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PTA!Sans AU where they have PTA meetings at the parents’ homes, so when it comes to San’s turn, the parents come over and Flowerpot!Flowey is present.

[12/7/15, 3:30:27 PM] An angry slice of pie: imagine
[12/7/15, 3:30:37 PM] An angry slice of pie: the pta has meetings at parents houses and its sans turn
[12/7/15, 3:30:42 PM] An angry slice of pie: and hes dreading it
[12/7/15, 3:30:54 PM] An angry slice of pie: and they arrive and linda notices flowey in his little pot
[12/7/15, 3:31:02 PM] An angry slice of pie: and goes “oh what an…interesting houseplant”
[12/7/15, 3:31:13 PM] An angry slice of pie: and flowey whips his head around and screams “HAIL SATAN!”

Sehun Masterlist

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** - Means Smut

Fics: Cold Front*
The Stranger
Just Stop
Couch Cuddles
Good Morning*
Body Worship*
Ride It Out*
Late for Dinner*
3, 8, 13, 15, 31, 38*
Treat You Better
Comeback Look*
Baby Boy*
The Eve*
Wedding Night*
Unlocked Doors*
Las Vegas*
The Stylist* Part 2*
Sick Days
Touch Me*
Fan Encounter*
Bubble Tea

SuHun Threesome*
Beach Date
Green Aesthetic
ChanHun Cuddles
LayHun Threesome*
Sign Of The Times
Family Lazy Sunday
Secret Love Song
The Flash
Sexy Red*
Las Vegas
Yes To All
Bubble Tea

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hey I was wondering do you know any good podfics? I'm gonna be in a car for like four hours on friday and I don't think it's a really good idea to read fics in the car so listening to one would probably be a better idea

I love podfics. I listen to them all the time! When I’m crocheting, sewing, painting my bookshelves…

I usually listen to novel-length fics, but I think it would be best if you listened to one fic that is ~4 or ~8 hours long (depending on the total hours of your round-trip). I went through these links but the one’s I have listed are about the length that I would recommend for you:

I haven’t read/listened to every single one of these so I don’t know how good those ones actually are.


Unsettled: (3:31:13) Sherlock’s dæmon hadn’t settled. Once John realised that, so much made sense. Though so much else didn’t, because it practically wasn’t possible.

Corpus Hominis: (4:52:52) John knows the human body intimately. He’s had plenty of opportunity for study as a doctor, soldier, and lover. There’s one particular body, however, he knows very little about. When Sherlock launches himself head-first into a new obsession and they get sent on a case in an unlikely location, the pair discovers each other’s bodies with confusing yet delightful (and sometimes hilarious) results. (I’m reading this rn in text format and oh my god it’s hilarious and I’m loving it).

History, Repeating Itself: (4:32:31)  Postgrad AU. Med-student John Watson starts living with a bong toking, insane, Teaching Assistant called Sherlock Holmes. Yeah, just like in the books.

Two Years as Your Interpreter: (5:13:12) John isn’t scared of Sherlock or of the adults around them. But he is scared of this Message. He is scared he’ll be there, in two years, right next to Sherlock, watching and unable to do a damn thing when he dies. Because the true Message was, “Don’t expect to make a career out of this interpreter thing. I’ll die in two years.”For the first time in his life, John wishes he’d never taken the Cassandra Tests.

Our Enthusiasm Which Cannot Always Be Explained: (time isn’t available but I estimate this to be close to 4 hours) The list that is tacked haphazardly on the refrigerator of 221B reads, ‘Kidney(s), and/or a full cadaver (preferably male, late 30s, under six feet tall), bag of fresh toes, sixteen cow’s eyes (corneas retained), dual exhaust hand –held flame thrower, an unopened first edition copy of Joseph Conrad’s ‘Heart of Darkness’, and no less than ten abhorrently gruesome murders in the upcoming month.” The one neatly hanging next to it simply reads, “Sex.”One of these lists is not John Watson’s. If John Watson were to put what he really wanted in list form, to live in a land somewhere beyond ‘almosts’ now that Sherlock Holmes has indeed returned to him, he would never be able to look his flatmate in the eye ever again.


The Progress of Sherlock Holmes: (7:54:40)  Sherlock is deeply in love with John, not that anyone or even himself would think he is capable of that emotion. Then enter Mary Morston…

Dawn Before the Rest of the World: (time isn’t available but I estimate this to be close to 8 hours) In one of the grand houses of England in the 1920s, butler Sherlock Holmes is wooed to pieces by the world’s most romantic gardener, John Watson.“A really well-made buttonhole is the only link between Art and Nature.” –Oscar Wilde

Paradox Series: (6:59:00) In which what’s in Sherlock’s head is never going to get any better, and John is nearly thrown out of his flat. (This has four parts).

If you don’t like the sound of any of these, don’t forget to go back to the links listed at the beginning of this post cause they have even more podfics that you can listen to.

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((3, 5, 13, 22, 31 and 50 for the ask meme pwease :3c ily))

3. In your opinion, what’s your best fic?

Probably Heaven and Hell. It’s the Giorno fic in the EoH series, and I think it came together very nicely. I have some trouble with pacing and plot development in the gen fics, but I think the story moves well in that one and the Purple Haze fight scene really works. It’s not my personal favorite, though.

5. Is there any fic that makes you super happy to reread and remember that you wrote that?

The other day I was looking through what I’d written for Rarepairs Week (A Day in the Life on AO3), and I dug up the Diego/Johnny fic that I did for the last day, which I’d entirely forgotten I wrote. It was really cool! I couldn’t believe I actually wrote something like that. Sort of a surprise.

13. What’s your biggest change between your style when you started in fandom and today?

If you go back and read Take on Me (my first fic), you’ll notice that I barely ever do a scene transition. One scene just sort of keeps going through a whole chapter and it’s real weird. That’s because I forgot that you could do scene transitions in fiction and also that you could just, you know, read a book and see how prose normally works. So I changed that later. Also, I started out only writing gen and pretty wary of any ships in my work.

22. Has there ever been anyone who’s made you freak out because they read your work and followed/favorited/reviewed?

So when I started writing ships, I posted Yesterday, which is Diego/Johnny, and it didn’t get much attention. Like it got some kudos and one comment and that was it for a while. But then out of nowhere I got a comment from @ask-the-saddest-jojo and it was like WOW. I already followed her and now she’s reading my fic?! I couldn’t believe that the people whose content I enjoyed actually liked my writing.

31. Who’s the one character you’ve just never managed to get perfectly right?

Valentine all over. He shows up a lot in the EoH series, since he’s pretty important to the game’s plot, and I’ve never been comfortable writing him. Not really sure why. He’s just super weird to write.

50. Has writing fanfic had a significant impact on your life? Would you say it’s entirely positive?

Yes and yes! I’ve always wanted to write, but it’s so frustrating to write something and then know that’s so far away from being published. With fics, all I have to do is copy paste and hit the publish button. The instant gratification is amazing! Also, I’ve met so many great people online through my work. It’s always been hard for me to communicate online, since I’m not great at it in real life either, but now I feel like I have something to contribute.


[CHARACTER] Kamekichi.

Series: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

Kana: かめ吉
Romaji: Kamekichi

Role: Tertiary character
Type: Animal
Family: Motoki Furuhata (owner)
Alignment/Organization: Civilian
First appearance: Act Zero
Last appearance: Final Act
Status: See below.


  • Kamekichi appeared to be a member of the slider family, possibly a red-eared slider. In Japanese, red-eared sliders are called Mississippi red-eared turtles (ミシシッピアカミミガメ; Mishishipi aka mimi game).
  • His name means “turtle good luck.”
  • Kamekichi was not seen again after the Final Act, but red-eared sliders can generally live between twenty and thirty years. Their lifespan is shorter in captivity, though.

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Hola niña de los cachetes adorables :3 volví después de una semana xD la cosa que vi un zukulento listado de preguntas (algunas weonas o aburridas) xD el cual quiero preguntarte disjdk 3, 6, 13, 19, 31, 51, 64, 82, coloque varias porque no se cuando me vuelva aparecer xDDD lo otro, vi cierta publicación tuya, no andes insegura por la vida, supera ese peldaño que te mantiene ahí, cree en ti y quiérete sin menos preciarte, cualquier cosa te hablo de nuevo, salu2 :3

hola niño que dice que mis cachetes son adorables💛 LSKDLD weno, las voy a responder todas porq soy bacán ah
3: puta la wea, conchetumare, weona, weon, aweonao, chucha (que es el nombre de una cantante pfff LSKDLDK)
6: nop. Sólo porq nunca me ha gustado alguien a quién yo considere mi amigo LDKDLR
13: físicamente, mi pelo LSKSL y psicológicamente yo creo queee, no sé, nada XD
19: mejor de lo que fui, de lo que fui hasta ayer 🎤
31: mayor KSJDODK
51: Sí, me encanta. Después me arrepiento pero weno, es parte del ciclo de la vida ah
64: 1.67 o 1.68, no me acuerdo LDKFLK
82: Ale, zorra, “oh la zorra conchetumare tonta” LSJDLDDK, perra (roro te traño), Bel, moco xdxd, y esos creo LSKDOD
es que hay veces que no puedo evitar que me baje toda la penita:(
muchas gracias por tus palabras, se valoran un montón:( 💙💙 saludineeesss


CosMen 3/31/13 (Starting at about 37:40)

Sou: How did I do a glasses beam? How did I do a glasses beam? *laugh*
Tastuki: Did you do a glasses beam? Ah, you did.
Sou: I have a feeling I did, but I can’t remember.
Witt: Ah, I want to see a glasses beam~
Tatsuki: I want to see a glasses beam~
Witt: I sure want to see~
Tatsuki: I wonder if we can somehow~
Sou: Witt, you guys are in no position to say that.
Witt: Ah, I sure want to see~
Tatsuki: I want to see, too~
Witt: (Tatsuki-)Senpai, try…
Sou: What did you do earlier?
Tatsuki: Sou-kun’s glasses beam in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

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