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Something has begun to whisper in the back of your head. Each day it grows louder. You feel the urge to tie an orange ribbon around your wrist. You check your snapchat frequently, waiting for updates. A copy of Con Air has appeared among the box of DVDs from the library. You dare not watch it. You open your backpack and discover a bottle of Faygo, unopened, at the bottom. You’re beginning to see those zodiac posts floating around again. The beast is awakening. Those shitty 3-D glasses are staring at you from the drawer you’d put them in. You stare back. Your heart is racing. The voice in the back of your head is loud enough to make out now. Something honks outside your window. The voice is not one, but dozens of voices, reawakened from their slumber. They whisper, and you feel sick. You can hear them, chanting over and over and over again: “4/13 is coming, 4/13 is coming”.

It’s tomorrow. You are terrified. Cal’s awful yaois are behind your eyelids when you blink. You begin to say it with them.

4/13 is coming. It’s tomorrow. Homestuck is awake. Brace yourselves.

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top 10 usagi outfits? :o (i love these lists tyyyy)

Let it be known that this was NOT EASY because Usagi has the MOST ADORABLE fashion sense in the whole show but I have done my best. 

10. A comfy casual “cooking what may be my last meal on this earth” ensemble

9. Bonus points if you can find Usagi in this image.

8. Probably meant to stand for United States of America, but Usagi saw it in the store window and immediately said “IT ME” 

7. The industry standard “Wine Mom in Training” uniform

6. A FULLY CUSTOMIZED ninja outfit with a bunny appliqué and room for hairbuns which Usagi definitely spent a very long time working on before giving up and bringing it to Mako to finish

5. 3-D glasses are required to properly view this shirt

4. Suspenders to keep your pants up and your hopes up

3. Labelled for your convenience

2. Every American girl magazine cover from 1993-2001


Bonus: Bless the animators who did this

Solar System: Things to Know This Week

From images to virtual reality and interactive simulations, NASA offers plenty of ways to explore our solar system – and beyond – in 3-D.

1. Step One: Get the Glasses

Many of the images and interactive features require special glasses with red and blue lenses.

2. Breaking News (Virtual Reality Edition)

Big news from 40 light-years away (235 trillion miles). Our Spitzer Space Telescope revealed the first known system of seven Earth-size planets around a single star. Three of these planets are firmly located in the habitable zone, all of them have the potential for water on their surfaces.

No glasses required.

This image was created by combining two images from STEREO B (Feb. 24, 2008) taken about 12 hours apart, during which the sun’s rotation provides sufficient perspective to create a nice 3-D effect.

3. Free-Range 3-D Exploration

Our Eyes on the Solar System app allows free exploration of Earth, our Solar System and thousands of worlds discovered orbiting distant stars. And, you also can explore it all in 3-D!

Under visual controls just check 3-D, pop on your glasses and explore.

4. Your Star in 3-D

The STEREO (Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory) mission studied the sun in 3-D with twin satellites.

5. National Parks in 3-D

The Earth-orbiting Terra satellite’s Multiangle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR) instrument provides 3-D views while orbiting Earth, including some great shots of our National Parks.

6. Get in the Pilot’s Seat

Take a look inside the cockpit of our high altitude ER-2 aircraft as it descends for landing at Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. This month, scientists used used the aircraft to collect data on coral reef health and volcanic emissions and eruptions. Flying at 65,000 feet, above 95 percent of Earth’s atmosphere, the ER-2 has a unique ability to replicate the data a future satellite could collect. Data from this mission will help in developing a planned NASA satellite mission to study natural hazards and ecosystems called Hyperspectral Infrared Imager, or HyspIRI.

7. Moon Views

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter creates 3-D images from orbit by taking an image of the moon from one angle on one orbit and a different angle on a separate orbit.

This stereo scene looking back at where Curiosity crossed a dune at “Dingo Gap” combines several exposures taken by the Navigation Camera (Navcam) high on the rover’s mast.

8. Martian 3D

Our Mars fleet of rovers and orbiters captures the Red Planet from all angles - often in 3-D.

9. Saturn in 3-D

The Cassini spacecraft’s mission to Saturn is well-known for its stunning images of the planet and its complex system of rings and moons. Now you can see some of them in 3-D.

10. Want More? Do It Yourself!

Put a new dimension to your vacation photos. Our Mars team created this handy how-to guide to making your own eye-popping 3-D images.

BONUS: Printer-Friendly

Why stop with images? The Ames Research Center hosts a vast collection of 3-D printable models ranging from the moon craters to spacecraft.

Discover more lists of 10 things to know about our solar system HERE.

Follow us on Tumblr for your regular dose of space: http://nasa.tumblr.com

Me: Stop trying to make
Flannel happen it’s NOT going to happen
Me: I once saw Victuuri im Flannel shirts and glasses, so I started to wear flannel shirts and glasses


Back playing TS3, the love of my life. :) Another townie makeover and this is Gracie Loveland and her kitty cat Babycakes, how cute are they! Gracie currently works in the science career and loves to garden. She lives alone and has no partner but I’m thinking about changing that. ;) 

Hope everyone is well! We had a massive storm hit us last night, though my boyfriend and I were out on a date night watching the new Star Wars movie and eating Grill’d burgers so we kinda missed it. Not sure if that is good or not because when we got home we had some flooding in the kitchen & lounge room, minor but still our floorboards were wet. :\ Long story short the new decking roof is causing water to come through the eves of the house and we’re still waiting for the builder to fix it. We also had flooding and debris wash in from the road down into our backyard and the chicken pens (we live on the low side of a hill). It was such a mess. :( Today we did a massive clean up and I’m totally exhausted but it feels good to have tidied up the backyard.

Day 20 - 1C late eycte Milex for @sorethpid <33


I’m a little late for the Apollo 11 anniversary, but it’s still the Apollo 15 anniversary, so enjoy this classic Disney Adventures article about the moon landings from the November 1993 issue! The weird coloring is because this issue was intended to be read with 3-D glasses. (I was nine months old at the time and didn’t start reading DA until 2001, but I bought this issue at a used bookstore.)

Most of the facts are still true, but the reference to “a mysterious Soviet ship” on the final page probably refers to Luna 15 and illustrates how little was known in the West about the Soviet space effort before space historians were able to examine the declassified archives later in the 1990s.

At The Cinema

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“So,which movie are we going to watch today ?”

I asked Rhys as he opened the car door for me.I stepped out of the car,closing the door behind me.Rhys put his arm around my shoulders,locking the car also kissing my cheek,”Well,Feyre that is a surprise.”

”Come on,Rhys one hint.I see you after a month and still everything has to be a secret.”I narrowed my eyes at him but he just smiled winking at me.I rolled my eyes.

We entered the cinema where there were posters of black and white movies and I stopped in my tracks and Rhys gave me a questioning look.”Rhys,I love you but I don’t like black and white movies as much the next person does.”

“My love,who says I’m going to be watching the movie.”

I widened my eyes knowing what it meant,”W…What do you uhhh…mean?”

He pulled me close and I could feel his hot breath on my neck,tilting it to feel more of it and shuddering as heat pooled in my core,”My beautiful fiancee,I have one month of touching you to make up for.”

I let out a shaky breath and he continued,”While I want nothing more than to fuck you,”licking my parted lips,”I can settle to make out with you for an hour,54 minutes and 26 seconds.”

I felt myself blush,biting my lips,”Let’s go get tickets,something to drink and popcorn.” sounding more excited than I should.

“Why do you want these things?It’s not like you’re going to eat?”

I patted his cheek,swaying my hips,”Because prick, we’re going to make out like a bunch of highschool students and I need to breath,eat and drink to live and I know when you start kissing me there is no stopping you.”

Rhys smirks and leads me to the ticket stand.The cashier was young,a college student I assumed.The cashier greeted them and she,the cashier was eyeing Rhys a little too much.Rhys grabbed my hand,squeezing it,”I would like these two seats,”pointing to two corner seats on the last aisle on the right side. Fuck I thought.The seats where no one might see us and sucked in a breath.

“For which movie,sir?”The cashier,Karen,as her name tag said.She twirled her fingers through her blonde–dyed hair.Good God this Karen girl was blushing.Sometimes I damn God for making Rhys too fucking beautiful.I glared at her but she paid no attention me.

“The Testament of Dr.Mabuse,if you please.”

The girl handed us the tickets and scribbled something on a piece of paper,handing it to Rhys.My blood roared as I saw what was written on it.Her number.Rhys put his arm around my waist as we walked away to get some popcorn.Rhys,simultaneously threw away the piece of paper in the bin.I never considered myself the jealous type as I had grown used to women staring at him (likewise Rhys didn’t pay them any heed) but this was just-the girl was bold,I’ll give her that.

“You alright,darling?”

I nodded and he kissed the side of my forehead to assure me that I was the only one for him.His stars in the night sky,as Rhys would say.We bought a big tub of popcorn,two cokes and two bottles of water.I winked as I took a popcorn in my mouth.We walked to the hall where  the-movie-weren’t-going-to-see-because-we-were-going-to-makeout was playing.I was giddy about this and Rhys took two steps at one time and I was laughing behind him.We entered the hall where the ticket taker checked our tickets and took us to our seats.We thank him and set are food stuffs down and sat down.

Rhys wiggled his eyebrows and I stuck my tongue out at him,”Let the movie start,prick.”He pouted since we had five minutes left for the movie to start.The hall was empty and only three more people,beside us,were sitting in the front,from what I could see.I fumbled in my bag to find a chapstick,when I did,I looked at Rhys applying it slowly and puckering my lips.A low growl left his lips.

The light went of and his fingers-Cauldron his fingers traced the shape of my lip.I licked the tip of his fingers and he sucked in a breath.I turned my face towards him and whispered,”Ready ?”


“I’m always am,darling.”

I put my arm around her shoulder,she brought her face close to mine and our lips finally touched.Her artist fingers found my hair,tugging me closer.The kiss was gentle and I moaned in her mouth because her lips tasted cinnamon because of the chapstick.I couldn’t pull her closer to the point where there was no space left between us because of the damn armrest.Feyre broke the kiss to breath and to take a sip of her coke.I pulled the armrest up,which I didn’t know could be pulled up,She gave a breathless laugh and came to straddle me.

She again attached her lips to mine,licking my lips to grant her entrance to my mouth.I opened my mouth and her tongue slid in,exploring my mouth,relishing my taste.Our tongues were fighting for dominance.Breaking the kiss,she tilted her sideways to deepen the kiss and started rolling her hips.I snarled,biting her lower lip.My hands slid under her shirt resting on her waist.
She pulled back to breath.Smiling,she stroked my stubbled cheeks,catching her breath,taking a sip or rather,drinking the whole cup of coke also stuffing her mouth with popcorn.While she was resting a bit,I took some popcorn and a sip of water.I kissed her again,this time when it broke,my lips traveled down her neck,licking it when I went up to kiss her again.I held her hips in place and the kiss was sloppy and just a clash of tongues.

Her fingers tugging at my hair,tipping my head and planted hot and wet kisses on my neck.She peppered my face with kisses.Chuckling,my hand slid under her bra,kneading her breast and she gasped.Now,both my hands were in her hair,fingers tangling themselves and once more bringing her lips down to mine.We both moaned as our tongues rolled over each other,tilting sideways,it deepened the kiss that Feyre,again started rolling her hips against mine.She smiled on my lips as she felt me,hard beneath her.She slipped her hand between us,palming me through my pants and I muttered a curse and kissed her even harder.My hand slid down her back.I groaned,breaking the kiss as her hand slid under the waistband of my pants and stroked my length with her thumb running over my tip.I decided that I needed my revenge and slid my own hand under the waistband of her shorts and through her underwear I rubbed her clit with my thumb and she moaned,deliciously,her hand leaving my pants.I gave it a few more stroke and Feyre hands were now fisted in my hair.

“Is it too early to leave?”Feyre asked.

“No,not at all.”

She gave a devious grin,grabbing all our eatables,rushing to car to go home.I over sped but thankfully no one caught us and I ravished her all night long.

“I can’t wait to see it !”Feyre said.

I laughed we were going to watch ‘Beauty and The Beast’ one of Feyre’s and I favourite movie.It had been the last day it was running in the cinema so,it wasn’t that packed.Feyre and I got our eatables and found are seats,put on our 3-D glasses on.As soon as the lights went off,the couple in front of us,oh,no they didn’t.They couldn’t make out to a movie as beautiful as this.I mean I would understand if this was a boring movie or if they had the urge to make out,they should,in the back seat.

The movie began and they were getting louder by the minute and Feyre was short tempered,dumped our popcorn onto their heads.They turned to us and I recognized them as Tamlin and Ianthe.

“You bitch!” Ianthe whispered.

Feyre shrugged as she faced the screen and watched the movie.Tamlin sneered at me as Ianthe tried to hide her cheese filled hair.They went out of the hall as Feyre I pumped our fists together because we are and always will be…

Best friends before lovers.

One era at the movies
  • Doctor: *Gets dragged to a Laurel and Hardy film and spends the entire film trying not to let on that he finds it hilarious. Unable to hold in his laughter, his chuckling can be heard throughout the cinema*
  • Susan: *Goes to see a culturally relevant film of the 1960's and tries to make friends with a group of rockers in the foyer whilst buying a variety of sweets*
  • Barbara: *Has waited ages to see a historical drama and arrives half an hour early. Spends entire film tutting at the people in front of her talking. Tells them to 'fuck off' but only in her head*
  • Ian: *Takes Barbara on a date to see a film he's already seen and makes up an excuse to sit in the back row. Stretches his arm behind her at various intervals and nudges her excitedly every time a good bit of the film comes up*
  • Vicki: *Goes to see a high-action, fast moving 3-D blockbuster of the 21st century and claims its too slow. Spends the entire time putting popcorn in Steven's hair*
  • Steven: *Goes to see a science-fiction film and snorts at the inaccuracies of space travel. Never feels brave enough to wear the primitive 3-D glasses*
  • Katarina: *Stares at the screen in shock whilst covering her ears which are starting to bleed*
  • Sara: *Wondering why the hell she's at the movies when the Daleks are waging war across the universe*
  • Dodo: *Goes to see a Disney movie marathon dressed as Mickey Mouse. Steven sits six rows away from her*
  • Ben: *Goes with a date to see the new film 'Alfie' but has no money to buy his date any food. Feels embarrassed that she has to pay for the popcorn*
  • Polly: *Drags Ben along to see an artsy subtitled film but seriously regrets it after he starts snoring. Leaves him in there asleep afterwards*