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like all ur head cannons on victuuri as parents

  • Victor is absolutely terrified of being a parent
  • Yuri is cool with it, since he comes from an actual functioning family unit and also, he knows victor
  • victor is also terrified they’ll be like, weird stage parents
    • “no we’re not” says Yuri “one, I’m me, two, you just told the Russian skating people you would see them in hell before you let a child of yours be raised in a sports boarding school like you and if that child spent ten hours a day on ice it would be because it wanted to be there” “but what if we like, unconsciously pressure them” “what if you chill and let me be the anxious person in this marriage for like, five seconds”
  • victor is actually the strict dad and yuri is the ‘eh turn off your light when you finish your book honey’ dad
  • victor insists on doing the whole 3-5-7 ceremony in Japan and Yuri is like “oh okay whatever sure” which is pretty much how the entire thing goes. Victor’s very Into Cultural Traditions and Yuri is like “sure”
  • they try to split the night duties but for some reason Yuri’s always waking up and finding Victor and the baby sound asleep on the rocking chair when it’s technically Yuri’s turn
  • victor left it up to yuri if they would adopt or have a surrogate because victor is all for spite-adopting because he’s been hounded for babies for Russia since he was 17 years old
Hero 7: (M)

Author’s Note: this chapter is a monster, literally a monster. i have been staring at this thing for about a week, and it could have been even longer, what is wrong with me. anyway, i really truly hope you enjoy this chapter because my heart and soul went into this one. we’re finally moving guys, look at as go! 0-100, ain’t no stopping now. enjoy loves!

Song for this chapter: Carrion Flowers - Chelsea Wolfe

Genre: Vampire!Chanyeol; horror; thriller; suspense; drama; eventual smut

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader (oc; female)

Rating (this chapter): M

Warnings: graphic sexual situations; graphic violence; blood/gore; ritual sacrifice; explicit language; PLEASE, PLEASE TREAD LIGHTLY

Word count: 7,866 why tf

Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 |


You turn this word over in your mind for hours, breaking it apart and putting it back together again until it seemingly takes a new shape; it becomes something new, something different, something dark. Words, to you, are the most subtle of weapons, an arsenal of infinite proportions comprised only of twenty-seven letters and you’ve always been proud of how utterly sharp yours have grown to be. They’ve been cultivated and crafted over years of sparring matches with your older siblings, your cousins, friends, boyfriends. You’ve used words to cut and sever, used them to soothe and heal, and now you think you think you’ve finally met someone who uses them to kill.

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Love Can Heal (Part 4)

 Pairing: Paul Lahote X Reader / Emmett X Ex!Reader

 Word count: 608

 Warnings: Depression; self-harm; pretty much stuff like that.


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 Part 7

 Without ceremony, he turns into a big fucking wolf. I couldn’t even stare him in the eye since I’m too short. I want to smile but I don’t know if I’m smiling. He lowers his giant furry head so I can touch it. It’s something like a really weird dog. I walk to his side to check his size. How can a person turn into something like this? It’s impossible. It’s magical. Am I impressed? Yes. I let out a sigh and someone of the pack lifts me up and sits me on Paul’s back.

 “Can you please don’t run so fast?” I ask, but I don’t know if he can understand me in this form.

 He starts to walk. Then something like a march. I try to hold on the best as I can without hurting him. When he starts to actually run, I’m breathless. I scream and I can’t help but laugh. It feels like I’m flying, the trees passing by faster than I ever seen.

 We stop somewhere I don’t know and I jump to the ground. Soon enough everyone is here too.

 “Paul will need a minute,” Sam speaks when I question why Paul ran away. ”To get dressed.”

 “Okay. I like your tattoo.” I speak all of a sudden. Every one of the pack has this tattoo and it’s pretty awesome.


 “Can I get one?”

 “No, if you’re not part of the pack.” Is Kevin who answers, I haven’t noticed him yet.

 “So… if I take a picture of it, go to a studio and ask them to make it on me…” I pause to think. My mind is deranged, I have to take a moment sometimes. “Will that be okay?”

 “Ahn…” Kevin raises an eyebrow and looks at Sam.

 “I don’t know.” Sam has an awkward face on, so I turn to Emmett, who’s looking at me like he always does.

 “The snack bar is across the road.” He says, gesturing to take my hand, but I step away from him.

 Is very nice in here. Warm and clear. And crowd, even though is late at night. The pizza comes in a few minutes, and they put a big slice in front of me.

 “I’m not hungry.”

 “Ivy, eat, please. I bet it’s delicious.”

 “Why don’t you eat, then, Emmett?”

 “Because my ribs can’t be seen like yours.”

 “Why aren’t you eating?” Paul asks. Great. Emmett should make me take my clothes off so they all can see how sick I really am.

 “I eat when I feel hungry.”

 “And it means almost never.”

 “You’ll die. I’m for real, you’ll die. Your body will…” Kevin speaks in a low voice, but it makes me angry anyway.

 “I know!” I scream. “I looked up online.”

 “Do you want to die?” Kevin keeps his eyes on me, kind and comforting like he’s touching something very fragile. I stay in silence, looking at my slice of pizza.

 “You don’t. If you did, you would just say it.” Paul gives me his Coke since I didn’t order anything to drink.

 I eat half of my slice. But my Coke is gone. They talk while I remain in silence, listening to anything they’re arguing about. It’s 1 a.m. when we decide to go home. I’m so tired that I need to think to put one foot after the other. I’m not feeling good. I didn’t want to come and now I feel like shit. I’m getting left behind, walking slow and even slower. That’s when I sit on the ground to catch my breath. Then I lay down and everything goes black.



Thin Walls *Part 8* (Luke Hemmings)

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p.s this part is really long too 

p.p.s this is so cliche im cryin im sorry 

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 |  part 7

part 9

The ceremony was great, whatever. People cried, you didn’t. Honestly, you didn’t really care. Your family was an asshole to you so you were kind of protesting them at the moment. Even though you were surrounded by them.

Everyone was getting into their fancy cars to head over to some big hall for the reception. Everyone had walked out after the bride and groom, and you tried to get out of there as fast as you could, before anyone could talk to you. Honestly, you doubt many family members were going to, your parents had probably spread enough shit about you. The only person you were looking forward to seeing was your cousin, Sammy. She, like you, basically said fuck you to her parents and left. She traveled for 2 years after high school, you don’t know if she was going to a post-secondary yet but you were really hoping that you’d be able to catch up with her tonight.

So now you were sitting there in your shit car, staring at the steering wheel in front of you. Luke was sitting in the passenger side, not saying anything. He’d been perfectly nice all morning, not questioning you on your odd silence. “Okay,” You finally said, turning you attention to Luke. “We went to the wedding, time to go home.” You still hadn’t said a word to your parents, and you knew what was coming if you go to the reception.

“No you’re right.” You said, even if Luke didn’t actually say anything. “Let’s go.” You had written down the address on your hand, and had the map out of your phone so you did your best to find the hall. Once you had gotten there, you scoffed. It was huge. This entire wedding had probably cost a fortune, but that probably wasn’t a problem since your parents weren’t spending any money on you anymore.

“Dude,” Luke breathed out as you guys walked in. “You family is loaded.” You snorted, nodding in agreement. Now you weren’t really sure what was supposed to happen, since it was barely 2pm. Weren’t receptions later on in the day? Some guy in a bowtie who was probably not being paid enough came to greet you guys at the entrance, letting you guys know to take you seats.

You guys were set at a table further away, one of those tables where they put neighbours, and distant friends. Good, at least you wouldn’t have to talk to your family all night.

“Y/N?” You heard a familiar voice call out from behind you. Your first instinct being to cringe because you thought it was going to be someone asking you why they haven’t seen you in so long and why your parents told them that you were dead, but it turns out it was someone good. “Sammy!” You grinned, standing up to give your cousin a hug. “Shit, you look good. Last I heard you were living in a box on the street.” She grinned.

“Really? You look good too. I thought that you were living in a crack den with your boyfriend?” You told her, voicing the last thig you heard about her. Her eyebrows perked up at your words. “That’s a new one.”

“Y/N, these washrooms have couches bigger than the one I have. And they give out bottles of water. What kind of place is this?” Luke’s voice cut off whatever Sammy was going to say next. She gave you a look, turning to Luke. “And who’s this?”

“Sam, this is my neighbour Luke.” You told her, already knowing that she was going to question you on whether the two of you were just neighbours. “And Luke, this is my cousin Sammy.” You said to him. “The other black sheep of the family.” She added after. “Really?” He said, shooting me a look. “What did you do to be shunned like Y/N?”

“Dropped out of college, it actually hadn’t even started yet. Travelled for a couple years. Married a French guy, an artist actually.” This was news to you. “What?” you exclaimed, “When? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“No,” She shook her head, laughing slightly. “I was kidding about that part. They all only wanted to paint my boobs. It was annoying.” She laughed. “So I’m here all alone. I was hoping your brother had hot friends. Shit,” She said, before anyone else could speak up. “My parents are walking over hear. Good luck!” She said, before walking away in the opposite direction.

You and Luke went to take your seats again, and you hoped that your uncle and aunt hadn’t seen you yet. “Y/N?” Fuck. “Darling, is that you?” You took in a breath, put on a smile, stood back up and turned around. “Hello.” You grinned at them.

“Oh, Y/N we haven’t seen you in so long.” Your aunt cooed. She made no effort to hug you, which you broke out a smile. Yep, your parents had definitely been talking shit. “We just wanted to apologize for Samantha.” You aunt said after a few seconds of silence. “What? What did Sam do?”

“We fear that she influenced you in a negative way. But we were delighted to hear that you were going to work with your fathers accounting firm.” You aunt said, a smile not lining her lips. You kind of wanted to punch her in the face.

“Okay, I really don’t get how any this is because of Sam, all she did was follow what she wanted to do. And also, I don’t know what kind of shit my parents have been spreading. But I want to make this clear. No, I don’t live on the street, no I’m not broke, and yes, I’m doing just fine without my asshole family and all of their bullshit.”

The both of them looked completely appalled by what I just said; I thought that my aunt was going to pass out or something. She simply smiled, saying something about going to catch up with her own cousin and walked away, followed by her husband. I let out a breath, sitting back down.

“That was something.” Luke said, grinning at you. “I feel a bit better.” You laughed. “But that wasn’t even my parents. I’m so ready to yell at them.” The other people who were supposed to be seated at our table hadn’t arrived yet, and honestly I kind of hoped they didn’t because I was planning on being mean and loud and maybe a little bit drunk tonight.

“Y’know what I was saying earlier, before the wedding.” Luke started saying, and you turned to him to listen. “I wanted to talk about the night we drank-“

He was interrupted once more, by the shrill voice of your mother. “Y/N!” I heard her call. “I’m so glad to see you!” You almost laughed out loud, not even bothering to stand up to greet her as you turned around. “It’s been so long, honey. Have you gained weight? I hope you’re eating right, I heard how fattening those cheap meals can be.”

That took longer than you thought it would for her to insult me. Plus, she commented on your appearance and your amount of money. How clever.

“You look pretty pale.” You told her, smile on your lips. “Maybe you should go lie down. Today must be stressful for you, I can already see worry lines forming on your face.” Your mother’s ultra-fake smile faltered a bit, but she stood her ground. “Oh Y/N. You were always so funny. And who did you bring?”

Ah, she was trying to change the subject. In your book that means you won. “This is my neighbour, Luke.” You introduced. Luke turned around as well, shooting her a smile and showing off his gleaming lip ring. Your mom did not look impressed. “Well,” She breathed you. “It was great to meet you, and Y/N we need to catch up later but the bride and groom are supposed to enter soon.”

And she walked off without another word. “That went well.”

So turns out a whole bunch of people were doing speeches, which took around three hours. It was a lot of speeches. You were getting really bored, so you and Luke had decided to make drawings with the cutlery, lining them up so they made something. Once you dropped a fork but thank God it was when everyone was clapping so no one noticed.

After they had finished we got to eat, and then everyone kind of spread out and were either mingling or dancing. In your guys case, you were drinking. “See that guy.” You pointed to a boy you had gone to high school with. “He had an affair with a teacher.” You told Luke as the both of you sat there and watched everyone, sipping on your drinks.

“And her,” You said, nodding your head towards an elder woman standing near you guys. “Was the teacher. And I’ll bet you 5 bucks they’ll hook up tonight.” You said. Luke grinned, sticking out his hand. “You’re on.”

“Okay. How much you wanna bet the marriage won’t last? “Luke’s eyes widened at your words. “You don’t think they’ll last?” You laughed, shaking your head. “They were set up in high school. Dated to please their parents. They barely talked. People called them high school sweethearts even if they were the most awkward couple. They probably like each other, sure. But I doubt it’ll last.”

“You should say that louder,” Luke giggled. “I don’t think we’ve gotten enough dirty looks tonight.” You laughed along with him. “The only thing that would make is even worse would be PDA.” You laughed, not realizing what you were saying. Luke laughed lightly, maybe not noticing the awkwardness in what you had just said. “Ha!” You exclaimed, pointing towards the teacher and the guy you were talking about earlier. They were now talking; the guy had a hand on her arm. “They’re totally gonna hook up. And I’m going to be five whole dollars richer.”

The night was basically like that. You guys sat there and commented on everything. Literally no one in your family approached you, just a few tight lip smiles as they passed by. It was great to be the hated one; you didn’t have to have the same conversation with like a hundred people.

It was when you and Luke went to go look for some more bread rolls when things got interesting. “Y/N,” You mother, this time followed by your father came up to you guys. This time, her voice much less fake. “We want to talk to you.” You father said, speaking to you for the first time tonight. You gave them a look, urging them to continue.

“You leave us.” My mother started off immediately. “You leave us just like that, completely cut us off. We don’t see you for a year. And this is how you treat us? We have never been more disappointed in you.” Ah, so the gloves were coming off.

You simply smirked, letting her continue. “It’s a wedding for God sakes. And you act like a child. Y/N, you’re nearly twenty years old. You should act like it.” A small sarcastic laugh left you lips. “Really?” You asked. “And how would acting like a twenty year old be?” They were about to talk but you lifted a hand up, stopping them. You had barely started. “Would it be, moving out? Finding my own place? By myself that it. Getting a job? Going to school? Paying for school with the money I made? Being independent? Because that’s exactly what I’ve done. Without you guys.”

The seemed a little taken aback. “Yes but Y/N, you don’t cut off family like you did. It was uncalled for and irresponsible.” Your dad said. You wanted to laugh. “Uncalled for? You guys treated me like I was some kind of accessory in your life! I’m your daughter not your toy. You guys had no right to do what you did!”

They had basically said that you were going to go to the University they chose for you, marry you off to some rich guy, work for your dads company until you got pregnant, and would become a stay at home mom. Your mother had called it “an educated housewife.” Needless to say, you were angered.  They had even said to you once “It doesn’t matter what you think, just keep quiet. It doesn’t look good to others when you speak up. We wouldn’t want you not looking good.”

They obviously had no other argument, so they decided to attack other things. “But what is it with your dress. That slit it way to high. And you makeup is way to bold. Remember, I always told you subtle and sophisticated. You wouldn’t want people thinking you were some kind of prostitute.”

Jesus Christ these people were unbelievable.  

“And who wears denim to a wedding?” Your mother exclaimed. Ah, now she was bashing your guest. “And that thing, that metal thing in your lip. It’s atrocious.” She said to Luke, then turning to me. Luke simply smiled, showing off the lipring. You felt bad for having them attack him like that even if he was taking it as a joke, which he should. “What are you doing, seeing a guy like this.” Neither of you jumped in to correct her, it seemed to make her more pissed off anyway and that was one of your goals tonight. “Next thing you’re going to do it tell me you have a tattoo.”

Your smirk grew wider. “I have a tattoo.”

You actually thought she was about to pass out. No joke. “Yep,” You nodded, patting the spot underneath your right boob. “Right here.” You simply grinned at her, hooking your arm in Luke’s and tugging him away. “Now if you’ll excuse us.” You said, walking past them.

“I’m sorry they attacked you.” You muttered as you guys got further away. “It’s okay.” Luke mumbled, giving you a smile. “Do you really have a tattoo?” You nodded. You had gotten the day after you got your apartment. “What is it of?”

You grinned. “Maybe I’ll let you see it one day.”

You were feeling much better after that. It was nearing one in the morning and you realized that it would take you guys practically two hours to get home. You guys thought over the option of simply getting a hotel room and going back in the morning, but it would be hard to find a cheap one so you decided to drive. “Fuck.” You said, before leaving. “I can’t drive. I drank all night.” You weren’t drunk, not at all. Barely tipsy. But you didn’t want to risk it. “I can drive if you want.” Luke offered. “I stopped drinking around eleven.” He told you. Well, it was better than you. And you would get to rest.

The drive took just under two hours again, and soon the two of you were walking back up the flight of stairs that went to your floor. It had been a very long day, and yet you didn’t feel really tired. “Thank you again for coming with me. It was probably really weird for you since everyone hates me, but you made it fun for me.” You said, thanking Luke for the thousandth time that night. You guys had maybe hung out like three times and you had already invited him to a wedding. You kind of felt bad about it.

“It was no problem. I kinda had fun.” He grinned at you. For some reason, you found yourself blushing again. You really couldn’t control help it around him. You had basically been blushing all day. What was kind of ironic was that at first Luke seemed pretty shy around you, but you guys had spent a bit more time together and now he seemed much more confident around you. He was probably getting comfortable with you, which really wasn’t something you minded.

“Look.” Luke said, as you guys were at the wall between his and your door. “I kind of wanted to say something and I’ve been interrupted all day but now we’re alone and I want to say it.” He rambled, takin a breath. You looked at him, meeting his eyes as you waited for him to tell you. “You know when we got drunk and almost kissed?” You nodded, once again fighting off a blush that was pushing its way onto your cheek. “I was just wondering if you would regret it. If we actually did kiss, I mean.”

You opened you mouth, but felt no words come out. “Because I wouldn’t.” He added. You felt your stomach flip. “And I just really want to know if you’re on the same page as me.” You were frozen in spot, even though you felt like your lips would reach your ears in a huge smile. “That page being that I wouldn’t mind kissing you.” He said, filling in the silences where you weren’t speaking.

“You know what,” Luke sighed, taking a step away from you and towards his door. “Never mind.” Your brain finally caught up with you, and you reached forward to grab his arm. “I wouldn’t.” You said, realizing that you were making no sense. “I wouldn’t mind if we had kissed.”

A smile now broke out on Luke’s face. “Really?” He said, taking a step closer to you. “Really.” You nodded, feeling his hands slip around your waist. “And,” He now whispered. “Would you mind if I kissed you right now?”

You felt your hear skip a beat. “I guess you’ll have to find out.” You said, mentally cringing at how cliché you sounded. But all thoughts of how stupid you sounded left your mind when he connected his lips yours.

The first thing you felt was the coldness of his lipring, being balanced out with his warm lips. His grip on your waist pulled you closer to him, pressing your bodies against each other as you brought a hand up behind his neck. He moved his lips on your tentatively at first, but getting more confident as you reciprocated with as much pressure. It was better thank you could have ever imagined honestly, and you’d be lying if you said you hadn’t spent some time day dreaming about it.

He pulled away within after a couple seconds, grin back on his lips. “Did you mind that?” He laughed slightly, resting his forehead down on yours. “No,” You whispered, already missing his lips on yours and wanting more. “I really didn’t.”

His grin grew even wider, and he briefly reconnected your lips, teeth clashing. “I should go.” He muttered. “Even if I really don’t want to. I might get too attached if I stay with you like this, though.” He took a step away from you, losing all contact you guys had.

“Sleep tight.” He said, “Hope you dream of me. I know I’ll be dreaming of you.” He shot you a wink, earning a laugh from you.

Oh you were going to dream of him alright.

Part 8: Scorpio, MC and the Other Gods - Turning into Scorpio’s Goddess

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The doors had opened, but the hallway was empty. The gods and goddesses turned their heads; necks craned elegantly, their eyes unwavering as they stood waiting. 

The department’s gods were standing rigidly in line, shoulder to shoulder, heads forward. The formality of the ceremony never sat well with Scorpio, his agitation was growing from not being able to look around, to see what was happening.  He just had to stand and wait.

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I love so much Captain Swan evolution. So I wanted to compare differents situation and how differently Emma and Hook react to them in past and present.

(For Revenessa)

1- Taking chances:


2- Trusting:


3- This is…


5- Done?


6- To know you:


7- Ceremony:


8- No more fighting:


9- But some thing would never change:

- Killian making Emma flustered:

- Killian complimenting Emma:

- Sharing drinks:

 - The way they look at each other

- Emma trusting Killian,with Henry