3 axle

Slash's straight hair
  • Axl *about his tattoo (Appetite For Destruction cover)*: Slash wanted straight hair, so we gave him straight hair.
  • Slash: I didn't ask for straight hair.
  • Axl: Yes you did. You totally did. Yes you did.
  • Slash: I've never said that.
  • Axl: Yes you did, totally.
  • Slash: What makes you say that?
  • Axl: Because you did.
  • Slash: Why? Was I drunk?
  • Axl: I don't know, yeah i think you were, you were at the hell house.
  • Slash: Oh, yeah. Because I told Bill... I told Bill... I said: "You'll never gonna be able to draw curly hair right."

GUNS N’ ROSES - Live @ Imola | Not in this lifetime tour 2017

Imagines Masterpost

I have finally decided to make a masterpost for all of my imagines (thank you very much @teenage—girl for the idea)

Axl Rose Imagines

*Comfort after a shitty day

*Comforting you because you feel chubby

*Axl gets sick on the bus

*Fighting, and pregnancy revelation

*Being the lead singer of GN'R’s opening act


Becoming part of the touring crew

   * Part 1

   * Part 2

   * Part 3


*You and Axl messing about- turns into sex (NSFW)

Slash Imagines

*Slash taking care of you when you’re sick

*Sex on the tour bus ;) (NSFW)

Izzy Stradlin Imagines

*Sex on the tour bus ;) (NSFW)

Steven Adler Imagines

*Dinner date and sex ;) (NSFW)

*Submissive Steven (NSFW)

Duff McKagan Imagines

*Jealousy driven fight turns into sex (SLIGHT NSFW)

*Duff finds your self harm scars (POSSIBLE TW)

Jimmy Page Imagines

*Meeting Jimmy in the horror section of the book store

Jimmy’s new Italian neighbour

*Part 1

John Paul Jones Imagines

*Kind of getting walked in on by your child (SLIGHT NSFW?)

Robert Plant Imagines

Robert’s neighbour, mini-series

*Part 1

*Part 2 ;) (NSFW)



Please do continue requesting Guns N’ Roses and Led Zeppelin imagines. If you want to specify who’s point of view (reader’s POV, Person who the imagine is about’s POV, third person POV) please do, or you can just leave it up to me to choose.

And sorry for the lack of imagines, I am doing my best. I get bursts of inspiration every once in a while which is when I tend to write them.

Thank you for the support :)