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Here is a little something for all those nice supporters of art && artists out there :D You are the ones that keep us inspired and motivated! Anyway let’s go do a thing because you’re all so wonderful (well, most of you hehe) ♥

Reply to this post/reblog with an idea for a fanmade Mystic Messenger CG (funny, romantic, angsty, etc but nothing extremely explicit) in Cheritz style like the ones linked below:



CLOSED! Thanks for all the awesome suggestions ♥ I’ll work on them soon ^__^


(( request batch 3!!! I’ve only got one request left now which I’ll (hopefully) finish tomorrow, I was planning on putting all 3 of them in one post but I really wanted to post these tonight so,,

the first one is a piggy back ride tower requested by anonymous!! and the second- also requested by an anon- was just whatever my favorite headcanon(s) was so I picked one by @cipherfied where Bruce only kisses Dick when he’s asleep which I thought was way too cute to not draw cause I’m a sucker for fluffy father/son stuff..

anyway hope u guys like these!! last one will be done tomorrow hopefully!! ))

(( EDIT: fixed the thing where I accidentally drew robin sleeping in his glasses cause it was Bugging Me…… ))

VG Monsters! Batch 3

This post is divided in multiple pieces to not be too long.

Alice doll

Gender ratio: Neutral (They usually identify as a she)

Diet: Mp and Mana (all not necessary for survival)

Habitat requirements: A quiet and peaceful place (generally not so bright areas too), where they can sleep in peace.

Alice dolls are life-sized dolls that spend most of their existence blissfully asleep. The origins of these dolls date a few centuries back, a master toy-maker and his wife were longing for a child of their own, yet could not have any. Every time the toy-maker made a doll, he’d treat and make them with care, as if they were the beloved children he never had. One day, the dolls came to life with a wish upon a star. The toy-maker, his wife and the dolls would spend lots of time together, reading books, watching the night sky, having picnics and so on. But then, many years later, the toy-maker died alongside his wife. The two died peacefully in their sleep. Once the dolls found them, they too, went back to sleep thinking they were asleep. Hoping that they too, will join their makers in the blissful dreamland.

Attack: Once sensing someone’s presence by them being closer than four feet or hearing them, they wake up and charge at the character trying to hit them, slap them, kick them and all kinds of physical attacks. If they can no longer see of hear the character(-s), they will go back to sleep.

Drop item: Loli shoes, loli wig, loli dress, loli socks and indestructible string.(one of these randomly each time they are defeated)


Gender ratio: Unknown

Diet: The souls of the innocent and hp

Habitat requirements: Dark and spooky places. Preferably dark, misty forests and old haunted houses.

Noroi.. the spooky cousin of the Frost lasses. They love to give anyone a scare and are successful a most of the time. Their bodies are see-through, extendable an very flexible. Being able to camouflage themselves as mist and so on. They are very mischievous and rarely show themselves unless for pranks.

Attacks: They slowly seep away the character’s hp whilst giving them the spook. 

They curse the character to be very unlucky for an hour.

Drop items: Cursed halo (rare)


Gender ratio: 60% male 40% female

Diet: Unknown. they are a flying eyeball for Pete’s sake!

Habitat requirements: No sand, moist and cool places with few sharp objects.

The Dave are seasonal creatures, never seen around winter. Their wings can bring them to about 10 miles per hour. 

Why they were called Dave? Well the one who discovered them made a mistake whilst writing. Somewhere in the world there is a kid named Oculothorax. (The man mistook his childs birth certificate for the monster’s file)

Attack: Laser eye.

Drop items: Dave wings (common)

Cyclops Children

Gender ratio: 90% male 10% female

Diet: A human’s diet.

Habitats: The forest and in the woods on the road to the Demon King.

Children of cyclopes, they play around in the forest. Being fascinated by the story of Robin hood, they steal from anyone that catch their eye (ey? ey? no? okay). The girls were more fascinated with the story of cinderella, except for a few. Who went along with the little Robin hood wannabes.

Having one eye, they are not able to see in depth, making them master snipers from birth. Even with high accuracy and being good blacksmiths, they are still children.

Attack: They use bows, swords and shields. 

Drop item: basic Bow(rare), sword (rare), Shield(rare) M24 sniper rifle without scope(ultra rare)

(I forgot to name them so… yeah..)


Gender ratio: 60% male 40% female

Diet: The rich minerals of the ground, sunlight and meat.

Habitat requirements: Lots of sunlight, water and rich ground.

Leonidas are wise beings that rule over many monsters in the forest.

Attack: They are able to pounce on you and bite with their strong jaws and sharp teeth. With their roar, they are able to call for back up. Leonidas are also able to control vines.

Drop items: Leonidas Fang(rare) Flower of power(common)

Video game AU: @blogthegreatrouge

Batch Request: Snow

“The way it floats through the air and dampens the noise made experiencing this all the more magical.”

“My fingers are numb and I dread going back inside; the feeling that follows was always the worst.”

“It always irritated me when an untouched path was ruined with footprints.”

“The snow and I have a love-hate relationship.”

“Never let anyone tell you snow was light- they obviously haven’t tried shoveling their driveway.”

“The field was absolutely covered and it felt like I could easily get lost in the white.”

“I secretly loved when I was able to see my own breath. It made me feel like a dragon, in a childish way.”

“I had hopes that the snow would cancel the rest of my plans, but it didn’t.”

i took a break from doing the 100 figures to ….
do 110 more figures ヘ( ̄ー ̄ヘ) (these were 1 min each tho)


You guys gave me requests, and now I give you sketches. Here’s the final batch of break day lightning round requests!!

Have fun, enjoy yo’ selves.✨

Flowey has no idea what you’re talking about. He demands any and all evidence of this be incinerated immediately. He does not like this.

One day Sans will finally get him to laugh.

I’m not 100% sure what indignation looks like, I think it’s different on different people. Not a face I think she wears often.

I had WAY too much fun drawing this.

I’m not exactly sure what a fox monster would look like, so have some…vaguely fox-ish…people…things.

Inexplicable flower patch with a sprinkle of siblings.

(and thank you so much!!)

Flowey wonders why they had to harness the power of their souls just to make some spaghetti.

I’m so happy to hear you like this ridiculous AU, it’s barely taken off but I’m enjoying it so much. I think as it goes on it will only continue to be an enjoyable experience.

A big thank you to everybody who put in a request for this batch and the other two batches. It was nice to get to fill some requests for you guys again, and to take a break from my structured, stressful graphic novel work with some ridiculous doodles.
I’ll have to do this again sometime! It was buckets of fun.✨


Dialogue Prompt Batch 3

1. “He didn’t mean it.”

2. “We were supposed to leave like ten minutes ago.”

3. “This, this is why we don’t listen to you.”

4. “Hey, whose side are you on here?”

5. “Are you finished with those?”

6. “Wait, were we supposed to bring presents?”

7. “Nice to see you made it back in one piece.”

8. “How many siblings do you have?

9. "What aren’t you telling me?”

10. “Backseats aren’t as comfortable as the movies make them out to be.“

11. "You weren’t supposed to laugh.”

12. “Well, this is where I live.”

13. “Do you even know how to load a dishwasher?”

14. "Did you hear that?”

15. “What do you mean maybe? That was a yes or no question.”

16. “Trust me, I know exactly what I’m doing. Mostly.”

17. “We could…you know, go together if you wanted.”

18. “There-there’s been some kind of mistake.”

19. “You deserved that.”

20. “It’s okay, you didn’t know.”

cunningtype  asked:

honestly bless you and thank you for always sharing your nijiaka content, it really brightens up my day!! i especially love how pretty your akashi is, no wonder nijimura's so charmed by him (same, mate, same). anyways, just thank you so so much for always sharing your drawings and comics!! i hope you have a nice day!!!

askjfhkjshfk yELLS;//////////////// IM GLAD AA; I REALLY ENJOYED READING YOUR TAGS WEEPS;; THANK U SO MUCH A AAA T__T //gives you a pretty akashi I drew a while ago; He is very pleased aaaaa; Thank you for sending me this message aaaaaaa//// I REALLY ENJOYED READING IT AND SUPER GLAD YOU LIKE MY STUFF Aaa