3 am and i regret nothing

shoosh pap pap shoosh

A new something to tear at ur hearts. o(๑❛ꇳ❛๑)o

Cux I’m really an evil person to the core. <3 

Am sorry but as much as I like Gabe, I like torturing him even more hence I regret nothing. Once again, angst76 shit. :3

What the signs are up to at 3 AM

Aries:  Grabbing a “midnight” snack which ends up turning into a “midnight” second dinner/pre-breakfast

Taurus: Asleep.  Honey I don’t got time for this bullshit for me beauty sleep is not a choice anymore

Gemini:  Scrolling through tumblr on their phone, followed by their phone falling on their face 

Cancer:  Making a cross with their fingers because they heard a suspicious sound outside of their door

Leo:  Texting and spamming their friends on their phone, frustrated by the fact that none of them are awake on this ungodly hour too

Virgo:  Reading through an entire book they can’t seem to let down 

Libra:  Texting silly, meaningless secrets on their phone

Scorpio:  Fighting neo-nazis in an empty walmart parking lot

Sagittarius:  “I know it’s probably nothing but … the Cold War ended the same year Taylor Swift was born.  Coincidence?  Perhaps not”

Capricorn:   Finishing their homework, tears of regret rolling down their eyes as they promise to never procrastinate again, but do so anyways 

Aquarius:  “What the hell do you mean  at 3 AM it’s as if you’re implying I sleep at all SLEEP. IS. FOR. THE. WEAK.”

Pisces:  Losing track of time as they binge watch their favorite shows

reputation: track by track - first impressions

1. …Ready For It?

This is just the perfect album opener and perfect tour opener, of all the songs released before November 10th this was my favourite. The production is perfect, lyrics clever and rippled with meaning, made all the better by the beautiful music video. This is also a great opener because I can promise you, you are not ready for what is to come.

Favourite lyrics: ‘every love I’ve known in comparison a failure’

2. End Game (feat. Ed Sheeran & Future)

I was so excited for this when I first heard rumours or a Ed Sheeran collab. Sadly I find it quite underwhelming. It doesn’t feel like an organic collaboration to me, futures rap break feels forced and unnecessary and Ed doesn’t really feature that much… it’s catchy as all hell though and while overall I’m not obsessed with the song, Taylor’s Verse towards the end is the best, which is ironic.

Favourite lyrics: I swear I don’t love the drama, it loves me

3. I Did Something Bad

This particular bop has me lit as well as shook. I mean….THE LYRICS!!!!! This is by far my favourite song on the album. She did not come to fucking play and I am here for it. Here, taylor reclaims her ‘mistakes’ and lets the world know she’d do it all over (and over and over) again (so fuck you) Part of me feels like this would have served as a better lead single than LWYMMD… catch me in the club begging the dj to play this.

Favourite lyrics: ‘If a man talks shit then I owe him nothing, I don’t regret it one bit ‘cos he had it coming’

4. Don’t Blame Me

This isn’t what I thought it would be and I’m OBSESSED. The one-two punch that is IDSB and then this, is a knockout. The album could end here and I’d shower it in Grammys. Her vocals here are the best on the album. The lyrics are so self aware and SHARP. The balance of emotions amazes me… this is angry and sexy and cute and young yet mature and thoughtful… The message is clear as-well. Taylor is ruled by her emotions like every normal human being, so you can’t really blame her. This isn’t victimhood, it’s a beg to let her live her goddamn life.

Favourite lyrics: ‘lord save me, my drug is my baby, I’ll be using it the rest of my life’

5. Delicate

TRACK 5!!! You can just tell by the title that this song will ruin you (and it will). I love the concept of this song. It’s the sonic representation of cute and DELICATE and I think that the Imogen heap style production is the perfect match to the lyrics. This is at the point where everyone was against her.. her ‘reputation’ had ‘never been worse’ but she finds herself enchanted by him, despite the delicate situation she’s going to go for it and ask him if it’s ‘chill’ that she likes him’. What a cute smol bean GAHHHANWJSUS FEELS

Favourite lyrics: ‘my reputation’s never been worse so you must like me for me’

6. Look What You Made Me Do

I always have a weird relationship with Taylor’s lead singles, somehow I feel like they usually don’t fit into the album and certainly don’t serve as a symbol of the album as a whole. Maybe that’s just me? I love this song like I love every trashy pop song, it’s fun and catchy and I do think it’s incredibly clever (and gave us the best music video in the history of music videos) but I’m not sure how well this song will stand the test of time. For me, it joins shake it off and WANEGBT in the ‘great but easily skippable’ category.

Favourite Lyrics: ‘CAUSE SHES DEAD’

7. So It Goes…

Ahhhhh… I thought that the ‘…’ meant this would be a continuation of sorts from RFI or perhaps a bookmark at the middle point of the album to signify a turning point. If that is the intention then I’m afraid I don’t see it. The lyrics are good and I understand that it’s about feeling like things are finally ‘falling into place’, but other than that I don’t really understand the song… that’s not to say I think it’s a bad song, but I don’t feel like it contributes much to the album - it feels a bit same-y and unnecessary- sorry! Maybe it’ll grow on me?

Favourite lyrics: ‘hostage to my feelings’

8. Gorgeous

It’s as good as it was when it was first released. I can’t quite place why but it feels kind of out of place here on the album, sonically and thematically/lyrically - however it remains a BOP and I don’t care who is in my way when I kick my leg out on every *ding*!

Favourite lyrics: ‘I got a boyfriend, he’s older than us, he’s in the club doing I don’t know what’

9. Getaway Car

This is SO jack antanoff - which is incidentally the best and worst thing about this song…. I’m almost certain this samples Bleacher’s song ‘Don’t Take The Money’ (which I love) but I’m here for a Taylor album and while lyrically it definitely is her, I feel like this song would be better suited as a feature of Bleachers album. However, saying that, this song is a bop and I think Taylor for providing another great road trip tune. (Side note: do I hear Lorde’s vocals in the background?!?!). I love love love the lyrics and story here as-well, story wise it’s one of the strongest on the album and I can’t wait to here Taylor’s backstory for it because I. Need. Answers!!!

Favourite lyrics: ‘x marks the spot where we fell apart, he poisoned the well, I was lying to myself’

10. King of My Heart

This is most definitely not what I expected. By the title I thought we would get a cute lil ballad about how joe rules Taylor’s heart or something, but nopppeee… honestly I’m not sure if I like this song yet - at this point in the album I was really feeling like a ballad was necessary…. however I digress…. I really like the verses but I think this is my least favourite chorus on the album. To me it just doesn’t work, however I think an acoustic version could be much much better so I shall keep my fingers crossed for that.

Favourite lyrics: ‘your love is a secret I’m hoping, dreaming, dying to keep’

11. Dancing With Our Hands Tied

This song hits my chest in a certain way… the way her vocals are layered… the relentless beat and perfect melody… I want to dance to this at a rave at 2am drunk out of my mind. It’s lyrical gold dust, it’s as deep as a well but touches you like a feather and if you told me that one day taylor would make what is essentially a dance track I would have choked. Is there any genre this girl can’t do??? What a beautiful line as well… ‘dancing with our hands tied’. Only taylor could come up with that. (Side note: this song reminds me of fellow queen of pop Carly Rae Jepson and now I NEED a collab)

Favourite lyrics: ‘I loved you in secret’ ‘we love without reason’ ‘25 years old, how were you to know’ ‘deep blue but you painted me golden’ ‘you said there was nothing in the world that could stop it, I had a bad feeling’ [ALL OF IT]

12. Dress

SO. TAYLOR. In case you didn’t know before, you know now, taylor is a grown woman and she likes sex (on hardwood floors no less). This song should be played over 50 shades of grey the entire way though (then it would be a good film). At this point in the album, there is an element of ‘okay we get it taylor, you really wanna shag joe’ but if Taylor wants to give us an album about sex then you best believe I’m gonna thirst for it. In typical Taylor fashion, it somehow manages to be classy despite essentially being about having her clothes ripped off and screaming ‘ahhhh’ on hardwood floors. The way she carefully sings each syllable and builds the tension to the chorus is something only she could do - It’s not subtle, it’s not the best on the album, but I’m not gonna lie when I say it got a little hot in here. Thank god I’m seeing my boyfriend tomorrow….

Favourite lyrics: ‘out secret moments in a crowded room, they got no idea about me and you’ ‘all of the silence and patience, pining and anticipation, my hands are shaking from holding back from you’

13. This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

(Queen of long titles) HOLD ON TO YOUR WIGS LADIES. If you thought LWYMMD was savage, then you are definitely not ready for this. I wasn’t. I didn’t know what to expect from this song but it certainly wasn’t THIS. I am obsessed and I will fight anyone to the end of time who doesn’t agree this is Taylor’s most savage song (yet). Who’s been teaching her how to throw shade over the past 3 years?? Also why was I not invited to this Gatsby party? This song sounds like ‘it’s a hard knock life’ from Annie and now I’m just picturing a Taylor Swift jukebox musical, but anyway…. While there are certainly references, this song isn’t about anyone specific… it’s about the world in 2017. People look to hurt and tear people down more than they do build up, even when they open they’re homes/lives to you…. Taylor Allison Swift isn’t gonna take it anymore. You woke the dragon, don’t blame her. It’s simple, you break something good then you don’t deserve it.’ If you’re going to act like a child then you can’t have nice things. You treat someone like shit, you don’t deserve them.

Favourite lyrics: ‘did you think I wouldn’t hear all the things you said about me’ ‘feeling so Gatsby for that whole year’ ‘so I took an axe to a mended fence’ ‘If only you weren’t so shaaaadddyyy’

14. Call It What You Want

Taylor Swift is in love with a beautiful MAN and you can call it what you want, she doesn’t care. He stayed. He loves her for her. Nothing else matters and I AM DEAD.

Favourite lyrics: ‘they took the crown but it’s all right’ ‘all the liars are calling me one’ ‘you don’t need to save me, but would you run away with me… yes’

15. New Years Day

Don’t. Touch. Me.

Okay so I had literally no idea what to expect from this, from the way secret sessioners TS we’re talking I was thinking maybe All Too Well but happy?

However, no, taylor decided to kill me with this HAPPY BEAUTIFUL MAGIC DIAMOND. I love love love how personal this is. You can just tell that every lyric, eveything she’s singing about is just her remembering. hArDwOoD FlOoR!!!!! We may never know the story and we will never understand the particular feeling - and we don’t have to. The emotion of this song doesn’t come from taylor making us identify with the same feeling, it’s too specific for that. This is a song for the fans, those of us that, above all, just want to see taylor happy. This could be the last song she ever releases and we wouldn’t mind, Safe in the knowledge that Taylor finally found the one. Forevermore.


Favourite lyrics: ALL. OF. IT.

In conclusion:

She’s done it again, but then really, what did we expect? I stan a legend

Rose x Ten, post GitF-au/fixit; angst, fluff, romance, more angst, and possibly some smut later, but this part (and all parts on ff.net) is sfw (minor exception for brief language).

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Minuet, Part III

Part I | Part II

Stunned, Rose can’t summon the words to argue with him—Please don’t take me home, at least let me say goodbye to my friends first, please just talk to me, please—they all just drift around uselessly, unable to climb their way out of her throat.

Silently, she follows after him.


The first thing Rose hears upon setting foot in the TARDIS is the sound of her own name, nearly lost amidst the full solid weight of Mickey barreling into her like a freight train.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe it, I thought you’d never make it back!” Mickey half-laughs, half-shouts into her ear. His arms wind snugly around her, a pair of friendly boa constrictors squeezing her in happiness. Rose hugs him back just as tightly, barely managing to blink back tears; she didn’t expect to cry right now, but god, it just feels so comfortable and warm, and it’s been so long since anyone hugged her.

“The Doctor said all the links were severed when you when through the mirror,” Mickey continues. “He said it was impossible, he said—”

Suddenly Mickey steps back, his nose scrunched in confusion. “Hang on,” he says, holding Rose at arms’ length while he looks her up and down, eyes traveling over her coiffed hair, her heavy silken gown. “Wow. You look different.”

“Wow,” Rose teases. “You don’t.”

“Well, it’s only been a few hours for me—what about you?”

“About six months.”

Mickey’s face darkens, his eyes flickering over to the Doctor. “Six months?”

“Yep, looks like my calculations were a bit off,” the Doctor says, his voice tight as he breezes past them up the ramp. He rounds the console, tossing a switch here, a lever there. “Well, to be fair, it’s less to do with my calculations, more to do with an unstable time window—difficult to predict, those, especially when they’re in such a sad state of disrepair. But luckily for us,” he says, and his gaze very carefully avoids Rose at that last word, “there was a loose connection.”

The TARDIS shudders around them as it dematerializes, and Rose closes her eyes at the sound of the time rotor grinding, the still-familiar vworp-vworp noise and the soft and gentle buzz-hum underneath. She places a hand against a coral strut, relishing the sandpaper-roughness beneath her fingers, and this time she doesn’t fight the tear that trickles down her cheek. It’s as if a hole was gnawing away in her chest over the last half-year, no matter how she tried to ignore it, but now it’s filling in again. Good grief, but she’s missed these sounds, this place.

“So that’s that,” the Doctor says, as if it’s final, somehow. Rose opens her eyes to find him galloping down the ramp, striding out of the console room. “End of one chapter, beginning of another. Welcome back to the TARDIS!” the Doctor shouts over his shoulder.

And just like that, he’s gone.

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3 am Showers

pairing: Steve Rogers x reader

summary: your next door neighbor won’t stop taking loud showers at 3 am, and you finally get fed up enough to say something. But its just your luck that it turns out to be an avenger

warnings: none

It was like clockwork every night, the person in the apartment next door would take a long shower at 3 am and drop everything they possibly could. You didn’t know if they were just a class A klutz, or if they were purposely trying to wake everyone up in the damn building. Occasionally you could hear them singing along to whatever music was playing in their bathroom as well. Although you hadn’t met the man living there, you saw the luxurious furniture the movers brought in just a few months prior when he first moved there. You were lucky enough that your parents owned the apartment before you did, or else the rent would have been through the roof. Being pretty close to times square, you knew it could be anyone from a college student with rich parents or a celebrity that had moved in next door.

So instead out out-right confronting the person next door in fear of whoever it was living there; you tried everything from banging on the wall while they were showering, to dropping your own things while they were doing the same next door. Nothing worked. But you were damned if you let this 3 am shower thing go on for any longer. So instead of making yourself look decent, you stomped right over to your neighbor’s apartment once you heard the shower shut off. Considering the fact that it was the middle of the night, you didn’t bother changing from your tee shirt and workout shorts. So it was an interesting picture of you angrily walking towards your neighbor’s front door, and with the messiest hair possible.

After a few sturdy raps on the wooden door, it swung open. As soon as you saw your neighbor standing there, you regretted coming over looking as crazy as you did.

Steve Rogers stood there, towel clinging onto his hips for dear life, and nothing else on him but droplets of water from the shower. He had a few scrapes on his chest, and a small bruise on the left side of his face. It took a moment to remember why you were there in the first place, but then you hardened your face, “Listen, I think it’s great you’re an avenger, but you need to stop showering at 3 am.” You said and pretended to rub your face from being sleepy, but you were really trying not to look at his abs. He seemed shocked that you were standing in front of him, but it quickly turned to laughter from the man in front of you. “Why are you laughing?” You practically growled back at him.

“Sorry,” Steve had just a smile left on his face, “I’ve never actually had anyone besides the team tell me what to do, everyone just tiptoes.” He paused for a moment, “Do you want to come in, and maybe have some tea? I can explain all the noise while we’re at it.” Something about the offer from Steve Rogers was too good to ever turn down.

You hesitated for a moment out of politeness, but it was not like you were going to be able to get any more sleep once you returned to your own apartment. So you nodded, “Sure.” Steve let you in, and you sat on the leather couch in the front while you waited for him to get dressed. As you waited, you looked around at the simplistic apartment that he lived in. Everything was dark mahogany wood apart from the TV and kitchen appliances, and it seemed to fit him for some odd reason. Steve reappeared rather fast, and was now wearing basketball shorts and a loose tank-top. You had to admit, all you could think about was how hot he looked when he came and sat down next to you on the couch.

“So what is the problem, Miss neighbor?” Steve asked with a hint of sarcasm in his voice, which seemed like a rare thing for spangly-pants Captain America. You’d only ever seen interviews of his on tv, and it kind of felt like a dream sitting in front of him in his own apartment at that moment. But you were still there for a purpose.

You sat up straight and hugged your knees to your chest, attempting to get comfortable, “Well, I enjoy my sleep and you tend to always wake me up.” You paused, and tilted your head, “Do you even know how much stuff you drop?”

Steve let out a hearty laugh once again, which made you smile as well. He lifted his head back up, “I’m sorry I’m little shaky when I get home from training, Natasha tends to kick my ass full size. Our training tends to run a little late when we have a mission coming up.”  You yawned while you nodded, letting him know you were listening. “I’ve seen you around here, why haven’t you said anything before?”

You perked up, “Well I had been trying other methods but they didn’t really work, but I’ve been a little curious as to who lived over here.” You said with a faint smile still on your face. It was good that you got your thoughts out, and you hoped that Steve would chill with the late showers now. You couldn’t help but notice how similar the layout of Steve’s apartment was to yours, except his was way more cleaner than yours. It also made you wonder why he didn’t have his apartment in the avengers tower like the rest of them. But, you didn’t want to stay past your welcome, “I think it’s past my bedtime, it was nice meeting you Steve.”

So with those thoughts in mind you made your way towards the front door, but Steve’s hand caught your elbow before you could leave, “Hey, maybe I can take you to dinner to make up for all the times I disturbed your sleep,” he stuttered for a moment, “Or maybe even to meet the Avengers.” Steve looked at you with hope in his eyes. It was rare for him to ever ask anyone out, and you knew this was his special way of doing so.

“That’d be nice, Steve Rogers.” You did a mock salute, which earned a hearty laugh from him. Turning away on your heel, you headed back to your own apartment, but before you got inside you yelled out, “I can’t wait to meet Black Widow!”


Today (yesterday already as of my timezone) at my poke Moon game I found a shiny Alolan Meowth - on xmas day - & also yes, on route 2 which near where Guzma’s parents’ home is!!  8DDD


I care. There, I said it. I know we’re playing this who cares less game but there, it’s real, in writing, that I care for you and I always did. I always care. I found a cat in my backyard the other day without a collar or tags and when he left, I stayed up half the night hoping he made it back home. I saw a girl crying at the train station when I tried doing everything I could to get away from you, and I’ll never see her again, but I still think of her some days. I saw someone sawing down a tree and I wondered how many critters died. I caught a butterfly and regretted taking it away from its home. So when I say I care about you, I hope you never doubt me. I’ll always pick up the phone if you call me at 3 a.m. crying. I’ll wipe your tears until there’s nothing left. I will love you through this pain. I won’t pretend it doesn’t hurt when you’re away. Because I care. I CARE. I care too much, but I am not ashamed anymore. I will scream it from this end of the earth to the next dimension. When you’re off with her. When you're with your new friends. When you leave me for them, I will care. I will care. I will always care.
—  Caring is my default emotion
Juice boxes and All Might onesies

AU: Kids / Single Parent / Daycare 

Bakugou and Todoroki are kids; 
Kirishima and Midoriya are parents; 
Kaminari and Momo are daycare teachers(?)

  • Baku is Kirishima’s son 
  • Todo is Deku’s son (legally speaking)
  • Kirishima has a crush on Deku, Shouto has a crush on Baku 
  • Baku thinks Deku is stealing his dad away so doesn’t like him as much. 

I regret nothing (probs will when I wake up, it’s 3.am). 

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So I watched B99...

Okay guys I need to rant about Brooklyn Nine-Nine or else I will explode and choke on all my feelings!
I discovered this amazing show only a week ago when I was on Netflix searching for a new series to watch and Netflix (Germany) recently uploaded the 3rd season so I thought I would give it a go. Long story short: I almost completely neglected my uni work and watched all 3 seasons in 4 days and searched the whole internet until I found season four and the first episodes of season 5 and watched it in one day. (I regret nothing!)
So yes, I am totally obsessed with this show and therefore I need to talk about what I love about it!
Just so you know, it is quite long (even though I tried to keep it short) so consider yourself warned.
(also: English is not my native tongue so if you find any mistakes – keep them :D)

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anonymous asked:

Oh really, what were some of your faves?

Hey Anon! I’m gonna assume you’re talking about this post about Critical Role Modern AUs and go on a mini rant about my faves… Buckle in, ‘cuz here we go!

((Disclaimer: After the first one these are in no particular order. I love them all.)

My current favorite is AFK: a critrole MMO AUby Shippeh ( @shippeh ), which is basically everyone playing a fantasy MMO together as a guild, which Percy is late to the party for but he brings the DPS and wealth and it’s absolutely lovely. Based on the title and summary I was expecting largely chat conversations, but that changes quickly, and the gang even comes together for a Comic Con adventure after a little while, meeting each other irl! ^_^ It’s got hints of angst so far, so much Vax and Vex (faves), and also a slow-burn Perc’ahlia (also fave) that just reared it’s beautiful head in this most recent chapter. Would definitely recommend! 

Next up would have to be Shut Up and Take My Moneyby Attlia ( @attilarrific ), an AU where Vox Machina are basically criminals who hide their suspect activity with day jobs as the owners of a coffee shop. …Except it’s actually a pretty popular coffee shop and when Vex needs help running it she finds Jarett and employs him on the spot. I won’t spoil more of the fic, but it’s a really sweet Vex’ahlia/Jarett fic, complete with fluff, whump, and crazy-ass cappuccino machines, courtesy of Percy. 

These are followed by a gorgeous collection, Life is No Cabaret, by AngelWithAStory ( @queenmoggy ), which is a series of shorter snapshots featuring LGBTQA+ Vox Machina (not Polymachina, but covers quite a bit of the rainbow spectrum). There’s a whole Briarwoods arc, Pike whump, with her death reimagined in a modern setting, and even a beach episode! (yes, there are happy chapters). It’s currently got 18 chapters, but a new one comes along every so often. 

Right on the heels of that is Neighbors, by BBCotaku ( @bbcotaku ), in which the twins move into an apartment complex land-lorded by a blind Matthew Mercer, a concept I had never considered before reading the fic, but that I have come to thoroughly enjoy. ^_^ It’s more of a cohesive fic than Cabaret above, and features a Percy who makes things explode, Kash and Zahra as tattoo artists, and amusing prank shenanigans in the most recent chapter. Very fun! 

And then there’s Advanced Book (And Heart) Stealing, also by Attila, which features Drake, Allura, and Kima in Grad School all working on their theses - Drake is best friend, Allura and Kima are stressed and also totally in love, and it’s less than 3,000 words, so you have no excuse not to read. 

Then last, but certainly not least is the series do you still believe in love i wonder, by mischief7manager. It’s a set of modern AU oneshots set in the same universe, but no particular order, featuring more Perc’ahlia, Vaxleth that morphs into Vaxlethore (Gileth’ildan? Vaxilmoreleth? one of those…), and Percy/Keyleth friendship (something I’m ridiculously weak for). It’s a wonderful collection that’s currently got six parts, potentially more in the future, and is one I’m happy to recommend! 

That’s most of my favorites, plus here’s a few honorable mentions: 

Warm Enough, by cinderfell ( @cassiederolo ) for the Perc’ahlia Festival of Happiness as a gift to me - features Perc’ahlia getting locked out in the snow, is very fluffy ^_^

so full of shapes is fancy, also by mischief7manager, a sweet Shakespeare performance AU of the Twelfth Night, which is also Perc’ahlia (i’m weak). It’s very cute, and there is fluff.

The Turnabout Role, by lightinthedarkness, which is a nice, mildly angsty, Perc’ildan fic with Ace Attorney AU elements (Ace Attorney is a trial game where they shout “Objection!” a lot and miraculously solve the case at the last minute in the courtroom). I only just found this as I went back through the entire Critical Role (Web Series) tag on AO3, and it’s long but it moves quickly. It also had whump, but ends happy, so ^_^ 

Yeah, that’s all I could think of off the top of my head (but there are more - lots more - go read them), so thanks Anon for asking! 

Honestly, I never thought I’ll be so hooked on a horror show like The Exorcist but here I am. And I regret nothing. This show is so goddamn good.And all the characters are amazing and so easy to fall in love with. And none of them are perfect,they have flaws and make dumb decisions and pay for it.There’s plenty of diversity to go around. And the priests not only struggle with the exorcisms but with themselves (including their sexuality) and also with their faith.Religion is not made fun of but its also not shoved down our throats as the ultimate truth or whatever.John Cho is in Season 2 and plays a foster dad to a bunch of kids. One of them is blind, one of them is on the spectrum,one of them is gay and one of them is religious.And he takes care of them according to their needs and its amazing to see.The build up is awesome and you just wanna’ watch more and more of it.And basically, JUST GO AND WATCH THE EXORCIST ALREADY because its honestly so worth it.

Hey followers and non followers alike!
Walt Disney Confessions is searching for a new moderator!

We are looking for the following requirements:

1. Be ready available on skype, for skype chat. We will not video/audio chat at all, only through the skype chat option will we communicate. This is how I will explain the rules to you. You don’t have to be on skype all the time but at least somewhat available. 
2. Already have skills at editing photos on photoshop, GIMP, or any other photo editor & be able to download fonts. For example, I use psDisney (a tumblr blog) for the coloring. Here’s an example of edited photos, although it doesn’t have to look exactly like this:

3. Be available to make about 8+ confessions per day, or 56+ per week.  Confessions take about 2 minutes to make so that’s about 15 minutes per day to make confessions so that’s not really much out of your day.  

If you’re interested, please send 3 sample confessions to zukoshonor@hotmail.com :) Confessions are 500 x 300 px, and have the “waltdisneyconfessions@tumblr” logo on them in Times New Roman, size 11. The confession font is rough typewriter bold. Here are examples, or you can make up your own:

1.Trigger Warning: I spent my early teens trying to find my perfect Prince, and when I turned 17 I thought I had. He looked so much like Prince Phillip, and I was head over heels. One night at a friends house he sexually assaulted me up stairs and videtaped it, spreading it around and pretending like nothing ever happened. I no longer talk to him, and I can no longer watch Sleeping Beauty.

2. National Treasure is my all time favorite Disney movie. After watching it and its sequel countless times, I finally realized just how much I loved history and decided to switch my major in college. I have never once regretted this decision

3. The last time I’ve been to Disneyland was with my ex-boyfriend. Now every time I see something Disney related, I am reminded of the memories we’ve shared there and the bravery it took me to hold his hand in public since I’m a gay guy. But it hurts because it reminds me of him. I want to go back again with friends to create new memories to replace the hurt with happiness

(obviously do not copy the images we already used)

Thank you so much! Even if you are not interested, please REBLOG! :)

The war between our love (Loki x Reader) Chapter Eight: Numb

Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

Note: Angst, sadness

Words: 1730 

Numb. Loki felt numb as he sat just outside the healing chamber while Odin barked at him for getting another woman pregnant. (Y/N)’s parents were outraged, but they wouldn’t allow Loki to get a single word into the conversation, well more of an argument. “That’s it. This marriage shall be annulled!” (Y/N)’s father exclaims as Loki winced looking down to the floor while clenching his fists. “Will you please listen to me!” Loki cried as her mother shook her head angrily. “How could you do this to our daughter?” (Y/N)’s mother spat as Loki covered his face trying not to lash out. Odin had his arms crossed waiting for an explanation himself.

“First of all I would never sleep with someone I didn’t care for. I’ve never seen that woman in my life. I meant it when I said I wanted your daughter to be comfortable with me before we went any further in our relationship. And second off I have never laid down with anyone other than your daughter!” Loki exclaimed as they glared at him. “You do not believe me… Of course you don’t.” He sighed covering his face. “You are the God of lies.” (Y/N)’s mother said softly as Loki gritted his teeth. “Loki, return to your room while I talk to them.” Odin said in a dark voice. “No, not until I’ve seen (Y/N).” Loki said glaring to his father.

“You’ve lost that privilege.” (Y/N)’s father said as Loki looked to him. “We are taking our daughter home tomorrow.” He said as her mother nodded. “Until the baby is proven not to be yours.” She whispered as Loki felt two hands on his arms when he looked to see Guards. “Take him to his room.” Odin said as Loki’s eyes widened before they dragged him off. “This is a trick! This isn’t real!” Loki exclaims struggling as he fought against the guards. Loki felt tears welling in his eyes at the thought of losing her, she was the last one of his kind. He couldn’t lose her. The guards forced Loki into his room before shutting the door as he slammed his fists against it.

“I… I can’t lose her.” He whispered angrily feeling his heart thumping loudly inside his throat before he ripped away from the door. He had to think of something, but what? How could he convince (Y/N)’s parents that the woman is a liar? Why would someone come and do this? Loki gritted his teeth as he paced the room almost pulling out his own hair from frustration. He hated it, something good finally happens in his life only for it to come crashing down around him and for once it actually wasn’t his fault. He’d be damned for the rest of his life. He let out a shaky sigh before sitting down at the edge of the bed with his face in his hands.

(Y/N) felt numb as she sat in the healing chamber just hearing that woman exclaim how she had Loki’s child nested inside her. She wanted to believe it wasn’t true, Loki just didn’t seem like the type to show his body to just anyone. That night that they shared their bodies together he seemed so reluctant to take off his clothing. Still there was a sharp jabbing sensation that was plaguing her heart when she heard knocking at the door. She looked up to see her parents standing there as they immediately ran over to her. “Oh my baby!” Her mother sobbed hugging her tightly as (Y/N) held her back feeling sick to her stomach.

“Do not worry my babygirl, you shall never see that wretched man again. This marriage is over and you are going back to the palace tomorrow.” Her father declared. About two weeks ago (Y/N) would have been more than happy to leave this place, and Loki. Though something felt sharper in her stomach at those words when she looked up to them. “But.. I..” She stuttered softly. “No buts, we should never have let you marry this man.” Her mother said as (Y/N) gritted her teeth softly, just yesterday morning she was fawning over Loki and now she despised him.

“I don’t want to leave.” (Y/N) whispered softly as her parents looked to her in shock. “You want to stay with a man who has deflowered another?” Her mother demanded. “Do you know for certain that she is telling the truth? That this woman is, in fact, having Loki’s child?” (Y/N) demanded. Part of her didn’t understand why she was defending Loki with parts of her believing this to be true. “You will speak not another word of it. Until we find out you are going back to the palace. Do you hear me young Lady?” Her father spat as (Y/N) flinched looking down in tears. “We will get your things out of your room tonight. Rest. That woman will not attack you.” He said.

(Y/N) nods looking away as she pulled the cover over her face when her lungs felt like they were burning from the lack of oxygen. “Rest well.” Her mother whispered placing a hand onto her forehead before walking out with her father as the door closed. (Y/N) let out a trembling breath before she sat up feeling something in the room when she saw an image of Loki standing in front of her. “What are you doing here?” She asked harsher than she meant to as his jaw clenched. “You believe it to be true as well.” He whispered gently as she looked up to him. “What am I supposed to think Loki? Neither of us wanted this marriage at first..” She whispered.

“That doesn’t mean I would bed another!” Loki snapped making her flinch as tears poured down her face when he covered his mouth. “I-I am sorry, but I would never.. It took a lot of courage to make love to you… You were my first.” He said looking at her with a pained expression. “I… I just… we can’t fight this.” She whispered as he grits his teeth gently. “I am to leave tomorrow for my home kingdom.” She explained as Loki looked defeated. “So that’s just it?” He asked as she looked at him. “These past few weeks mean nothing to you now?” He asked angrily. “Loki–” She started before sighing. “Their my parents.” She said as if that answered his question.

“You always do what they tell you? If they told you to slaughter a village would you?” He asked as she glared to him. “That’s not the same thing!” She snapped back. “No, it just proves that you bend to their will! You don’t decide things for yourself!” He growled angrily. “And here I thought I married a woman, not a child.” He spat as (Y/N) threw a pillow at his image. “Why don’t you go back to your whore then!” She exclaimed. “BECAUSE I WANT YOU!!” Loki said as the images shifted from the force of his anger when she went silent. They both were quiet when she looked up to him in tears. “I… I want you too, but… until this is cleared up we can do nothing.” She whispered.

Suddenly there was banging on his door. “It is probably my father.” He whispered. “I must go..” He spoke softly before making the image disappear when the door ripped open. “You damned us all!” Odin spat with Thor standing behind him as Loki looked up to his father. “I didn’t do anything. If you’d believe me–” Loki said when Odin stormed closer about to strike Loki when Thor stopped him. “Enough, this isn’t the fault of Loki’s. Until it is proven that she bares his child you with not speak another word of Loki damning anything.” Thor said as Odin glared to him. Odin growled before he shoved Loki who stumbled back into the wall with a hard crack.

Odin stormed out as Loki hissed holding his throbbing head as Thor immediately came to his aid wiping the blood from his nose. “Do you believe that the woman is right?” Loki asked softly. “By the gods no, she isn’t beautiful at all. You may be the God of lies but even you have standards.” He said when suddenly they both fell into a fit of laughter. “I never would have thought to hear those words for you Thor.” Loki said as Thor helped him onto the bed. “Don’t worry brother, we will figure this out together.” Thor smiles as Loki smiles softly back to him. “Thank you..” Loki whispered softly as Thor nods standing up examining his head. “No blood, you’re okay.” He said.

Loki nods before he lays his head onto the pillow looking dull as Thor sat on the edge of the bed. “Do not fret brother. This woman isn’t baring your child so when the baby is born you will be back with Lady (Y/N) again.” Thor said patting his arm. “But Thor, that is in how every many months. What if they make her marry another? Thor… She is a Frost Giant.” He whispered as Thor’s eyes widened. “I can’t… I can’t lose her.” He whispered when Thor sighed. “There isn’t much we can do Brother. Her parents control her. She has no say in anything she does.” He said as Loki nods when Thor stood up. “Try and sleep brother.” He said walking out, but sleep was the last night on Loki’s mind.

In the morning all of (Y/N)’s things were removed from his room as they were placed into the carriage when Loki stood beside Odin and Thor. He watched as (Y/N) struggled to fight her parents before she looked to Loki who looked away. They were both fighting tears at this point when she was placed onto one of the horses as she locked eyes with Loki one last time. “Come (Y/N).” Her father said as they started off towards the portal. “I love you…” (Y/N) mouthed in tears to Loki who mouthed it back before she started off after her parents leaving Asgard and all the people she grew to know behind when a sharp ache in Loki’s chest began to bloom.

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Author’s Note: Sorry it took so long! I refuse to apologize for this chapter! It was my favorite! :3