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Hey what’s up everyone? I know seeing this on your dash might alarm you, but you know what I don’t care anymore! I’ve had a problem with this every since her redemption arc began in Log Date 8 6 7 5 3 09 whatever! And I’m sick of it literally being shoved in our face and NO ONE POINTING IT OUT


I was tagged by @cut-off-the-grain   <33 i love being tagged in things so thank you!!

1) age: 28

2) biggest fear: being so consumed by depression that I cease to enjoy life, being alone, wasting my life, also spiders

3) current time: 7:09 PM

4) drink you had last: iced coffee

5) everyday starts with: gonna copy CotG’s perfect answer: “hitting the snooze button and existential dread”. also coffee.

6) favourite song: picking 1 favorite song is next to impossible, ok??

8) hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

9) in love with: idk, food?

10) jealous of: people who are brave and self-assured, who do the things they want and don’t care what others think

11) killed someone: not that i know of <_<

12) last time you cried: earlier this week when reading a post about a friend’s grandma who passed away

13) middle name: Anne

14) number of siblings: 2..one little bro, one little sis

15) one wish: stealing the previous answer again: “to get my student loans paid off”

16) person you last called/texted: @fandomfix8

17) questions you’re always asked: “why can’t i have bacon?” “why can’t I have fries?” “why do I have to have decaf?”

18) reasons to smile: it’s staying light longer, my irises are starting to come up, the sunset today is beautiful

19) song last sang:

20) time you woke up: almost 10, only because today was my day off

21) underwear colour: Pink

22) vacation destination: is this ‘dream destination’ or ‘actual place i’m going’? this year I’m going to visit my mom’s side of the family in Slovakia, also weekend trips to Michigan, Gettysburg, and maybe Savannah Georgia

23) worst habit: chewing nails, forgetting my laundry in the dryer to get all cold and wrinkly

24) x-rays you’ve had: mostly ones at the dentist for orthodontic stuff

25) your favourite food: chocolate, most fruits

26) Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

I no-pressure tag @iamsittinginatincan , @glass-oceans , @cosleia , @cracktheglasses , @spaceisadisgrace , @spacewitchqueen , @pinkyhuxy

OOC; My Boyfriend’s Back

[3/19/17, 7:11:16 PM] Gabrielle: Oooo Louis—sassy
[3/19/17, 7:11:18 PM] Gabrielle: I like it
[3/19/17, 7:12:01 PM] Merciful-Death: he’’s actually a master of ass
[3/19/17, 7:12:04 PM] Merciful-Death: *SASS
[3/19/17, 7:12:06 PM] Merciful-Death: LMAO
[3/19/17, 7:12:09 PM] Gabrielle: HAHAHA
[3/19/17, 7:12:11 PM] Gabrielle: OR BOTH
[3/19/17, 7:12:13 PM] Merciful-Death: he is

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