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I've never really come to thank you for this, but thank you for not assuming that Tsuyu has a crush on Aizawa. Like, really, thank you SO much. I am really tired of people thinking she has a crush on him. Like, I can see her respecting him, and caring about him like all the kids do, yeah, but just because she's asked how he was doing and was happy that he wasn't fired from his job doesn't mean she has a crush on him. Thank you, Sai.

oh haha, no problem dude!!

tbh, i never really got that impression. he got hurt while risking his life to save her from Shigaraki, so of course she’d be worried about him. plus, he’s her teacher. of course she cares, even if she doesn’t really know him personally

and she’s a natural caretaker; she cares for her siblings while her parents are out. she probably worries about them often and is used to asking if they’re okay, and i’m sure this behavior gets transferred onto other people too, b/c she’s just used to it

i mean. the crush angle is kinda cute, and it’s not unusual for kids to have crushes on their teachers. but it’s just not something i really got from the manga. Tsuyu is just a naturally caring person, and Aizawa risked his life to save her from a super dangerous villain, even when he was being beaten and captured by the enemy. i’m sure something like that would stick with her

so yeah, no problem dude, haha

(plus, i view both characters as ace/aro, haha. i like to imagine a cute scenario where they bond over that)

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Do you think you'd be a balanced teacher or would you favor Bakugou?

Bakugou would get no favors from me because he’s a little shit who has a lot to learn in regards to teamwork and cooperation and as much as i love him he’s got an ego and needs to tone it down a bit and learn put his pride and attitude aside for the greater good

i mean i love him but i ain’t afraid of talkin’ shit about him, so

yeah he ain’t gettin’ no favors from me. rather, i think i’d end up embarrassing him in class by calling him adorable or something

but yeah i think i’d be a rather fair/balanced teacher. i probably would focus a lot on Bakugou but that’s also because he’s got a fuckton of problems, including superiority and inferiority complex, the aforementioned pride and trouble working with others, and not to mention his overall stubbornness and desire to do things on his own without any help, and there’s probably some lingering guilt about All Might’s retirement still hanging around him

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To be honest, I feel like most of the hero kids don't have time to focus on crushes and all that. Hero classes are intense as heck and they have little time to be normal kids compared to like, the general education kids. I think if Tsuyu did develop a crush on Aizawa, she would stamp it down like Uraraka does her crush for Izuku. Plus she knows that it would just burden Aizawa so there'd be no point in telling him.

[in reference to this post]

yeah, i don’t think any of the kids are actively thinking about romance or crushes. maybe some of them, but they’re usually too busy with school work and heroing to focus on it for long. Ochako seems to be the only one, and even then she’s pushing those feelings away to focus on being a hero

in fact, besides Endeavor, there don’t seem to be many heroes in MHA that have relationships or romance or families. Nana’s husband was killed and she gave up her son to create distance there, so heroes not having families/significant others may be the norm in this universe 

i mean, i wouldn’t be surprised if Aizawa had other students crush on him before. he is very handsome, even before he cleans himself up, and on the younger side. and he is very kind underneath it all. so i’m sure he’d know how to deal with it when the situation comes up. which is, probably, to let them down easily (…. as he can) and to get them to focus more on their school work