gifhunts for her? If not, I totally understand, but if you can, thank you so much in advance.

yes please play her ! and i’ve linked some small/medium hq gif hunts and gif packs below. if you ever need a specific role / emotion, let me know and i’ll put something together for you

↪ #67 starving music video gif pack by me (steinfeldofrph)
↪ #93 rock bottom music video gif pack by roleplayhelpers
#542 general gif hunt by roleplaylegend
#264 general gif hunt by ddlovatosrps
### general gif hunt by zigglerscesaro
#113 general gif hunt by may0osh
#302 barely lethal gif pack by kailawrites
#110 general gif hunt by hqgifhunting
#80 general gif hunt by lovhelps
#112 general gif hunt by may0osh
#108 general gif hunt by hergifhunts
#240 general gif hunt by ddlovatosrps
#155 barely lethal and interview gif hunt by psychictwinsrph
#52 3 days to kill gif pack
#105 general gif hunt by hqgifhunts
fc pack with gifs including by ddlovatosrps
#412 general gif hunt by kookhunts
#125 general gif hunt by pirncessleia
### general gif hunts by mrzvaldezhelps
#338 general gif hunt by prattofrp
#320 general gif hunt by ellahunts
#510 general gif hunt by baerps
#510 general gif hunt by baerps
#120 general gif hunt by hqgifhunts4u
#### general gif hunt by dallasofrp
#632 general gif hunt by kelofrp
#138 general gif hunt by moregifhunt

please like/reblog if this masterlist was helpful and please remember to follow each gif hunt maker/pack maker rules !

When I tell you I don’t love you anymore, neither of us can tell if I’m lying. If old habits die hard, then bad habits die harder and this is on par with 3 packs a day. This is on par with a bottle before breakfast.
Old love tricks us I think. There is nowhere to put it. So it lies on the bottom of your heart and shivers. My body remembers you too well.
My insides light up like the traitors they are when you cross the street in front of me and it takes a full five minutes for my brain to catch up. You don’t love him anymore, remember? Or you shouldn’t, remember? Or you’re fucking stupid if you do, remember?
So ask me again. Ask me if I still love you. I don’t think so. But if I do,
it’s less like champagne and stars and more like faded Polaroids. More like the weight of the sun pressing down on the horizon every afternoon. More like the way you have to cut a tree open to see how old it is. Less like love and more like that detached way you love people you once loved.

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I still have three more exams to go 😩😩 do you have any tips on how to not procrastinate? I do that a lot!! And as well, can you tell me what you do to study and always be on tract??

Hello stranger, 

The answer is easy - discipline. What helps me is: 

  • DAILY PLAN of what you want to go through which you are able to fulfill. It typically takes up to two days to find out how fast you can go through a topic.
  • ENOUGH SLEEP - All nighters do no good. It doubles the productivity if you sleep enough. 
  • EXERCISE ROUTINE - nothing killer, just easy 30 mins workout which you can do at home, short run whatever that makes the blood racing
  • DRINK - plenty of everything water, tea, coffee 
  • SMALLER PORTIONS OF FOOD - By no means I am saying you should stop eating. You need food, but if you sit on your ass and study for better part of the day, you don’t need to eat that much. Overly fulfilling meals slow you down for hours. Eat smaller portions, more often and avoid foods that are difficult to digest. 
  • LESS SUGAR - Because yes, your brain needs it, but you don’t need to drink 4 red bulls a day, eat 3 packs of gummy bears and 2 chocolate bars. That’s enough sugar for a week of studying.

And if none of this works proceed to the last step.. 

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Give It Time (Requested)

Dylan has shown up with you as his date to a fancy after party for his friends movie premiere, however he’s been acting weird since you got there. He seems distracted and keeps messing with something in his pocket, but you aren’t sure what it is.

“I’ll be back. Are you fine staying in here by yourself?” He asks while still fidgeting with whatever is in his pocket.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Are you okay?”

Dylan avoids eye contact while saying, “I just left something in the car.” He mysteriously leaves out the front door before you can ask anything else.

Curiosity gets to you and you follow him outside. You’re shocked when you see him pull out a lighter and ignite the cigarette that’s snug between his lips. You creep up on him and blurt out, “Were you ever going to tell me that you smoke?”

Dylan looks up at you with surprise filled eyes before turning the cigaret off and throwing it in a trash can. He places his lighter and pack back in his pockets. “I’m sorry, I wanted to tell you on our first date but I thought you wouldn’t want to go out with me again if you knew. I know you don’t like smokers. I don’t smoke 3 packs a day or anything, I just like one occasionally… When I’m stressed and stuff.”

You cross your arms and keep a poker face when you say, “I don’t like that you kept this from me.”

He nods and runs his hands through his hair before speaking again. “I know, and I’m sorry. I’m still the same guy from those dates, I haven’t kept anything else from you.”

“Well this is, like, a pretty big thing to keep from someone you’re dating. It’s a bad habit you have, not just a thing you’re embarrassed about from your past or something. I don’t like that you smoke, Dylan. I really don’t. But… I can’t make decisions like that for you. I still like you even if you do. But just promise me you won’t keep anything else from me, okay?”

“I promise. And I’ve been trying to quit smoking. That’s another reason I never mentioned it. I thought maybe I could stop before things got serious between us, but it’s harder than I thought.” Dylan looks down at the ground and starts kicking at the dirt with his shoes. You can tell he means what he says.

You step closer and place your arms around his body. Smiling up at him, you say, “Well I’m here for you either way, I hope you know that. Just hearing that you’re trying makes me happy. You’re strong enough to quit, just give it time.”

EXO getting ready to go to the airport

Requested by adrilouu :3



Sehun: wut

Tao: Have you seen my Gucci shirt?

Sehun: which one

Tao: omg just forget it

Suho: Has anyone seen Jongin? 

Sehun: Yeah, he’s in the practice room

Suho: WHAT?!

Sehun: I said, he’s in the practice room

Suho: Yes, Sehun-ah, I heard you. I’m asking WHY he’s still there.

Sehun: How the fuck am I supposed to know that, ask Kyungsoo. 

Suho: You should call him “Kyungsoo HYUNG”, kid

Sehun: I don’t give a damn man, just let me be

Suho: oh my god


Xiumin: Lu-ge?

Luhan: Can I pack my things to your suitcase?

Xiumin: Sure, I’m all done. 

Kris: You’re shitting me~ Seriously Minseok, how do you do this…

Xiumin: I packed 3 days ago. 

Kris: oh

Suho: Where the hell is Kyungsoo?

Chen: He was mumbling something about strangling Baekhyun wtih his own socks that he left all over the bathroom, but that’s none of my business so…

Chanyeol: Yeah, though we should probably check if he’s still alive…. BAEKHYUN-AHHHHHH~~!

Kyungsoo: stop screaming, you dumbass. he can’t hear you.


Kyungsoo: ….

Suho: ….

Kyungsoo: Nothing, okay? I did nothing. He’s talking to manager hyung on the phone.

Suho: oh

Chanyeol: I can’t find my pants… Ahhhhhh!

Kyungsoo: oh my god stop whining

Chen: Suho hyung, don’t forget our tickets!

Suho: I know I know~ don’t treat me like a child, I know exactly where I put the-


Suho: shit


Chanyeol: Seriously, hyung..? Ahhhhhh~

Suho: I swear to god, they were RIGHT HERE like a second ago

Chen: sure they were

Suho: STOP IT JONGDAE, it’s not the time~

Kris: Don’t worry kids, I have the tickets


Luhan: Minnieeee~

Xiumin: Lu-ge?

Luhan: My things don’t fit into your suitcase

Xiumin: …again? I swear to god, Luhan. if you packed all of your useless shit~

Baekhyun: Suho hyung! Manager hyung asked me to tell you to not forget the tickets


Baekhyun: wut

Kris: just drop it, Baekhyun-ah. Suho’s on his period


Suho: FINALLY. I hope you’re all packed, Jongin. we’re leaving in 5 minutes.

Kai: Yeah yeah, I asked Kyungsoo to do it for me

Kyungsoo: *whispering* Anything for you, Jongin-ah


Kris: Just take the other one, what’s the difference

Tao: Oh no YOu diDN’t

Sehun: oh god, no


Sehun: Chill Tao chill, we’ll look for your Gucci shirt

Chen: No time for your shit, Tao! we’re leaving.


Baekhyun: I found it! Seriously Tao, it was under my bed~ I don’t even wanna know…

Suho: Okay kids, we’re leaving!


Lay:  …. 

Lay: guys? 

Lay: what’s going on?