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Hey what’s up everyone? I know seeing this on your dash might alarm you, but you know what I don’t care anymore! I’ve had a problem with this every since her redemption arc began in Log Date 8 6 7 5 3 09 whatever! And I’m sick of it literally being shoved in our face and NO ONE POINTING IT OUT


⭐ SHALLUREITH WEEK - March 4th until the 10th⭐

AboutRules ✦

A whole week dedicated to Shiro, Allura and Keith. The prompts for this event week are:

  • Day 1 (3/04): Chocolate
  • Day 2 (3/05): Waves
  • Day 3 (3/06): Pets
  • Day 4 (3/07): Loss
  • Day 5 (3/08): Sound
  • Day 6 (3/09): Stars
  • Day 7 (3/10): Free Day

Use the tag #shallureithweek when posting your works. Please reblog and spread this post as much as possible.

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in “song 2 - live in hyde park, london 3/7/09” when it’s like 20 seconds in and the audience starts yelling “woohoo” even though it’s still only dave playing . HELL YEAH These bitches already know what the fFuck is up

So me and @trashcadash have been very into this Au crossover. ITS WORTH IT I love these two old men being all cute together <3 <3 <3


the video got copyright strike so there will be no audio during 0:00 - 3:43 and 7:09 - 12:39

january 7 2014 // 3:09 AM
my bed is colder than usual with out you. you promised you’d come back. you promised. i know you said you would. but i’m sleeping alone. i hate sleeping alone.
january 10 2014 // 9:29 PM
it’s almost our anniversary. we would have spent 365 days together but you only wanted 343 which is sad because i would have never stopped giving you my days.
january 19 2014 // 1:09 AM
my friends say its weird that i keep calling you. i dont know if i want you to answer. your voicemail isn’t as cruel as you are.
february 3 2014 // 5:31 AM
i had a nightmare and i just wanted to hear you say it’d be fucking alright. why didn’t you fucking answer? i loved you. all of you.
february 9 2014 // 2:07 AM
i never even loved you. i was just using you.
february 9 2014 // 4:57 AM
jesus christ i fucking love you so goddamn much i’m sorry.
february 21 2014 // 3:47
i hate you. i hate you. why don’t you fucking love me i can’t stop crying..why don’t you care anymore?
march 6 2014 // 12:09 AM
there are people who are better than you. stop acting like you’re great. you destroyed people. oh my god. you destroyed me.
march 19 2014 // 10:30 PM
i’m drinking till i fucking forget who you are because you fucking ripped me open and never fucking thought about how i felt. how i feel now.
march 19 2014 // 3:12 AM
i still remember you.
april 6 2014 // 2:46 AM
i memorized your number and i cant stop calling. i cant stop calling. i wanna stop calling.
may 13 2014 // 2:16 AM
do you even fucking remember me? or was i just another person? i was just another fucking person. i loved you.
may 13 2014 // 5:09 AM
i never stopped loving you.
—  he stopped calling