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All these 200+ videos are free from:

  • Death
  • Cheating
  • Abusive relationships 
  • “Forbidden Love" theme

(If not 100%, then there is a warning!)

Just gay ladies being happily gay together. <3

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For @twatcitytrick who deserves something that makes her happy.

Aaron sees a lot of different people in his shop. 

People looking for the latest release from the latest X-factor winner. People looking for obscure death metal from Finland. People looking to branch out, listen to something alternative and spacey. Even people looking for the odd classical album, or the old-school vinyl collectors. 

But Aaron hasn’t seen anyone like this in the shop before.

Clearly rich, well dressed with that arrogant air and way of walking. Also, quite clearly confused. Like a deer stuck in headlights. Lost in a sea of good music. Aaron can just about guess what he’s looking for. 

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markzuckerbergs  asked:

12, please!

“I can hear you pining from here.”

The bar was dark, atmospheric, with candles gently illuminating every table, making the customers look softer, somehow. Robert sat at the bar, whisky in hand while he brooded over his lack of interest from the cute redhead he had spoken to earlier, the same redhead that was currently talking to a very handsome man in a corner booth, and who was slowly inching closer to him. 

Robert sighed and took a sip of his glass, enjoying the burn but hating that he was left to drink it alone. He looked over at the booth and saw the redhead with his arm in the bloke’s lap and sighed. 

“You alright?” the bartender asked. He wore a black t-shirt and trousers that seemed to be the uniform of the place, soft dark curls resting on his head and stubble making his jaw defined and accentuating his lips. 

“Fine,” Robert said gruffly before he drained his glass. “Another?” 

The bartender nodded, lifting the good whisky down from the shelf and refilling his glass. 

“This one’s on me,” he said, shooting Robert a small smile. 

Robert gave him a skeptical look and the bartender’s eyes flickered over to the table. 

“I can hear you pining from here, mate.” 

Robert groaned. 

“That obvious is it?” he said dejectedly. 

“Only to the trained eye,” the bartender said, smiling. “I’m hoping the drink will wipe that frown off you, you might even find someone else then.” 

Robert smiled and took a sip; it was his favourite, smoky and full of depth with a slow burn down his throat. 

“Excellent taste,” he said, tipping the glass towards the bartender. 

“Thank you, thought you might be someone who appreciated a good scotch.” 

Robert nodded at him, setting the glass down on the counter and resting his hands next to it. 

“Work here long then?” he asked and the bartender shrugged.

“Started working here during my undergrad, now that I’m doing a graduate I just kept on… good to have a steady income,” he said and Robert smiled at him. Smart and good looking - but he wasn’t going to push it. 

“What are you studying then, if you don’t mind me asking,” Robert said.

“Psychology,” the bartender replied, now leaning on his elbows against the bar, accentuating his arms. “What do you do?” 

“Accountant.” Robert replied, “not as interesting but it pays well.” 

“Sounds dead boring,” the bartender said, a smile on his lips. “I’m Aaron,” he added, holding out his hand for Robert to shake. 

“Robert.” He shook his hand firmly before Aaron went off to serve a customer, a cute girl with a sizeable cleavage. Damn it. He had thought, maybe…

“Well that’s me leaving, then,” Robert said when Aaron came back, feeling dejected. “This clearly isn’t my night.” 

He made to drain his glass when the bartender gave him a look, that look he had wanted to see all evening. 

“Maybe not… but if you wait about an hour my shift will be over,” he said, and Robert looked at him, took in his blue eyes and his defined arms and felt his mouth water. 

“Right,” he said, giving him a once over, all thoughts of the redhead forgotten. “Maybe I’ll stay then.” 

The bartender nodded as he bit his lip, moving down the bar to serve a customer and Robert’s eyes couldn’t help but trail after him, resting on the curve of his jeans and sighing.

Later, when he pulled him through the door to his flat and captured that soft bottom lip between his teeth, Aaron tasting like whisky and possibility, Robert knew it would be a night to remember. 

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Teach Me

for @robertisbisexual who wanted more parent/teacher AUs

Aaron Dingle is trying to deal with his own issues and an unruly teenager, who is slacking off at school. He does his best to help his sister, but it becomes harder when her teacher gets under Aaron’s skin.

Liv is hurting and Aaron doesn’t know what to do about it.

It isn’t surprising; a year on and the memories are still fresh, the pain still just below the surface ready to bubble up and rip your reality apart. Losing a parent, and especially one like Aaron’s father, had hurt him in ways he hadn’t thought imaginable; most particularly, it had made him feel like he could breathe again.

It hurts Liv differently than it does him, it hurts in a way he doesn’t quite understand, can’t quite talk to her about - he was a different parent to each of them, a different role model. He doesn’t know how to tell her it is ok to grieve, it is ok to be sad. Instead he just tries to take care of her as best he can.

parent/teacher AU, 7.7k, fluff, angst, mentions of past abuse, mentions of scars, mentions of childhood trauma

Ahora que el Ministerio Del Tiempo va a volver, es el momento para recapitular:

Julián está “muerto” y Amelia se ha ido, así que solo pueden pasar dos cosas:

1- Alonso y Pacino se quedan solos en la patrulla, en los episodios que siguen parece que la van a cagar en las misiones todo el rato pero al final siempre consiguen resolverlo todo a tiempo, se vuelven más cercanos cada día y la temporada termina con ellos apunto de besarse (temporada 10/10 would watch again)

2- Velázquez entra en la patrulla (temporada 100000000/10 muy bueno como para describirlo con palabras)

Happy International Women’s Day!

I didn’t want to do anything special but then I changed my mind, opened my photoshoot save and this happened! A quick silly group picture of all the Rose ladies. Most of them, actually. I could’ve added Marissa, but she and Jasper kinda broke up ages ago, and I could’ve added Angel, but as you know, she and Caleb also aren’t really a thing anymore. At this point I’m kinda not sure if she’s gonna come back to the story or how but we’ll talk about that later.

Stats: In this picture, you can see 1 founder, 6 spares, 4 spouses and 1 heir. The first female heir of this legacy. After almost a year of playing with this family.