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Steven Universe Season 4

Episode 4 : Mindful Education

Episode 4 : Mindful Education 25 August 2016

Episode 5 : Future Bot Zoltron

Steven and Connie learn to focus better.

Book 3 is 50% complete!!!

Wrote for a little less than 6 hours today, busted out 2600 words, and surpassed 40k!!! Wooooooo!!!!

The next scene in the book is the first *true* “oohhhhhhh shitttttttttt” scene of the book (hopefully, at least. I have big plans for it XD). I am fully engrossed in the main plot of the book. And my god it’s so emotionally-charged. It’s definitely the most complex of my current books in terms of the emotional development of several characters. And I absolutely adore one of the new characters. She  was so challenging to write at first, because I couldn’t figure out WHO she was in relation to the plot and Arman, and now she’s one of the most natural characters for me to write.

And she has a heavy page presence, let me tell you.

Still shooting to finish the first draft sometime in October! Now that grad school (and next week, work) has started, I’ll prolly cut down the number of days I write, and instead upgrade to these 6-hour writing stints (filled with 4 cups of coffee). Today has definitely been productive, and I am so, so happy.

So I was on a tumblr break last weekend and forgot to mention that I went to a business meeting in Albany for the weekend but I also knew that I needed to get started on The Antagonists: Book Five as it was next on my To-Write list and so I literally sat on my laptop in the back seat of the five hour car ride and wrote the first 1/3 of the book or so. And then when our ride dropped us off at the bus station, I curled up on that tiny bus seat, ignoring the horrible smell, and wrote some more.

(It’s also worth mentioning that all last year, I would write the stories at 1:00 AM because that was literally when I had free time. And I had an 8:00 AM class the next morning that I had to go to. And I’ll do the same this year.)

You can critique the typos, the excessive adverbs, and the tiny insignificant things that somehow make you enraged.

But don’t ever critique my dedication because even I’m shocked at the lengths that I’ll go to in order to write a book.

Which, of course, is why you should all buy them because they take so much work to create and I really need the money:


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A customer told me his s/o donated 3 books. Problem: they were library books. He wanted to know if we still had them. I got a manager. Later I asked the manager how it went, and he said that the books were still in the system, but it would be like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. The books were donated 3 weeks ago. Customer was mad because he'd have to pay the library $17 per book. Not our problem, buddy.

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How different do you think Zuko's character development would have been if Aaron Ehasz had more creative control over the story? From some of what I read of the things he's said, he disagreed with Bryke a lot as to the direction of the character. I loved Zuko in Books 1 and 2, then in Book 3 it felt like he was an entirely different character for the most part. I still think him betraying his uncle and going all "dark and bad" made no sense at all and felt like a cheap attempt at a plot twist.

I’m answering this ask, and this one together:

So I’ve been trying to watch season three of atla after 8 years and I feel like I’m almost experiencing whiplash from how clumsy some of the episodes are. Like you could reshuffle a bunch of episodes in the first half and no one would tell the difference. I was wondering what your take was in the tonal and quality shift in season 3????

A:TLA’s Tumultuous Third Season

As my readers know, there have been rumors circulating since time immemorial of the fabled fourth season of A:TLA. We don’t have hard confirmation from any of the executive producers, but if there’s one thing that could convince me it existed, it’s the structure of the third season.

Season 3 of A:TLA is really two seasons in one. The back half of Season 3 feels totally different in tone as the characters wrap up their journeys and the final relationships of the characters stabilize. The front half is almost a throwback to Season 1, which was more episodic than the acclaimed Season 2. But the real difference lies in the treatment of Aang and Zuko.

Early Season 3 Aang begins by running off alone, and ends determinedly standing with his friends and allies, trying to win the Fire Nation invasion even after all hope has been lost. I was really proud of him during the Day of Black Sun, and I felt like his character reached its peak of development:

Aang: The eclipse is over, but I can face the Fire Lord anyway. 

That took a lot more courage, in my opinion, than energybending, because it required Aang to go against the grain of his normal character in order to make a stand for the world. 

Fast forward one episode.

Katara: Aang, can we talk about you learning firebending now?
Aang: What? The wind is too loud in my ears. Check out this loop.
Sokka: I think we should be making some plans about our future.
Aang: Ok, we can do that while I show you the giant Pai Sho table. Oh, you’re gonna love the all-day echo chamber.

This is not Season 3 Aang. This is Season 1 Aang. And for the remainder of the season, it is very difficult for Aang to see any point of view except the one he wants to see. From the Firelord, to Katara, to Yon Rha, he continues to get angry when challenged on his worldview, instead of trying to understand and value other people’s opinions.

As for early Season 3 Zuko, he starts taking on some Season 1 characteristics again in the front half. He becomes shut down, takes his uncle for granted, is more temperamental, and even tries to kill Aang! But fast forward to the Day of Black Sun, and Zuko throws off the shroud of his old life, starting a new one and developing as much character in the back half of Season 3 as he did in the entire second season. It makes him the most compelling character on the show. But since his development is happening while Aang seeks to uphold the Air Nomad beliefs as he remembers them (and therefore cannot develop new worldviews), this makes Aang take a back seat at a time when he is supposed to be the ramping it up as the hero.

Always remember: the human literary eye is attracted to movement in characters the same way a real eye is attracted to physical movement. Whichever character is moving the most on his journey is the one we’ll be watching.

I actually think this is OK as far as the show as a whole goes, since Zuko has more than enough material elsewhere in A:TLA to make him the deuteragonist; the first half of Season Three is Aang’s, and the second half of Season 3 is Zuko’s. 

As for the other characters–Sokka and Katara do get consistent development, but Toph unfortunately got the shaft in Season 3, and the first half simply doesn’t have a straightforward trajectory the way the other seasons did. As is mentioned, a bunch of the episodes in the first half of the season don’t build from one to another very well, although they do serve the greater whole. But while I agree that this is a legitimate criticism, let’s not forget the early episodes of Season 1 and 2 of A:TLA. King Bumi is an awesome character, but his early Season 1 episode was … rather unimpressive. Then there was The Great Divide, which … the less said about it, the better. As for Season 2, “The Cave of Two Lovers” and “Avatar Day” were pretty much the clunkers of the season, and though the events Kyoshi describes in the latter ended up playing a part in the finale, the episode itself didn’t do a whole lot to move the season forward. 

Considering that Season 3 has to do the work of two seasons in one, I think that it made out pretty well. And about Zuko’s regression–it’s one of the reasons, for me, he stands out as an exemplary character. Plot development can (and usually should) follow a linear progression, but real people just don’t develop that way. They stumble and fail and make mistakes, bad actions sometimes following good, and it usually takes a while (and a lot of work) to learn. If Zuko seems like a different person in early Season 3, it’s because he was trying to be: Zuko was trying to be Ozai. And his not only failing at that, but losing the desire to try at all in the attempt, was the impetus he needed  become more himself than he’d probably been since his father ascended the throne.

I think if Ehasz had more control over Zuko’s development, Zuko probably would not have ended up with Mai, and I would hope Iroh would return to Zuko’s side as firelord at some point. But Zuko’s character arc as a whole was left in his hands, and I don’t think Bryke was able to damage it the way they did other characters’ (especially in LOK). But I do think A:TLA would have benefited from Season 3 being split in two, and more time given to each half. Four, elements, four seasons–it definitely could have worked.


I finally took out the kuji straps!!! And I posed them with the Celestial Record pillow~ I love how unique all of their poses are ;;3;; Sorey clutching the book in his arms, Mikleo with his popsicle, Edna playing with the normin on her umbrella, Lailah with a crane origami, Rose eating of course and Alisha fixing the ornament on her beautiful untied hair~

And the sormik strap from the previous tales kuji is absolutely adorable aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa no regrets!! But I might try to find Dezel and Zaveid to complete the straps… I’m actually quite lucky to get different characters with each Prize H lot draws wwwww 

Here’s the last of the big reveals for the 10th Anniversary editions of Sisters Grimm. Book 3’s art and new edits have made it my favorite. I’ll have more reveals when they come in but for now it’s back to work for me. @abramsbooks #sistersgrimm #puckabrina #middlegrade #oftenimitatedbutneverduplicated #sopunkrock #kiddetective

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Falling Stars Updated! - Chapter 3

Book 1, Falling Stars, of the AU series We Who Wander This Wasteland, has been updated!

Story Summary: When Leia Organa is discovered to be Force Sensitive at the age of nine, the fate of the galaxy is radically altered. Now a prisoner of the Empire, with the Emperor’s will bent upon turning her to the Dark Side, Leia will face fear and pain the likes of which she could never have imagined. Her only shields are her stubbornness and her anger - and a strange boy’s voice whispering to her from the shadows of her mind.

Story Rating: Mature

Story Warnings: ×Torture ×Rape/Non-Con ×Underage Rape/Non-Con ×Character Death ×Manipulation/Attempted Brainwashing

Chapter Warnings: graphic violence, disturbing images

Read Chapter 3 on fanfiction.net: HERE

Read Chapter 3 on AO3: HERE

If you read and like it, please feel free to reblog! I would love to hear any and all thoughts you may have–and the more who see and have a chance to read, the better!

Thank you so much again to everyone who has been so supportive of me in tackling this giant project. And to all of you who are about to/have read, thank you to you as well. I love and appreciate you all.

@othelo it’s so creepy to me, people trying to turn hermione into some kind of dangerous_woman.mp3 when she’s literally anything but and trying to make her relationship with Draco anything but a victim and bully scenario (especially in books 1-3). I swear people completely forget the actual text of Harry Potter

I keep Cassie’s icon on the bottom corner of my dash, just because.

Sometimes I miss writing fanfiction. Sometimes I wish I could just get the motivation for it again. I think for my birthday I’ll do a little open request thing, and do a few while I’m at the airport or on the plane.

I don’t know if people would still be interested in my writing, though. I still get daily emails from AO3 for kudos and a few comments, so people are still reading my stuff, but idk. There are a lot of writers out there.

Would anyone be interested in something like this? Maybe some birthday themed requests in a few weeks? Or sooner? Maybe writing some short fanfics will help me get motivated to finish Chapter 3 of my book.

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(Answers can be from across any J&H canon or adaptation): Ship that needs more love, Ship that you find cute but don't ship, Ship that is most misunderstood, Ship that makes you sad, and Ship that you secretly like. :3

1. HydeXUtterson. (Original book, musical and TSFHJ) Seriously, I think it could be a great ship, but nobody seems to like it…

2. JasperXRachel. (TGS) I actually find it very cute and adorable… But I don’t ship it. Sry. (Don’t kill me plz)

3. JekyllXHyde. (Original book) Well… It’s not that it is misunderstood… But it kinda seems strange to me how in every fanfic I read with this ship, in the end Hyde becomes more good because of Jekyll… I honestly think that the opposite would happen, and Jekyll would begin to understand and appreciate his worst self. (But everyone is free to write everything! That’s just my silly opinion!)

4. JekyllXLanyon (Original book and TGS) because I can’t stop thinking about Jekyll crying because he killed Hastie. ;-;

5. PooleXJekyll/Hyde. (Original book) …


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