3 d printed architecture


This is what a 3-D printed office building looks like

A new 2,700-square-foot office building located just outside the Emirates Towers in Dubai may not look like much to passersby. But this is different from your average office complex in one key way: It was made with a 3-D printer — and took a stunningly short amount of time to build.

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luccidd  asked:

Hi I really enjoy your blog. I'm currently an architecture student and was wondering if you had any model making tips. Specifically, in materiality and adjustable pieces.

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You can also check the book by Megan Werner Model Making. It presents the nuts and bolts of model making. In 33 “concept blocks” Werner explores a wide range of possible types including laser-scored acrylic models, basswood topography models, acid-etched metal blocks, peeled paper blocks, 3-d print models, cement pour blocks and more.

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[Golan Levin. Free Art and Technology Lab, R. Shawn Sims, Sy-Lab. Free Universal Construction Kit. 2012. Digital CAD files and 80 3-D-printed nylon units. The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Gift of the Committee on Architecture and Design and Shapeways. Photograph by David Familian]