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Hey what’s up everyone? I know seeing this on your dash might alarm you, but you know what I don’t care anymore! I’ve had a problem with this every since her redemption arc began in Log Date 8 6 7 5 3 09 whatever! And I’m sick of it literally being shoved in our face and NO ONE POINTING IT OUT


Facebook called the police on journalists who reported images of child abuse

  • Facebook came under fire for removing posts including the Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph of a nude girl running away from attack in Vietnam
  • But when the BBC reported images of child abuse on the platform, the company neglected to remove them.
  • And then, when the BBC sent the photos to Facebook as evidence of its failure to wipe them from the service, the company reported the journalists to the police. Read more (3/7/17 12:09 PM)

⭐ SHALLUREITH WEEK - March 4th until the 10th⭐

AboutRules ✦

A whole week dedicated to Shiro, Allura and Keith. The prompts for this event week are:

  • Day 1 (3/04): Chocolate
  • Day 2 (3/05): Waves
  • Day 3 (3/06): Pets
  • Day 4 (3/07): Loss
  • Day 5 (3/08): Sound
  • Day 6 (3/09): Stars
  • Day 7 (3/10): Free Day

Use the tag #shallureithweek when posting your works. Please reblog and spread this post as much as possible.

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january 7 2014 // 3:09 AM
my bed is colder than usual with out you. you promised you’d come back. you promised. i know you said you would. but i’m sleeping alone. i hate sleeping alone.
january 10 2014 // 9:29 PM
it’s almost our anniversary. we would have spent 365 days together but you only wanted 343 which is sad because i would have never stopped giving you my days.
january 19 2014 // 1:09 AM
my friends say its weird that i keep calling you. i dont know if i want you to answer. your voicemail isn’t as cruel as you are.
february 3 2014 // 5:31 AM
i had a nightmare and i just wanted to hear you say it’d be fucking alright. why didn’t you fucking answer? i loved you. all of you.
february 9 2014 // 2:07 AM
i never even loved you. i was just using you.
february 9 2014 // 4:57 AM
jesus christ i fucking love you so goddamn much i’m sorry.
february 21 2014 // 3:47
i hate you. i hate you. why don’t you fucking love me i can’t stop crying..why don’t you care anymore?
march 6 2014 // 12:09 AM
there are people who are better than you. stop acting like you’re great. you destroyed people. oh my god. you destroyed me.
march 19 2014 // 10:30 PM
i’m drinking till i fucking forget who you are because you fucking ripped me open and never fucking thought about how i felt. how i feel now.
march 19 2014 // 3:12 AM
i still remember you.
april 6 2014 // 2:46 AM
i memorized your number and i cant stop calling. i cant stop calling. i wanna stop calling.
may 13 2014 // 2:16 AM
do you even fucking remember me? or was i just another person? i was just another fucking person. i loved you.
may 13 2014 // 5:09 AM
i never stopped loving you.
—  he stopped calling