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Japan’s Tomoya Hosoda may be first out trans man elected to public office in the world

  • Tomoya Hosoda was recently elected a councillor in the city of Iruma, Japan. According to Gay Star News, the 25-year-old is the first transgender man elected to public office in the world.
  • Hosoda came out as transgender while studying at Teikyo University. Now graduated with a degree in medical science, Hosoda will fill one of Iruma’s 22 city-councillor seats in his new position. Read more. (3/18/17, 12:30 PM)

Have you guys read Something in the Night by @konekat? Well, I thought I’d torture myself some more with another ongoing thing, but the hell, it turned out to be so captivating!! *w* If you haven’t read it, I don’t know what the heck you’re waiting for. 

It’s amazing though, in the Miraculous Ladybug fandom I found out such incredible writers that are more talented than a lot of people who’ve actually been published. And I’m eternally grateful to the fact that these Incredible WritersTM put so much effort into their stories, that they put them up for nerds like me to read and that they inspire me this much.  

Really, honestly, personally to @konekat, thank you for writing. This fanart is for you, hope you like it. <3

(full view is highly recommended)

[By Kai / 30.12.2016]


Chamroeun Phan grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota, and, by all measures, isn’t a menacing guy. At 34, he’s slight of build, a brown-skinned Cambodian-American who wears a long black ponytail, rocks Milwaukee Brewers baseball caps, and has an affinity for flyfishing in the summer. 

The one big blemish on Phan’s record is the night in 2009, when he broke three windows at a bar that he often went to play poker with his then-fiancé and six older brothers and sisters. Even the bar’s owner said that he was a “great person” but had “a little too much to drink.” Still, Phan was charged with felony first-degree damage. He spent 40 days in jail, and then moved on.

But, seven years later on Aug. 28, 2016, Phan was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials. Read more. (3/19/2017 12:30 PM)

Workout Log 3-21-17

Great, great start to the workout week! I finally do not have anything to rant about this morning, either! No side trips to the store. No shenanigans. Nothing! The rest day yesterday was super effective and exactly what I needed. All muscle groups and primed and raring to go! Tuesday is typically my upper body workout, and that’s exactly what I did today. 

Treadmill Warm Up: 20 minutes
Chest Press: 40 lbs 3 x 12
Overhead Press: 30 lbs 3 x 12
Rear Fly: 40 lbs 3 x 12
Fly: 55 lbs 3 x 12 (+5)
Lat Pull Down: 50 lbs 3 x 12
Low Row: 40 lbs 3 x 12
Triceps Press: 65 lbs x 12
Bicep Curls: 15 lb dumbbells 3 x 12
Hammer Curls: 15 lb dumbbells 3 x 12
Triceps Extension: 15 lb dumbbell 3 x 12
Front Raise: 15 lb dumbbells 3 x 12
Lateral Side Rise: 15 lb dumbbells 3 x 12
Push Ups: 35

Playlist Picks: Nightwish’s “Nemo” was the first song I ever heard from them, and their album “Once” will always be one of my favorites, though all their recent and past albums are also pretty damn strong. For something going in a completely different direction, I also really loved hearing The Offspring’s “Can’t Repeat” this morning as well.

Alright! Good morning to everyone! Now, time to make a protein shake, get a warm beverage, and catch up with all my lovelies on Tumblr. Oh, and like work–or something.

Vancouver Studio Tours

The Vancouver Studio Tours have been scheduled and everyone should have received an e-mail with your assigned time.

Group One

  • 7:00 am Bus loads Group 1 at Westin Main Entrance
  • 7:10 am Group 1 departs Westin
  • 7:40 am Group 1 arrives at Bridge
  • 8:00 am to 9:30 am Group 1 Set Tour
  • 9:30 am Bus loads Group 1 at Bridge
  • 9:35 am Group 1 departs Bridge
  • 10:05 am Group 1 arrives at Westin

Group Two

  • 8:20 am Bus loads Group 2 at Westin Main Entrance
  • 8:30 am Group 2 departs Westin
  • 9:00 am Group 2 arrives at Bridge
  • 9:30 am to 11:00 am Group 2 Set Tour
  • 11:00 am Bus loads Group 2 at Bridge
  • 11:05 am Group 2 departs Bridge
  • 11:35 am Group 2 arrives at Westin

Group Three

  • 10:05 am Bus loads Group 3 at Westin Main Entrance
  • 10:15 am Group 3 departs Westin
  • 10:45 am Group 3 arrives at Bridge
  • 11:00 am to 12:30 pm Group 3 Set Tour
  • 12:30 pm Bus loads Group 3 at Bridge
  • 12:35 pm Group 3 departs Bridge 
  • 1:05 pm Group 3 arrives at Westin

It’s important to read the entire e-mail. They need to have the legal names of everyone going on the tour and you have to bring your photo ID with you and sign a waiver as you board the bus to the studio. They need all the names e-mailed to them by Saturday!


Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac

From youtube: “A wonderful compilation of rare FM-tracks which attest once more that Peter Green was [one of] the best white blues guitarist of his time.”

01 0:00:00 Black Magic Woman [Live] 7:11
02 0:07:11 Jumping at Shadows [Live] 5:23
03 0:12:34 Oh Well [Live] 2:46
04 0:15:20 Ride With Your Daddy Tonight 3:30
05 0:18:50 Do You Give a Damn for Me? 3:41
06 0:22:31 Love That Burns 4:15
07 0:26:46 World in Harmony 3:26
08 0:30:12 Long Grey Mare 2:00
09 0:32:12 Talk to Me Baby 3:39
10 0:35:51 Fast Talking Woman Blues [Instr.] 3:23
11 0:39:14 Man of the World [Early Version] 3:01
12 0:42:15 If You Let Me Love You 6:59
13 0:49:14 My Baby’s Sweeter 3:39
14 0:52:53 Like It This Way 3:11
15 0:56:04 Madge Sessions, No. 2 2:43
16 0:58:47 Lazy Poker Blues 3:23
17 1:02:22 I Have to Laugh 3:28
18 1:05:50 The Green Manalishi 4:44
19 1:10:34 Man of the World [Single Version] 2:52
20 1:13:26 Showbiz Blues 4:04
21 1:17:30 Buzz Me Baby 3:34
22 1:21:04 Blues in B Flat Minor 3:03
23 1:24:07 It Takes Time 3:32
24 1:27:39 Leaving Town Blues 3:50
25 1:31:29 The Sun Is Shining 3:02
26 1:34:31 Uranus 3:22
27 1:37:53 Mind of My Own 3:01
28 1:40:54 How Blue Can You Get? 3:37
29 1:44:31 Trying So Hard to Forget 5:14
30 1:49:45 Two Harps 1:40
31 1:51:25 Thinking About a Woman 6:18
32 1:57:43 Kind Hearted Woman 2:31
33 2:00:14 Coming, I’m Coming [Instr.] 1:42
34 2:01:56 Stranger Blues [Live] 4:24
35 2:06:20 Coming Your Way [Live] 7:40
36 2:14:00 Rattlesnake Shake [Live] 7:49

Fleetwood Mac
Peter Green- - -vocal,guitar
Jeremy Spencer- - -vocal,guitar
Danny Kirwan- - -vocal,guitar
John McVie- - -bass
Mick Fleetwood- - -drums

Brunning Sunflower Blues Band 4,12,20-23,26
Peter Green 5
Peter Green & Nick Pickett 24
Peter Green & Duster Bennett 29-33

it’s never fun when my boss messages me “hey I need to ask a HUGE favor”

I’ve been at work since 12:30pm yesterday and now I’m here until 3pm. 😩

heikotheimperial  asked:

1, 2 ,3, 7, 12, 15, 30 yes these are mostly at random shut up

01. What does your character’s name mean? Did you pick it for the symbolism, or did you just like the way it sounded?

A. I go by the name Snake in pretty much every game/community I am apart of. I just added Stone to it, to make it sound Nordic.

02. What is one of your character’s biggest insecurities? Are they able to hide it easily or can others easily exploit this weakness?

A. His inability to grow a proper beard. He’s unsure as to why he can’t grow a full beard, and he feels like less of a man/nord since both his father and grandfather had full beards. He keeps this insecurity well hidden.

03. What would be their favorite physical trait about themselves?

A. His smile.

07. Is there a catchphrase or sound that they tend to make a lot (likely without being aware of it)?

A. A low defeated sigh followed by a groan.

12. Is there some particular talent, skill, or attribute that they simply could not give up?

A. Playing his lute, music helps him relax.

15. Is there a certain person in this world that they cannot stand? The very mention of this person’s name makes them tremble with anger or fear.

A.  Blushes-In-Shadows, after 3 attempts on his life (all the while flirting with him during attempts to kill him) has left a less than savory view on the lizard.

30. When it comes to the arts (music, film, theater, etc), what does your character like?

A. Music, he loves a good drinking song or a soothing melody.


Win Graybles Schmaybles, the Newest Adventure Time Graphic Novel

The good gang over at BOOM! Studios wants a bunch of you to get your very own copy of the newest Adventure Time 160-page graphic novel, Graybles Schmaybles, for absolutely free, just like the best things in life. Danielle Corsetto wrote it, Bridget Underwood drew it, and Stephanie Gonzaga created all five variant covers, including the three above. Sez BOOM!,

Finn and Jake are about to go on their craziest series of adventures yet…and they don’t even have to leave their living room? After helping Party God with his technical issues, these two best pals discover a tiny cube all by its lonesome in the middle of the woods. Not ones to leave the helpless so…helpless, Finn and Jake take their new friend back to the treehouse and discover that some of the most harmless looking things can be the most dangerous.

For your chance to win, all you need to do is reblog this very post by Monday, 3/30, at noon PDT. BOOM! will choose five winners at random. Best of luck, everyone!

(If you don’t win, DO. NOT. UPSET. YOURSELF. Graybles Schmaybles will be available for old-fashioned purchase on April Fools Day.)