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Thank you for being here Ridia, when K fandom is slowly dying out! We can't thank you enough... But a while ago you answered to a strain ask where Fushimi went through different personalities of what Miyano has potrayed. Could you do same for Munakata? Oh, the beautiful horror of Sugita's all comedic roles~

Munakata doesn’t even need a Strain power for that, he just loses his glasses and the next thing everyone knows Munakata is sitting in his office with his feet on the desk, possibly idly picking his nose as he reads Shounen Jump. His hair has magically become naturally permed and when Awashima walks in to check on him he pretends to be dead because he thinks she’s going to ask him for rent money. Luckily someone left the window open and the wind blows the natural perm out of his hair, snapping him out of his Gintoki-like personality, but with his glasses missing his personality still can’t seem to settle and he disappears. Fushimi finds Munakata outside chopping wood for the bath (in proper Gouran-chan from magical boy anime style), Fushimi points out that their bath doesn’t actually use wood. Munakata gives him a proud big brotherly smile and puts a hand on his shoulder while offering wise advice, Fushimi rolls his eyes. He leaves Munakata chopping wood, figuring at least that keeps him out of trouble for a while, only to run across Munakata later in the gym tiring out the rank and file Scepter 4 members as he puts them through assassination training, Karasuma-style (professional assassin is the closest the Munakata will ever get to ninja). Awashima and Fushimi carefully lead him away back to his office and try to get him to stay put. Ten minutes later Munakata wanders back over where everyone’s working on their computers, sits down and starts narrating everything that’s happening, talking about how he is living an ordinary life as an ordinary human and being the Kyon to everyone else’s weird super-powered selves. Awashima tries sending him outside for some fresh air and Munakata starts quoting famous people while rounding up some unlucky squad members and trying to get them to practice cheerleading with him. Luckily before Fushimi can be roped in he manages to find Munakata’s glasses, Munakata’s even pretty easy to catch because he’s sitting in the pond in the nearby park quacking and eating bread crumbs (because Sugita played Yamada in Tsuritama but more importantly he was also Tapioca the duck :P).

My Favourite Yuri Plisetsky Moments

Add more to my list!

10. Yuri can’t deal with all this PDA from his gay dads

Haha lol he’s so embarrassed with his dads

9. Yuri shaking hands with Otabek

Not once had I thought it would be this easy to be friends with Yurio tho

8. Yuri sitting with Otabek and having tea

So kawaii. So vulnerable.

7. At the banquet



So vulnerable part 2

5. Yuri and his pirozhki

His love for his grandfather is so pure 

P.S. I was so happy he remembered Yuuri’s birthday!

4. Yuri’s final performance

It’s like he’s realised that he will be paid for all his hard work, and he’s so happy he’s crying. I was crying too btw.

3. Yuri cheering on Yuuri, before being rudely interrupted by JJ

Like JJ interrupted right before I could get me some nice father/son moments wtf JJ

2. I want to see him skate with no mistakes.

Fucking Plot Twist

1. Otabek, Davai!

Not once, in a million years, had I thought that Yurio would wish someone luck. OtaYuri for life!

Cheer Up Post #4473 - The Rowdy Three Edition

But there’s four of them!


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My favorite anime of 2016 part 1 part 2

Cheer Danshi!!, Bungou Stray Dogs, Boku Hero no Academia, Yuri on Ice!!!, 3-gatsu no Lion 

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Asdfasdf I noticed you were taking on little doodle requests? If you want to, anything with Ford and Mabel? (Since the winter season will be coming up, maybe them doing something in the snow? But feel free to do whatever you'd like or if you don't want to do it that's perfectly fine, too, and I just want you to know that I hope you have a wonderful day Em! <3 I hope you're feeling okay! <3)

when you said winter my mind immediately leaped to “HOT CHOCOLATE” instead of snow, but i couldn’t imagine you protesting!! 

mabel made sure ford got plenty of whipped cream and sprinkles on his