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Yo Storm, prank Gaara!!! Btw... Ur my idol im ur fangirl and u r an inspiration to me and i like to draw u and watch u and u inspired me to win a race at school out of 40ppl and i want to hear you sing and i stalk- UHHH NOPE IM NOT UH.... AAAAAAAH SYLVEON LETS GO *opens portal and jumps in it*

*the boi has so much information to read and process*

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CARS. (You never saw that coming, did you!!)

You and @missfox116 both asked almost right away!

The first character I fell in love with
Lightning McQueen! The first time I saw Cars I was four years old, but I distinctly remember absolutely adoring McQueen and recognizing the change in his character. As a baby, I definitely loved that solid transition!

The character I never expected to love as much as I do now
I’m going to have to say Jackson! We hardly know anything canon about him, but somehow a whole lot of us have been able to scrape up what little we had and form a whole, developed character. Plus, I have a little thing going with him and an OC of mine. A few of y'all know just how excited I am about that, haha ;)

Character everyone else loves but I don’t
Hmm. I had to think on this for a bit, but I’ll have to say Natalie Certain. I don’t know what it is, I just didn’t connect with her very well. :(

The character I love that everyone else hates
Chick Hicks! I hated him as a baby, don’t get me wrong, but he’s just so amusing, I can’t not love him!

The character I used to love but don’t any longer
Holley Shiftwell. I was still pretty young when Cars 2 came out, and at the time I thought, ‘Wow! A pretty purple spy car with an accent and a leading role! I love her!’ But after a while, I began to appreciate just how many other strong female characters are out there now. I still like her, don’t get me wrong! But I just don’t love her as much.

The character I’d totally smooch
Ooh. Eh. Well, I’d love to give Sheriff a big ol’ hug and a cheek smooch if that counts. Same for Mack, honestly. Those two are so hardworking and underappreciated.

The character I’d want to be like
I had to really think for this one, and I have to say Cruz Ramirez. She grew up trying so hard to pursue her dream, and when it didn’t work she wasn’t sad and bitter all the time. She didn’t let it consume her. Instead, she moved on to try the next best thing: helping others chase their dreams.

The character I’d slap
I’d slap dat ass

A pairing that I love
Well, Salqueen is a close second to my top pairing which I can’t tell y'all about because then you’ll expect something from me.

A pairing that I despise
It’s a hell tie between Doc/McQueen and McQueen/Cruz. I can’t stand that, and I’m sorry to those that do enjoy those pairings, haha. It just isn’t my forte.

so while I will begrudgingly admit that I enjoyed Cars 3, I also kept getting taken out of it because of how many fucking questions the Cars universe raises

there’s this character that’s a school bus.. like… a normal human school bus… Not a school bus designed to transport other cars, like Mack or the helicopter from the first movie, but like… designed to carry humans inside of her?? she even references the school district she’s from?? if she was from a car school wouldn’t she be designed to carry cars not people?? is the Cars universe a post-apocalyptic nightmare world where sentient cars wiped out the humans or what??

there’s one part where Lightning McQueen fixes something by taping it back together offscreen and I’m like?? how?? you don’t have hands???

Cruz comments that something is high quality and made out of real metal but isn’t that sort of like something being made out of human skin or bones or something

a lot of the movie is about how Lightning feels inferior to the newer younger cars, but… where are they coming from?? do the cars procreate? do they just… build new cars? who is building these new cars?? and if they’re being built why can’t Lightning just get some newer parts to help him compete??

there are child cars, so… how do they get older? are their parents replacing their parts every year? are they somehow growing organically?? does it have to do with whatever horrific event wiped out humanity?

there’s a part where lightning gets all four of his wheels removed and isn’t that sort of gruesome?? aren’t those like, his legs? and wait so every time he gets a pitstop he’s getting his legs ripped off and replaced with new ones?????

why the fuck do touchscreens exist in the Cars universe THEY DON’T HAVE HANDS

why do the cars have tongues and teeth if they run on gas

all the girl cars have car eyeliner ~so you can tell that they’re girls~ but how the hell do they apply it WITH NO HANDS

if there are car billionaires, then there is car money. who is on the car money? are there car presidents? is one of them Gerald Ford? where do cars keep their car money? in their trunks? do they have car wallets? but if they keep their wallets in their trunks isn’t that like keeping your wallet in your buttcrack all the time?

Sally implies that Lightning McQueen is smelly after being a shut-in for months… so… the cars can sweat? they have sweat glands? is there car deodorant or do they just go to car washes? where would they put the car deodorant? are their wheel wells their armpits? how do they put on car deodorant WITHOUT HANDS

there’s a scene where a forklift plays a guitar and I just

I’m still genuinely concerned about the Cars Universe

are their armpits their wheel wells or the undersides of their mirrors

are their tongues… organic? or mechanical?

in the first movie some girl cars flash their headlights at mcqueen like titties but then in the second movie mcqueen gets headlights installed instead of just headlight stickers so does that mean he got breast implants

how do cars ‘die’ do they have souls?? can they be brought back to life with replacement parts like some sort of frankensteinmobile?

why are some of the animals car animals but some of them are just regular animals

why do they need to sleep if they are machines

there is a car military meaning there were probably car wars

car christianity is also confirmed meaning there’s a car jesus so also there’s that