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How to make sentences in Korean! [CORRECTED]

Sentences in English go in the order: Subject, Object, Verb.

Korean sentences go in the order:

1. Subject + Noun = 나는 의사다 (I’m a doctor)

2. Subject + Verb = 나는 공부하고 있다 (I’m studying)

3. Subject + Adjective = 날씨가 좋다 (The weather is nice)

4. Subject + Object + Verb = 나는 한국어를 공부해요 (I study Korean)

~고 있다 = “(I am)   ~ing”.

~있었다 = past tense form of “있다



1. any slow moving creature.

2. also called bear animalcule, water bear: any microscopic, chiefly herbivorous invertebrate of the phylum Tardigrada, living in water, on mosses, lichens, etc.


3. slow in pace or movement.

4. belonging or pertaining to the phylum Tardigrada.

Etymology: via Latin tardigradus, from tardus (sluggish) + gradī (to walk).

[Kate O’Hara - Robo Tortoise]

How to make adverbs in French

Like in English, French adjectives can become adverbs. 

And like most grammar in French, it’s full of exceptions :)

1. Masculine adjectives ending with a vowel

Simply add -ment to the adjective to transform it into an adverb


Vrai - Vraiment

Facile - Facilement

Simple - Simplement

2. Masculine adjectives ending with a consonant

Add -ment to the feminine form of the adjective to transform it into an adverb


Réel - Réellement

Froid - Froidement

Silencieux - Silencieusement

3. Masculine adjectives ending with -ant/-ent

Replace the ending of the adjective with -amment/-emment to create an adverb


Constant - Constamment

Différent - Différemment

Courant - Couramment

EXCEPTION: Lent follows the second rule and becomes lentement

4. Adverbs formed with -ément

Some adjectives ending with -orme, -un, -ense, -is, and -us don’t follow the previous rules, and require adding -ément to become adverbs


Précis - Précisément

Conforme - Conformément

Commun - Communément

EXCEPTION: Some adjectives with other endings also follow this rule


Aveugle - Aveuglément*

Profond - Profondément

Commode - Commodément

Obscur - Obscurément

*Aveuglement without the é is a noun

5. Irregular adverbs with -ment

Some adjectives don’t follow any particular rules and require memorization


Gentil - Gentiment

Bref - Brièvement

Gai - Gaiement/Gaiment/Gaîment*

Grave - Gravement/Grièvement

Impuni - Impunément

*Gaîment is the old spelling and is rarely used nowadays

6. Other adverbs

Some adjectives change completely when becoming adverbs


Bon - Bien

Mauvais - Mal

Petit - Peu

Meilleur - Mieux

word of the day (#3)


adjective /ˈɒn.ɪst/

telling the truth or able to be trusted and not likely to steal, cheat, or lie

Here is the thing.

Hopper knows he fucked up when it comes to the kid. The Wheeler boy may have taught her a bad habit or two (or twenty) but his lesson on lying was a good one. So, yeah, Hopper shouldn’t have lied to her. Or break his promise. His mistake, okay. He wasn’t exactly ready to jump back into fatherhood, not after Sarah, not after everything. Especially not with the kind of kid Eleven is. (One of a kind.)

Still, if he’s going to do this – properly, this time – he needs to do it well. Which involves some self-reflection, and. Let’s just say he’s not too great at those. Okay, he sucks at those. But he’s trying to improve and, yeah, that has to count for something.

So the leading her on and making promises he can’t keep?

Yeah, let’s just say he needs to cut those. Like, immediately.

She’s already getting restless from too much cabin fever, and he doesn’t want a Chicago, round two. Round one was already too painful as it is. Not to mention she still won’t talk about what happened. It drives him bonkers. Just a little. A fucking lot.

He sits her down after breakfast, smudges of chocolate around her mouth and hair in front of her eyes. He asked if she wanted to cut it, just a fringe, but she refused. Even started crying. He knows better than to address the issue again. Instead, he got her new clothes and – well, Joyce and that Nancy girl got her new clothes. Bless the women in his life. Thanks to them, now the girl has age-appropriate style-appropriate clothes, even if she still favours flannel and jeans. It suits her, more than the punk style.

“Okay, kid. Let’s talk.”

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How I imagine the post concert chaos should’ve went down:

CHOICES, THE FRESHMAN: BOOK 3 CONFLICT with Kaitlyn Liao, reimagined~

A/N: Please know that I am an illustrator, and really good at it but not so much as a writer. I may be a visual person but it doesn’t translate well with words apparently. I wanted to make this into a comic but it might take me forever. Anyway, don’t have a beta so my messy grammar might be too painful. Still, enjoy!

After Zig threw the punch, other attendees began a scuffle amongst themselves too and soon enough the mosh pit is thrown into disarray. I tried to keep my balance as I scurry away from this whole mess, which was almost impossible when people are shoved against you. I managed to get halfway towards the exit when I hear Kaitlyn’s attempt at calming the crowd. I struggle to turn myself and get a look at the stage, to see how Kaitlyn and her band have been faring, and thankfully she is facing my direction. I wave both my hands to hopefully get her attention and I think it worked because her eyes widen briefly before anxiousness overtakes her features. I’m not really sure how she managed that, “Maybe it’s because of what I’m wearing? Or she just has penchant for detecting where I am…” I mused.

I angle my left arm pointing towards the exit and she nods in understanding. I wanted to give her a smile (which probably was one of the strangest things to do at the moment and she likely won’t get to see it in this commotion anyway), instead my face contorts into a grimace when a hand forcefully shoves me from behind. I stumble forward and after my poor attempt at keeping my balance, I make contact with the floor on my knees but prevented myself from falling further by planting both arms on the ground.

The whole experience knocked the wind out of me and it was extremely difficult to reorient myself when my vulnerable form is being pushed and stepped on, so I remained on the ground. After awhile, a feel someone yank me up by my bicep. “MC! You’ll be fine, I’m right here.” I recognize Zig’s voice. Feeling a little light-headed, I mostly focused on keeping myself upright that I couldn’t bother responding to him. He stays on my side while holding me by my shoulders, sort of encasing me in his arms. “Let’s get out of here.” He says while he guides me out the exit.

Only when we finally got out and a safe distance away from the venue did Zig release his hold on me. I muster a small smile at him before leaning on a wall. I massaged my temples and released a heavy sigh, Zig wordlessly eyeing me from a few steps away. After regaining my bearings, I broke the silence between us, “Tonight went to hell fast, oh my god, Kait’s probably—“

“MC!!!” Kaitlyn shouts as she runs toward us from the exit, looking frantic. “I’ve been looking for you! I saw you fall and shit, I was so scared something terrible happened to you!”

Relieved to see her relatively unharmed, I gave her a tired grin. “I’m fine.” She raises an eyebrow. “Okay, I’m not fine.”

She holds me by my arms, her eyes scanning me for any horrible injury I might have gotten before pulling me into a hug. She abruptly pulls away before I could return the embrace, her hands now resting on my shoulders. “I… I went into the mosh pit to look for you but you weren’t there anymore when I arrived. I ran into Zack and he told me you were led outside by…” she trails off, then turns to look at Zig and narrows her eyes, “that guy.”

“Kaitlyn…” I whisper. It doesn’t deter her attention from Zig.

“You started this whole mess! Our concert was ruined, and we’ll likely be blacklisted from this venue. Not to mention, my girlfriend got hurt” she motions to me, then turns to fully face him and raises both her arms dramatically “because you just haaaad to punch the guy.” The anger was clearly lacing each of her words and it unnerved me, I’ve never seen her so angry.

Zig looked taken aback for a moment before his face morphs into a scowl. “Hey! That guy happened to get rough with your girlfriend! I was only protecting her.” He responds, bordering on a shout.

“So you punch him right then and there? Didn’t anyone teach you conflicts can be solved without resorting to violence?!” Kaitlyn retorts, her own voice dangerously rising.

I didn’t want this escalating further, so before Zig could respond I stood between them with my body facing Kaitlyn. “Enough. It was just an accident, Kait. Don’t blame Zig for trying to look out for me.”

“Are you being fucking serious right now, MC?!” She practically screams at my face. “Even after all this, you still take his side?!!”

“I’m not taking his side, Kaitlyn.” I answer too fast to my own liking. “No one wanted this to happen, okay? Just calm down and not take this all on Zig!”

“So who do you want me to blame? You?!! Because you’re this guy’s friend so by extension, you are at fault?? Do I rationalize it as your way of getting back at me for not spending time with our roommates?!” She challenges.

“What, NO! That sounds petty… and stupid.” I choke out. She rolls her eyes. “Exactly. The most logical person to blame here is him.”

“He acted before he thought it through. Cut him some slack.” I spoke softly. Kaitlyn suddenly glares at me “Why are you still defending him?!”

“Because you’re being unreasonable and she’s a good friend” Zig suddenly speaks up, and I am reminded he was actually there with us.

“I’m being unreasonable, really? And what is with this guy, why does he always throw himself at you every chance he gets?” Kaitlyn narrows her eyes on both of us. Is she jealous… again?

“He i-isn’t! He’s just new here and he just needs a friend.” I stumble over my response and mentally kick myself for it, because to Kaitlyn I probably sound like I’m hiding an affair but I’m just bewildered she even brought up Zig’s tendency to pseudo-flirt with me.

“And you are such a darling huh, befriending everyone you find attractive.” She says, each word punctuated with venom. My mouth hangs agape, even Zig didn’t dare breathe a word; he looked just as shell-shocked as I was. A memory flashed through my head. /He’s hard not to notice/

I close my eyes and press my mouth in a thin line. “What the fuck, Kaitlyn?”

She backs away slightly, but continues to glower at me nonetheless. She opens her mouth to say something but I don’t let her. “And what about you and Natasha?! Who, might I remind you, was someone you were always giddy to meet every band practice… which is incidentally, almost everyday! And I didn’t assume this, you were the one who always told me how excited you were to meet her. You barely even mention Rachel or Amara, goddamnit”

Surprisingly, Kaitlyn’s scowl never wavered one bit. “I was excited because of the original song lyrics and arrangements she wrote! She also tries to teach me how to play a guitar and I’m interested in learning. I love being in a band, MC… not being with Natasha!!”

“Oh, so you get angry at me for indirectly accusing you of cheating but you’re fine with assuming the worst with Zig and I?!” At the mention of his name, Zig steps back. “When I’ve always made it clear to him that I’m exclusively yours whether our roommates are around or not. But of course you wouldn’t know that because you’re barely around, huh?”

Kaitlyn is still understandably seething but she abruptly turns and begins to walk away. I quickly grab her sleeve, “Hey! Why are you walking away?”

She breaks free from my grip, never turning to look at me. “I need some space.” She says, in her normal speaking volume but she’s clearly still angry.

“Are you fucking breaking up with me now?” I retort without thinking. She turns around, her face still contorted to a scowl but she seems… tired. “I did not say that, MC. Oh my God, I just need space to sort out my feelings!” She doesn’t wait for my reply and quickly stalks off. 

I just stood there, livid, while Zig was completely silent a few feet away. A few beats later my anger subsided, but it was replaced by misery. Replaying the earlier scene in my head over and over, I cover my eyes as tears roll down my cheeks. I realized how poorly I handled tonight’s events. I hear Zig’s nearing footsteps but he stops at a good distance, careful not to get too near. “Tonight really went to hell fast.” He whispers. 

I can’t help but silently agree.

And then Tyler, Abbie and Zack arrive! And of course the events at the bar and the sleepover with Becca still happen. But yeah, I wish it happened this way where Kait wasn’t made to be a complete shallow bitch? I sure as hell know she isn’t THAT petty, and I don’t say that coz I like her lol

Book 3 had good build up with the jealousy path because whether you entertain Zig’s advances or not, he’s mostly flirty so Kaitlyn can take it the wrong way either way. And of course there’s the “omg Kaitlyn is spending way too much time with the band, and of course, NATASHA” for MC’s side.

Their lesson here would be mutual trust, I guess? Also as for those whose LI isn’t Kaitlyn, just replace the dialogue with concerned bestfriend lines like “Bitch your grades are dropping, you hang around too much with those Bad Influencers™ and Kait will go into her rebellious mode and just be Angery™ at MC’s clinginess. Just not, blame her for what happened at the pit?? James and Chris were understandably unreasonable during Book 3 but Kaitlyn was just… over the top unreasonable.

I have found the most cursed ITH review…

Hahaha fuck millenials who aren’t able to drop hundreds of dollars on theater tickets amiright???



I’m not even surprised by Daniela’s description tbh… but CARLA?? FEISTY?? IS THAT THE ONLY ADJECTIVE YOU COULD THINK OF??

Like I guess Benny is hot, wouldn’t be one of the 3 first adjectives I’d use but… IF SONNY HAS PUPPY DOG ADMIRATION FOR ANYONE IT’S NINA NOT USNAVI FFS

Vanessa is the only true description, thank God.

Inspired by this vocab post by pycckuu

Nouns are written in nominative singular and the genitive singular declension form, the gender is in the brackets. The verbs are written in first person singular indicative present active voice. The adjectives are written in their masculine form and feminine and neuter endings. The words are sorted by category in English, that’s why there are a few nouns among the adjectives. 


aurora, -ae (f) – dawn

amicitia, -ae (f) – friendship

amor (m) – love  

ars, artis (f) – art

basium, -i (n)⎟suavium, -i (n)⎟osculum, -i (n) – kiss

campus, -i (m) – field, meadow

caelum, -is – sky, heaven

futurus, -a, -um (m/f/n) – future

gaudium, -i (n) – joy

gena, -ae (f) – cheek

lux, lucis (f) – light

lux solis – sunlight

luna, -ae (f) – moon

mundus, -i (m) – world

natura, -ae (f) – nature

 nomen, nominis (n) – name

nubes, -is (f) – cloud

oculus, -i (m) – eye

Oceanus, -i (m) – ocean

pax, pacis – peace

nascentia, -ae (f) – birth

cutis, -is (f) – skin

poetria, -ae (f) – poetry

risus, -us (m) – laughter

sol, solis (m) – sun

 subrisus, -a, -um (m/f/n) – smile

sperantia, -ae (f) – hope

astrum, -i (n)⎟stella, -ae (f) – star

terra, -ae (f) – Earth

humanitas, -itatis (f) – humanity

homo, hominis (m) – human

universum, -i (n) – universe

vita, -ae – life


amo, 1 – to love

basio, 1 – to kiss

spendeo, 2 – to shine brightly

nascor, 3 (dep.) – to be born

imparo, 1⎟disco, 3 – to learn

in amorem incido, 3 – to fall in love

rideo, 2 – to laugh

scintillo, 1 –  to sparkle

subrideo, 2 – to smile

eviglio, 1 – to wake up

tango, 3 – to touch

vivo, 3 – to live


amicus, -a, -um – friendly

bonus, -a, -um – good

astrilucus, -a, -um – shining

contentus, -a, -um⎟felix, felicis (m/f/n) – happy

curiosus, -a, -um – curious

delicatus, -a, -um – delicate

generosus, -a, -um – generous

aequanimus, -a, -um - kind 

mitificus, -a, -um⎟levis, -e – gentle

teres, teretis (m/f/n) – smooth

scintillatio, scintillationis (f) – sparkling

fracidus, -a, -um – soft

candens, candentis (m/f/n) – glowing

honestus, -a, -um – honest

tranquillus, -a, -um – calm

Disclaimer! I have searched most of these words online and tried tracing them through words in modern romance languages, therefore there may be some odd or incorrect vocabulary. (I think there’s some really specific vocab that may not apply to all kinds of things) I tried to be as source critic as possible but maybe somethings slipped through. I’ve found the words through wiktionary.org and perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/definitionlookup 



[dil-i-tahnt, dil-i-tahnt, -tahn-tey, -tan-tee] 

1. a person who takes up an art, activity, or subject merely for amusement, especially in a desultory or superficial way; dabbler.

2. a lover of an art or science, especially of a fine art.


3. of or relating to dilettantes.

1725-1735; Dilettante comes from the present participle of Italian delittare, “to delight,” from Latin delectare, “to delight,” frequentative of delicere, “to allure,” from de- + lacere, “to entice.”

“His writings, which began as a schoolboy’s jottings for the amusement of classmates, continued into adulthood, although he describes his youthful work as the musings of a dilettante.”
- David Gonzalez, New York Times


oct.28 | I’m finishing off these books × my attempt to self-study Spanish aside from reading for the entrance exam. It’s so difficult since my native language has no genders, verb and adjective conjugation ;3;) but I’m trying my best >w<

song of the day : 옥상달빛 / OKDAL - 인턴 (INTERN)

All About Adjective Comparison in Polish

In Polish, there are 3 types of adjective comparison: simple, irregular, and descriptive*. Keep in mind that all adjectives keep their genderized endings (“-a” for feminine, “-y”/“-i” for masculine, “-e” for neuter, “-i” for plural masculine, “-e” for plural feminine), no matter if they’re in their positive, comparative, or superlative form.

Funny enough, the simple comparison type is the most complicated one. Don’t get scared with all the rules I’m about to show you here; I promise once you get through the 1st type, you’ll be relieved to see how simple the remaining two are.

1st type: simple (stopniowanie proste)

comparative degree

You simply add suffixes “-szy”/“-ejszy” to the adjective stem, depending on the gender and number, of course. So for masculine adjectives, it’s “-szy”/“-ejszy”, for feminine – “-sza”/“-ejsza”, etc.


> for adjective stems ending with only one consonant (consonant before a gender letter)

e.g. weak - słaby (m.) => “b” is our consonant, “y” is our gender letter (tells us the adjective is masculine and singular)

masculine: słaby -> słabszy
feminine: słaba -> słabsza
neuter: słabe -> słabsze

Of course, Polish loves irregularities, so there are a few catches.
Adjective stems ending with g, ł, n change: g->ż, ł->l, n->ń.

e.g. drogi (m.) - expensive
drogi -> droższy
miła (f.) - nice
miła -> milsza
tanie (n.) - cheap
tanie -> tańsze

If g/ł/n ends the stem and it’s proceeded by either “a” or “o”, the vowel changes into an “e”:

e.g. biały (m.) - white
biy -> bielszy
wesoła (f.) - cheerful
wesa -> weselsza

Schematically, “ą” will change into “ę” and “t” into “c”:

e.g. gorące (n.) - hot
gorące -> gorętsze


> if the stem ends with more than one consonant

e.g. serious - poważny (m.) => 2 consonants before the gender letter, so we know this adjective falls into the “-ejszy” category

fajny (m.) - cool
fajny -> fajniejszy
luźna (f.) - loose
luźna -> luźniejsza
zabawne (n.) - funny
zabawne -> zabawniejsze

Thankfully, there’s only one irregularity rule here.
Just like g/ł/n in the other suffix, “-ejszy” has three magical letters as well. They are: s, r, n that change into: s->ś, r->rz, n->ni.

e.g. mądry (m.) - smart
mądry - mądrzejszy
ładna (f.) - pretty
ładna -> ładniejsza
jasne (n.) - bright
jasne -> jaśniejsze

WATCH OUT! There are few adjectives that still apply to the first comparison group, even though their stems end in two consonants.

e.g. prosty -> prostszy
twardy -> twardszy

superlative degree

Apart from adding the adequate suffix, your adjective also needs a “naj-” prefix. This one’s pretty simple, there are no irregularities and it’s a neutral prefix for every adjective.

e.g. długi (m.) - long
długi -> dłuższy -> najdłuższy
wysoka (f.) - tall
wysoka -> wyższa -> najwyższa
stare (n.) - old
stare -> starsze -> najstarsze

2nd type: irregular (stopniowanie nieregularne)

Just like in English, there are some adjectives that have a weird comparative form. There’s no other way than just to learn them by heart, but worry not – there are only like 5 common adjectives like that.

duży -> większy -> największy
mały -> mniejszy -> najmniejszy
dobry -> lepszy -> najlepszy
zły -> gorszy -> najgorszy
lekki -> lżejszy -> najlżejszy

3rd type: descriptive (stopniowanie opisowe)

Some adjectives’ comparative and superlative forms can be created not by changing the adjectives, but by putting an extra word in front of it. What’s interesting in this type of adjective comparison is that you can use this type to create the comparative of every adjective. Sometimes, however, it won’t sound natural.

e.g. szybki (m.) - fast
it would sound natural if you said “szybki->szybszy” (1st type), but technically it is correct to use “szybki->bardziej szybki” (but it sounds weird).
There are also adjectives that would sound weird in the 1st type.
e.g. niebieski (m.) - blue
“niebieski->bardziej niebieski”(3rd type) is natural and okay, but “niebieski->niebieściejszy” (1st type) is wrong.

comparative degree

Simply put “bardziej” (more) in front of the adjective and voilà!

e.g. chciwy (m.) - greedy
chciwy -> bardziej chciwy
wygodna (f.) - comfortable
wygodna -> bardziej wygodna
zniszczone (n.) - destroyed
zniszczone -> bardziej zniszczone

superlative degree

Instead of “bardziej”, place “najbardziej” (the most) before your adjective.

e.g. chciwy -> bardziej chciwy -> najbardziej chciwy
wygodna -> bardziej wygodna -> najbardziej wygodna
zniszczone -> bardziej zniszczone -> najbardziej zniszczone

Incomparable adjectives

There are some adjectives in Polish that don’t have a comparative or superlative form. Those are all the adjectives that tell us about what something is made of and where it comes from. In colloquial Polish, however, every adjective can be compared in the 3rd form.

e.g. warszawski (m.) - from Warsaw
warszawski -> bardziej warszawski -> najbardziej warszawski
It’s not grammatically correct because a thing or a person simply can’t be more from Warsaw that something or someone else. If you hear someone say “bardziej warszawski”, though, they probably mean that the thing they’re talking about resembles/reminds them of Warsaw more than the other thing.
drewniana (f.) - wooden
Again – in colloquial Polish “bardziej drewniana lalka” would mean “more wooden doll” and someone who said it probably meant that more wood was used to make the doll than it was used to make the other thing they’re comparing the doll to.

Reverse comparison

It is possible in Polish to compare things that are less *adjective*. It very much resembles the 3rd type of comparison, except that instead of “bardziej” you use “mniej” (less), and “najbardziej” turns into “najmniej” (the least).

e.g. chciwy (m.) - greedy
chciwy -> mniej chciwy -> najmniej chciwy
wygodna (f.) - comfortable
wygodna -> mniej wygodna -> najmniej wygodna
zniszczone (n.) - destroyed
zniszczone -> mniej zniszczone -> najmniej zniszczone

And I believe that would be all about adjective comparison in Polish. I realize it’s a lot of information and some probably complicated things, so don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any questions or don’t understand something. I’ll be more than glad to help.

Have fun learning!

*I’m not sure if those are their correct English names. In Polish they’re called: proste, nieregularne, opisowe (respectively), and I translated them literally.

I’ve always been incredibly adamant about getting people right when doing descriptions. The details have to be just so, carefully planted among clever sentences so am audience can barely detect it. If I throw in too much I’m showing instead of telling. On the other hand if I use too little, I’m lacking detail. It’s a careful balance; why writing is considered an art. And I prided myself on always achieving it.

Until I met you.

Because when I met you, I suddenly understood why people utilized entire paragraphs to describe the shade of someone’s eyes. When we spoke I too felt the urge to use 3+ adjectives just to convey the sound of your laugh. And when writing down the way your smile looks, it makes sense to take my time because a simple handful of words just didn’t do it justice. When you walked into my life, so did a thousand cliches. And for once I really didn’t mind.

—  You made your way into my writing, and into my heart

anonymous asked:

how about some fluffy goodness of prompto's s/o peppering light kisses over the barcode on his wrist? maybe reassuring him, doting on him, whatever you'd like!

I hope you don’t mind anon, but I took this  idea and morphed it into a little summer lovin’ drabble. 

I’m not kidding when I say that I was grinning from ear to ear like an absolute idiot while typing this.😆

It’s light, fun, and fluffy ⇢

The 3 best adjectives in the english language

Puppy love vibes ↓ 🐶

Song: “Oh, It Is Love” by Hellogoodbye

“I will never understand how in the world Prompto Argentum, the daydreaming, imaginative, photographer extroirdinare’s favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla!”

The blonde drew his attention from the frozen custard in his grasp, his expression of sugary excitement turning to mock defense.

“It just so happens that I like to add rainbow sprinkles on top now and again, little lady.”

His guise of confidence could be easily seen through, a small smile peeling from the edges of his lips.

The sight of his playful pose with the treat in tandom with his innocent face invited a myriad of butterflies to flutter about in my stomach.

“Oh, well in that case, excuse me. I didn’t know my boyfriend had such a rebellious taste in soft serve.”

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#the dead ladies club#don’t give me the ‘not every minor character needs to be detailed’ spiel#I know that#in normal circumstances i’d agree with that#but it’s an empty argument considering that grrm DID detail a shitton of secondary and tertiary characters#even dead ones#grrm doesn’t need to write entire subplots about them#he’s actually pretty good at creating full-fledged personalities in the span of half a page#so why isn’t he#why isn’t joncon remembering elia’s furious arguments with rhaegar#why can’t we have a small window on rhaella’s personality through varys or pycelle or whatever#why does ned only remember his only sister as a walking trope#I hope that AT LEAST lyanna is given an actual voice#and is shown to have made SOME choices#if she isn’t i’m going to flip a table#grrm said we’ll know everything we 'need to’ about robert’s rebellion#but george what i need to know might be different from what you think i need to know#i also love how most of these are described in 3-4 vague adjectives and THAT’S IT

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sooo…. i hitted 900 and i was so busy i didn’t do a thing. then i hitted 1k almost without realising it, and today I got to 1.1?! In that time i also turned 18 (wohooo!) so i thought i would make a massive celebration bc i’m so thankful for you guys, you don’t even know.

What you have to do:

As per usual, you’ll have a ray of options to choose from;

- 🍌=  joy my fandom family (in the ask add who you’d like to be, a quote and 3 adjectives)

- 🍍 =a url edit (only for the first 15, must be hp related)

- 🍑 =a compliment/promo (in groups of 5)

- 🍓= imagines (specify character/situation)

- 🍉 =detailed blog rates (format bellow)

- 🍋 =name playlist

that’s all folks!

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2017, GRAYLU WEEK: explanations & ideas

And yes, this year we also provide you all with some explanations and ideas for the prompt set of graylu week. But no worries, you still can use your own prompts if you have something else in your mind!

Be free! Be creative! Let’s spread the graylu love! (*^∇^)ノ゚・*:.。.☆

grey ★゚loud ★゚ordinary ★゚tremble ★゚playground ★゚fragrance ★゚trace ★゚memorable moments ★゚last day on earth

graylu family unite!

ᕙ( * •̀ ᗜ •́ * )人( * •̀ ᗜ •́ * )ᕗ

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