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curse alternative

This is a spell for witches who are concerned about cursing. Whether or not to curse is completely up to the witch; however, this ritual is designed to banish negativity from a specific person and protect yourself from their influence. To be done during a waning moon. You will need:

- An acorn (protection, personal power, wisdom)

- Garlic powder (banishing)

- Pen and paper

- Black candle

1. Light your black candle. On a small piece of paper, write your chosen’s full name with black pen.

2. Take the acorn in your hand, and whisper to it, “may I be protected from (name)’s bad intentions and harmful energy.” Wrap the paper with their name around the acorn and secure it with knotted black cord.

3. Pick up your black candle and drip its wax onto the acorn, sealing the cord further. As you do so, visualize your chosen unable to do further harm.

4. Dig a small hole in the earth. Place the acorn in the hole, and sprinkle garlic powder over it. Fill the hole back up with dirt. As the moon wanes, so does this person’s ability to influence your world negatively.

Moving to and from College with your Betta

1) keep everything wet. 

-your filter media should be kept wet at all times. I put mine in a ziplock bag or tupperware container full of water. 

-when removing the water from the tank siphon out as much as you can but don’t dump it all out. The water in the very bottom will keep your gravel wet and preserve the good bacteria that also lives there. This can help kick start your cycle when you set back up

-leave your plants where they are and wrap them in wet paper towels. The only plants I remove are my marimos and banana lily and those go in a tupperware container. 

- if the water chemistry is really different between the two locations consider bringing an extra bottle or so of the current water to help with acclimation.

2) break down but don’t dismantle.

-try and keep everything together as much as possible, this will make set up faster and easier.

- leave your heater where it is, place your filter inside of your tank if there is room for it and shove the cords inside the filter. (remember your filter media should be removed and in a bag and your gravel should still be wet so keep cords from touching the gravel). 

- if your filter doesn’t fit inside the tank get a plastic cup, put it in your tank and shove all your cords in there( heater, filter, lights, bubbler)

- if your tank came in a box and you still have it put it in the box to avoid scratches and as an added help for containing cords. 

- twist ties are also helpful for cord containment  

3) keep your fish happy

- I travel with my betta in a tupperware container but you can use fish bags from your LFS.

- to prevent a lot of sloshing around I put all of my tupperware contained things in my water change bucket ( with fish on top so i can check on him easily) and then fill the rest of the bucket with my extra fish gear and towels. 

- depending on the length of your drive you can get handwarmers to place next to your fish’s container to keep him cozy.

4) drive carefully

- drive gently to prevent sloshing and bumps

- just drive carefully please. be safe

5) set up

- set up as quickly as possible when you get to your destination 

- you should be able to just pull the cords out of your tank, fill it with water, and put your filter media back in place. ( okay, its not gonna be that simple but you get what I mean)

- remember to slowly acclimate your fish to the new water chemistry and check on your cycle over the next few days to make sure there wasn’t a major crash. 

If you have questions about how to move your tank please feel free to ask,or if you have tips to add please feel free to do so. 


J’ai un peu envie de faire un post genre “comment grimper sur les toits à Paris” mais c’est dangereux ce truc putain, j’veux que personne meure à cause de moi quand même



Hello everyone! I should’ve posted this update last year, since that’s when I made the final improvements to my Wayfinders, but it’s been a rough year and honestly, for a large part of the year I wasn’t making anything at all. But it’s getting close to Christmas now, so I’ve reopened the Wayfinder listings on my shop and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to post my final update!

My previous Wayfinder update was a big one, you can check it out [here].

As for THIS update, these are the final improvements I’ve made to the Wayfinders:

  • The Mark of Mastery symbol in the middle of the Wayfinders is now 3D printed and spray painted silver/gold as opposed to cut out of foam, so they’re MUCH more accurate to the actual Wayfinders. These MoM symbols are thanks to my friend @tomatominecraft and the post showing these off on their own is [here].
  • Star Charm Cords! These are sold separately, but they’re only $4 each or a set of 3 for $10. So now you have the option of buying Wayfinders alone or with the cords attached! I made a post about these [here].

Wayfinder Listings are currently open in my shop!!! 

Please order early for Christmas!

Single Wayfinder Listing: [link]

Set of 3 Wayfinders: [link]

Single Star Charm Cord: [link]

Set of 3 Star Charm Cords: [link]

Finally, thanks to everyone for your support! I’ve been making Wayfinders (and KH jewelry in general) for years and whenever I look at the very first Wayfinder I ever made (I still have it!), I’m absolutely baffled and proud of myself for all the improvement I’ve made. 

// Sarai // Starlight Synthesis //

“For my career I’m looking to become more successful, profitable and advanced - Spell”

Request by: hellinheelsxo

° 3 cords, each circa 0’12’’/ 30 cm (gold [success]; green [luck, money], yellow [learning, energy, endurance, confidence] or white candles [neutral, can be used for anything])
° 3 candles in the same colours your cords have
° 1 small sachet in the colour you consider as most important
° 1 needle
° 3 dried bay leaves [success]
° 1 ½ tsp. of cinnamon [money, success]
° 1 tsp. of all spice [energy, determination]
° 5 dried cloverleaves [money, success, protection]
° mortar
° incense (basil, honeysuckle [luck, success, money]; cinnamon [money, success]; cypress [strength, concentration]; lotus [achieving potential]; orange [luck] or sandalwood [neutral, can be used for anything])

Point in time:
° weekday: start on a Sunday [success, prosperity]
° moon phase: waxing moon [change, improvement] or new moon [new beginning]
° timeframe: ritual should be performed for at least 8 days [success, wealth, determination] 

1. Evoke the magical circle.
2. Ignite the incense and meditate a few moments over your intention while you enjoy the pleasant scent of your incense until you are relaxed and feel prepared for the next steps.
3. Take the needle and the candles one by one and write the fitting purpose on each candle. (If you want to work more traditional, you could use the Theban alphabet.)
4. Then take the candles and cords. Swathe the cord a third above the bottom of the appropriate candle. While you do that chant until you are done:

“Round, round, round,
Along the candle.
Energy I rise to reach my aim.
Round, round, round,
Along the candle,
Success, prosperity and endurance,
I embrace and welcome thee.”

5. Light the candles and greeting each candle with their purpose and ask kindly for their support.
6. In the next step, take the mortar, the dried bay leaves and the dried cloverleaves. Put them into the mortar until they are finely ground. Add the rest of your ingredients to mix them.
7. Now, say:

“Bay, clover, all spice and cinnamon,
Bring me success and prosperity,
Grant me the ability to fight and give my best,
So I may reach my aim.”

8. Take a pinch of your powder and scatter it over your candles. Say:

“Fire of the endless flame,
burn my intention and carry it out to the stars.
So mote it be.”

9. Close your eyes to meditate a little and feel the power advecting into you and occupying every cell of your body with the power, endurance and confidence to fulfill your dreams.
10. Hold your vision as long as you can.
11. After that, put your powder into the sachet.
12. Douse the candles.
13. Reverse the circle.
14. Let the incense burn down by itself. If you like, you can add the ashes of the burned down incense to your sachet, as well.
15. Repeat the ritual for the seven following days (and hide your concerning supplies for the time], leaving out step 3, 4 & 6. Your powder should suffice for the 8 days. If not, include step 6 again. If you have a leftover, scatter it in the winds at night.

[You don’t need to follow each step exactly. Do what feels natural to you, so you’re your energy may flow constantly. Own Spell]

Theban alphabet 

lilystars  asked:

if Keith was hatched how come he has a bellybutton?

1. surgically added belly button. idk how. they’re in the future. it’s a cartoon. anything goes. parents couldn’t have him walking around with no belly button a la kyle xy now could they.

2. birds actually have cord connecting them to the yolk sack! while these are actually scars and heal to the point of invisibility on a bird, I imagine on a human sized baby it wouldn’t heal, especially one who’s half an entirely different species.

3. umbilical cord inside of the egg. don’t ask me how that works the kid’s mom was an alien.

4. he’s an alien. it’s a cartoon. He’s a human/alien kid who hatched from an egg He. Is. Valid.

just to make it clear,     this  blog  is  on  semi -  hiatus  !     i have a lot i’d like to do on here and that’s not including all the drafts that i really want to get to, as well.   but i  have  to get  things  straight  in my head  about it all and  also  make it to my last exam on the 20th  first.  

hey my intuos 3 finally died! (the cord is kaput, predictably) and now I’m trying to find a new tablet to buy which hopefully is not several hundred dollars!!

(there’s also additional issues that the intuos3 pen is Really Nice for my hands bc it’s huge and it’d be great to be able to keep using it)

does anyone have any recommendations about what to look at or what sites to check out?