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“The future –” he said, looking down at his open hands, “– begins here.” 
(Iron Man #325)

”…And Tony Stark was a hero long before he was Iron Man.“ 
(Avengers Assemble 2x07)


I had the privilege to attend Laika’s 3-D Film celebration, Laika brought some on screen figures and prints from each on their films for viewing. It was amazing to be able to see the attention to detail that goes into every piece up close. #Photography is Important 

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I made Jack look like he has a prosthetic or robot body, giving him an echo eye so it seemed that rhys gave him a body and they are together/ruling together. Idk, I like the thought of it <3 

Hope you like it nonny! :D


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YOU’RE the one with the sickness!!

It’s finally here!! It took me so long, but I finally finished it! ;w; As if the storyboard wasn’t painful enough, I just had to animate it. I’ve never animated anything this excessive before so it looks ok. Things look weird and a bit off as well. This was the first time I drew Fiddleford too so he doesn’t look that bad, I suppose. Nonetheless, I hope I did a decent job on this since I know little to nothing about animation. XD

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This is my first time animating dialogue. It’s pretty clunky, but I had a lot of fun! :D

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Hi! sorry for bothering you but, um; you seem like a really creative person. Why did you choose to go to law school instead of pursuing an expression-related career like, I don't know, becoming an illustrator, or acting?

My mom was an actor and she did everything she could to steer me off that path. She didn’t want me to end up some starving artist struggling to get by.

I studied 3-D animation for 4 years in high school and tried and failed to stay in my college’s music program. The art program was off campus at the time and I didn’t have a car. It became, was I really willing to jump through all these hoops for a career in the arts? Looking inside, the answer was no. And you know why? Because I realized I didnt want a career in the arts. I didnt want to take the thing I enjoy the most and turn it into everyday, mundane WORK. I didn’t want to risk sucking the joy out of everything I loved.

I decided to go into law specifically because my dad is a lawyer and I look up to him a lot. One time in high school he took me to this anime convention and like everything was going wrong. Suddenly the con-goers were charged out the ass for parking, the rave was cancelled, the cosplayers, myself included as I had decided to enter my first cosplay competition that year, were forced to line up outside in 90 degree heat because the backstage rooms were off limits, among other things. A lot of people got fed up and just left the convention. Well dad started talking to the convention staff and found out that the hotel had just come under new management and the new guys were trying to fudge with the contract the staff had with the old owners. They were completely fucking these people over and they were like college age kids who’d spent all their money just putting this convention together. Couldn’t afford a lawyer. So my dad offered to represent them for free.
And he won.

That really impacted me. I want a change to make that kind of difference one day. To have the power to do something when I see some asshole exploiting legal bullshit against someone without the financial means to fight back. If I can give that kind of leg up to just one person who’s being exploited in the course of my career, law school will have been worthwhile.

And well I stuck with law school once I got there because I enjoy the intellectual challenge and it turns out I’m really good at legal work.

Though I haven’t shied entirely away from working in a more creative sphere, I’m actually working part time as a design assistant while I search for a job in the law.

I still miss acting but I mean I don’t have to give that completely up - the lawyers in my city are pretty well known for putting on a big play once a year, I can always audition for it next year.

Thanks for those who hated me,
You made me a stronger person,

Thanks for those who loved me,
You made my heart grow fonder,

Thanks for those who cared,
You made me feel important,

Thanks for those who left,
You showed me nothing last forever,

Thanks for those who stayed,
You show me the true meaning of friendship… 

- Somewhere from the internet

I love turtle tots!

I’ll be on a hiatus due to big exam next year~ 

Bye-bye 2015, Hello 2016!

this would be more relavent if I post it on new year XD


- short animation (using manga caps) introducing konoha and my favorite scenes were:
> sasnar fight scenes
> sakura cutting her hair
> kurama + naruto

- lots of colored covers and spreads by kishimoto (they posted a lot of team 7 spreads)

- featured moments that affected naruto’s growth: iruka saving him in pt1, team 7 vs haku, rock lee vs gaara/rock lee’s past, when team 7 went after gaara, jiraiya and tsunade vs orochimaru, training with jiraiya

- a wall of (what i think) sasuke’s thoughts about team 7 which included (re: sakura)
> sasuke’s “what did she tell you”/chakra training, “sakura who did this to you”/FOD, “you’re so annoying/thank you”/181

- special section for team minato

- special section for naruto’s parents/minato and kushina

- another short animation/3-D display using manga caps of the famous battles which included:
> kurama’s intro, sakura and chiyo vs sasori, sasuke vs deidara, madara vs hashirama, pein vs jiraiya, pein vs tsunade, asuma vs hidan, sasuke vs itachi, sasuke vs raikage, sasuke vs danzo, taka vs killer bee, team 7 summoning technique vs ten tails (best part!! amazing animation. this > anime)

- special section about the different paths of sasuke and naruto

- they also animated the showdown between sasuke and naruto at the Final Valley. It was great. They even animated Sasuke’s tears.

- special section for 700

- special section for the latest chapter of naruto gaiden

- interview with kishimoto video

- character design for boruto the movie

- family portraits (sarada looked more like sasuke in that portrait)

 Welcome to our Lazybones tumblr! This page is managed by Casey Alexander and Lizz Hickey, and we will be posting progress art from beginning to end.

@caseyalexander and I started this project with Nickelodeon through the awesome shorts program back in March 2015. They have allowed us to create this weird 3 minute spooky thing with a lot of amazing artists….including: @jreicher (character design), @mattforsythe (character color), @jacksachs (3-D animation sequence), Miles Thompson (bg paint), @aaronalexovich (prop design), Chris Tsirgiotis (bg design), Kenny Pittenger (visual development), plus many more people. And a big thanks to Nickelodeon for letting us create a page where we can share our project with you guys before it even airs. I think that’s a really amazing thing.

Finally, a big thanks to Casey, who ended up doing almost everything else on this short. Not only is he the co-creator, but he also co-wrote and storyboarded the entire project. He was working every night after work on this thing since we first began last march. Storyboarding isn’t easy, but he’s a super master, so thank you so much Casey for your hard work. Without you, this project wouldn’t even exist and be as much fun as it will be. 

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Favorite animated film from each of these major animation studios: Walt Disney, Studio Ghibli, Pixar, Dreamworks Animation, Blue Sky Studios, Sony Pictures Animation, Laika, Illumination, AND Don Bluth. (Also any extra favorites from different things for bonuses.)

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Walt Disney Animation: Oh man, it’s a bit hard to choose because I love so many, but I gotta with Disney film that made me run around shirtless all the time in my Taekwondo class and that has to go to Mulan

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Though Hercules has been growing on me a lot more cause I relate to the character a lot going from a kid getting bullied to a pretty fit guy that most everyone seems to like

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Studio Ghibli: These are just a fountain of quality films but my fav most def is Princess Monoke, it was the first one I saw as a kid and I mustve wore out the VHS tape from how many times re-watched it

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Pixar: While the Majority of the films I love, the one that I HAVE TO WATCH every single time to its end whenever I see a clip of it is easily The Incredibles. For years I was so pissed off that the BS Cars got a sequel and Incredibles got an Xbox game. I can watch this film any time of DAY and its Still “incredible” Def my Fav of all time for Pixar

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DreamWorks Animation: As practitioner of Martial Arts, Kung Fu Panda is my personal fav Dreamworks film. The Action and choreography is just stunning and I love this film and its sequel even more

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Blue Sky Studios: The first Ice Age is movie is literally the only film I like by them so far haha

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Sony Pictures Animation: Pretty much exactly what you said Phil Lord and Chris Miller are geniuses and their comedy really shines with Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. I also think it’s the first CGI movie to truly understand how to bring exaggerated 2-D movement into 3-D animation.

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Laika: I havent seen Coraline, But  Paranorman was amazing, and made me tear up at the ending 

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Illumination: Despicable Me…since its the only film Ive seen by them, the first one I havent seen the sequel. But I really enjoyed it haha

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Don Bluth film: I really REALLY would put Land before Time but I gotta give it to Secret of Nimh, I was like in love with that film as a kid and watched it SOOOO MANY times

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