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A Muslim is someone who practices Islam and Islam is a religion that is practiced by about 3 billion people. The two terms are not interchangeable. "Islam" is not a country or any other distinct place. "Muslim" is not a race, it is a religious identity. Hope this helped.

Yes this helped a bunch, thank you for clearing this up!! 

lmao the pell grant is losing 3.9 billion in funding under trump, this is so devastating. the pell grant is how a lot of black/brown students can afford college since it pays all mandatory fees, this is a huge failure for cultivating educational futures.


Scientists find 3.77-billion-year-old fossils that may be from Earth’s earliest life forms

  • Scientists may have just discovered examples of some of the earliest life forms on Earth.
  • In an article published in the journal Nature, researchers from University College London and other institutions outlined their discovery of microfossils found in rocks from Canada’s Nuvvuagittuq belt.
  • The researchers’ estimate that the microscopic fossils, which have a straw-like shape, are anywhere from 3.77 billion to 4.28 billion years old — making them the oldest fossils ever discovered. Read more (3/1/17 3:53 PM)

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North Carolina’s “bathroom bill” will reportedly cost the state $3.8 billion in lost business

  • Despite GOP promises that North Carolina’s “bathroom bill” won’t hurt the state’s economy, a new analysis from the Associated Press has found the legislation could result in lost business to the tune of $3.76 billion.
  • The AP report found that HB2 has racked up hundreds of millions of dollars in lost business and abandoned deals since it was passed in the state one year ago. Read more (3/27/17 7:41 AM)

Native tribe files legal challenge to Dakota Access Pipeline

  • In a last-ditch effort to block construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, one of the Native American tribes directly affected by construction filed a legal challenge in a federal court on Thursday morning, according to the Associated Press.
  • The legal action follows news that acting Secretary of the Army Robert Speer ordered the United States Army Corps of Engineers to complete the $3.8 billion pipeline, despite mass protests from Native peoples whose land and water could be devastated by its construction. Read more

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We just got an unprecedented look at a black hole ripping apart a star

For the first time ever, astronomers got a close-up peek at a black hole ripping apart a star, a rare event that results in some of the star’s material getting ejected out into space. To research this phenomenon, astronomers used data from a tidal disruption that happened 3.9 billion years ago. Studying tidal disruptions like this one is revealing new information about how black holes behave.

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You don’t have to read “why sweatshops are good” articles and analysis because it only reaches the same point: “well it’s better than starving” (ignoring deaths in the workplace and people still starving anyway).

It’s interesting how much analyzing people do to defend sweatshops rather than say “hey, maybe ‘work or starve’ is a bit terrible and none of this suffering is necessary”.

Arguments for capitalism rely on an incorrect perception of the 21st century altogether. So, looking at the 21st century: Resources are abundant, wealth is abundant, and technology is advanced.

What does capitalism do about those facts?

1) Relies on artificial scarcity to function.

2) Fails to distribute that wealth accordingly (it’s completely just that 8 people have more wealth than 3.6 billion people…right?)

3) Tells us to fear automation because there is no other option besides 'work or starve’.

That is primitive logic. Capitalism treats society as if we’re still cavemen struggling to survive in a dangerous world, because otherwise it wouldn’t function. So, instead of fearing what the future has to offer, ask yourself why you’re afraid in the first place.

The odds of being killed by a refugee in America are one in 3.64 billion

  • The Cato Institute’s Alex Nowrasteh did a risk analysis examining all the U.S. terrorist attacks between 1975 and 2015 and who perpetrated them.
  • Nowrasteh found — based on all terrorist attacks over the 40-year period — that the annual chance of an American being killed from a terrorist attack committed by a refugee is one in 3.64 billion. Yes, billion.
  • The number becomes even more gargantuan if you apply it to undocumented immigrants — it’s one in 10.9 billion a year. Read more (2/23/17 2:10 PM)
Top military budgets in the world.

1 United States 596 billion
2 China 215 billion 
3 Saudi Arabia 87.2 billion 
4 Russia 66.4 billion 

Imagine. If we only spent as much as China did, maybe a little more. Still be #1, but without the ridiculous margin. 

We could instantly add 380 BILLION dollars to our budget without even touching taxes. 

That’s $1,190 per person in the US instantly. 


Protesting the Dakota Access pipeline, Native Americans march on Washington, D.C.

American Indians and their supporters are rallying in Washington against continued construction of the disputed Dakota Access pipeline.

A federal judge this week declined to halt construction of the final section of the $3.8 billion pipeline, meaning oil could begin flowing through it as early as next week.

The Standing Rock Sioux and other tribes have tried to stop the pipeline, saying it threatens their sovereignty, religious rights and water supply. The final, disputed section of the pipeline would pass under a reservoir that provides water to tribal reservations. The pipeline itself is not on tribal land.

On Friday, protesters marched from the Army Corps of Engineers headquarters to the White House. With the encouragement of President Donald Trump’s administration, the Army authorized construction of the pipeline to start again. That move canceled an environmental study ordered under the administration of President Barack Obama. (AP)

(Photos: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images, Kevin Lamarque/Reuters, Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images [2], Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP)

See more images from the protests on Yahoo News.

2 Cities To Pull More Than $3 Billion From Wells Fargo Over Dakota Access Pipeline
In a unanimous vote, Seattle's City Council opted to pull city funds from the banking giant. Hours later, the City Council in Davis, Calif., followed suit.

Seattle’s City Council has voted to not renew its contract with Wells Fargo, in a move that cites the bank’s role as a lender to the Dakota Access Pipeline project as well as its creation of millions of bogus accounts. As a result, the city won’t renew its contract with the bank that expires next year.

The unanimous vote will pull more than $3 billion in city funds from the banking giant, the council says. Seattle says the bidding process for its next banking partner will “incentivize ‘Social Responsibility.’”

Not long after Seattle’s vote, the City Council in Davis, Calif., took a similar action over the pipeline. It voted unanimously to find a new bank to handle its roughly $124 million in accounts by the end of 2017.

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