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  • The dates are following KST time
  • 17/11/14 - Departure to the US 
  • 17/11/15 -  THE LATE LATE SHOW - PERFORMANCE ONLY 8:30 AM KST (nov 14- Recording 3:30 PM PST -12:37 AM PST Broadcast)
  • 17/11/16 - Kimmel BTS outdoor Mini-Concert 10:45 PM KST (nov 15- 5:45 PM PST Recording) - 
  • 17/11/17 - KTLA News 8:40 PT - KIISFM 9PM PT
  • 17/11/18 - On with Mario Lopez (Radio) (9:00PM PT) - On Air With Ryan Seacrest (9:40am EST)
  • 17/11/19 - AMAs (American Music Awards performing DNA) Red Carpet 8:00 AM KST - The show 10:00 AM KST (8:00 PM EST Live Broadcast)
  • 17/11/20 - Nonno magazine featuring BTS release
  • 17/11/21 - Ellen Show pre-taping
  • 17/11/24 - Mic Drop Remix ft Desiigner by Steve Aoki
  • 17/11/27 - Ellen Show broadcast (Performing DNA)
  • 17/12/1 - MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards)
  • 17/12/2 - MMA (Melon Music Awards)
  • 17/12/4 - Jin’s Day (birthday)
  • 17/12/6 - JPN Album + Crystal Snow + MIC Drop MV 
  • 17/12/8-10 - WINGS TOUR Seoul (Finale)
  • 17/12/10 - WINGS TOUR FINALE Seoul Live Broadcast
  • 17/12/13 - Japanese Single album event
  • 17/12/16-17 - Tokyo/Osaka hand-shaking event (individual)
  • 17/12/17 - TBS Broadcast WINGS TOUR  (Kyocera dome) in Japan 
  • 17/12/27 - Release of WINGS TOUR Japan Edition
  • 17/12/30 - Tae’s Day (birthday)

BTS announced they will shoot V Lives in the US too so stay tuned for that. And lately every Tuesday there is a Run Ep -  9 PM KST

This list can be updated anytime
As Long as available the links to stream or rewatch the above events will be posted on this blog like usual.

Kevin: We’ve only gotten the small timers out.

Jason: I know, we gotta get that fucking Paul out.

Kevin: He’s gone fucking mad. He’s like fucking Napoleon. We should start calling him Napoleon. You know who Napoleon is, right? Napoleon was the French dictator, like he was the head of the military, but he had a small man’s complex. Ya ever hear them call it a Napoleon complex? He put his hand here *poses like Napoleon* and posed all the time like this. And then this little prick would give orders to everybody. And then he didn’t listen to one order when he should’ve and well, wadaloo, ya know what I mean? He (Paul) is literally out of his mind–his ears, his eyes are spinning like fucking one arm bandits, ya know? And he’s like telling everyone what’s going on and what to do. He’s telling so many people so many different things, I wonder how even keeps it straight or knows what the fuck he’s doing??

While I live for Kevin clocking Paul, does anyone know if he went and told Paul that Jason wants him out or not? I would love it if he didn’t, but I also know Kevin is playing both sides so…..

Anyways Yuri kiss Otabek for the first time, Otabek kiss Yuri right after the first kiss, then Yuri kiss Otabek again after the second kiss and for the next hours they just stay together in the sofa kissing each other, filling each other face with kisses, hugging and laughing while they chat about something

CV$ tips

So fun fact I work at cv$ and boy lemme tell ya. You do things right and you could take half the store. So here are some tips I can tell you from working there a year and a half 

*** please note that of course this varies by location and states in regards to lp and laws about chasing and who can lay hands on you. And every store has a different amount of cameras and a different layout. It would be in your best interest to go to a store in a “"nice”“ neighborhood


- as far as lp goes, there’s almost never anybody in the store from lp or corporate unless of course it’s predictably busy. My particular store is near a stadium so when they were going to the championships, we had lp and police stationed inside the store to stop ppl from walking out with beer. 

- if there is lp, they will be plain clothes

-cameras are not monitored unless you’re being sus, but even then it’s more likely that the manager will follow you around

- we have a no chase policy but I’ve literally seen some manager ignore this and go after them in the parking lot. They also technically cannot touch you but I’ve seen this rule broken before. But I’ve also seen a guy get stopped for beeping at the door and my manager literally see two champagne bottles in his backpack, but bc he didn’t see him conceal them, he had to let him go lol.

-in my state, it’s actually legal for managers to physically stop theft from happening, but it’s against company policy. Again, this doesn’t stop some of them.

-if you wanna return something without a recipe, we scan ids. If you paid with debit, we give cash back. Ppl return expensive medicine and vitamins all the time with receipts from the garbage and merch from another store that they lifted, and we just have to give them the return. You can get a lot of money this way, just don’t do it to frequently.

SHIFTS/best times🌞🌚

- i work in a 24 hour store, so the shifts for a store like that would be something like 2 manager in the morning, along with 3 sa’s, around 7am- 3:30/4pm. Then on week days, unless it’s expected to be busy for holidays or games, another manager comes in at 3:30/4-11/12 with 2 sa’s, one leaving about 7:30-9pm. Then it’s just one sa and one manager until the night crew comes. On weekends  There’s always two manager so and 2 sa’s before 9pm. 

-the night crews are usually facing, putting up tags or shipment. This varies by store but I would not recommend going at these times bc they are bored and pay extra close attention to ppl. It’s so so sus to go at these times for anything other than wine or beer.

- on shipment days, which where I’m at is 2 times a week, is fridays and tuesdays. The truck could come anywhere between 11am to 7pm. On these days, there is obvi more staff on the floor, but the night crew handles the majority of the unloading. Still Be careful bc the truck could come early and the managers will put it up in that case. There are also more sas these days. I’d say find out the days near you by asking something like “"you’re out of this when will you get more”

- basically if you notice only one or two sa’s, And don’t see a manager around, you’re probably good to go find a blind spot. 


- avoid pharmacy, cosmetics, liquor, allergy and electronics. Obvi this varies by store but the best places I’ve noticed to conceal is grocery, unless it’s by the door like the one in my store, cards, hair brushes, and seasonal. Just do not let anyone see you and you’ll be good. Remember that cameras are probably not monitored, but act like they are.

-rdif tags are on some cosmetics, nails, all alcohol(along with those cylindrical tops you need a magnet to get off), expensive types of vitamins and medicines, and batteries. But sometimes the towers are old and shitty like in my current store so if you conceal it under a few lays in a bag or on your person you might not even set them off. The liquor tops will always go off tho.

- if you beep, just keep walking. I know everyone says this but for real. Don’t stop. If we don’t see you conceal it, there’s nothing we can do.

-dress normally, be kind and be quick.

- DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT BRING A LARGE BAG OR BACKPACK INTO THE STORE UNLESS ITS FOLDED UP IN YOUR CART/BASKET. This is an automatic red flag for us to keep an eye on you. You’re better off concealin on your body or in the restrooms. If the store has a minute clinic, then they also have a restroom. The ‘take two and put on back’ method is probably the best way to go about things.


- cameras are intimidating, but almost never monitored

- if you beep, keep walking

- As long as nobody sees you, and you don’t conceal on camera ( which I know sounds like genaric advice but avoiding sa’s is not hard at all bc we have to stay up at the front anyway) you can literally get away with so much.

-we do have pictures in the back of people involved in organized retail crime, but thats it. They pretty much stay there forever.

All in all, just be safe, use common sense and you’ll be sittin’ pretty. Of all the people we’ve caught in our store lifting, the one mistake they all made was concealing in front of someone. Not even on camera. If someone sees you, it’s over, just dump and go. Say you forgot the your card or something, ppl do that all the time. Again I work a 24/7 store so I can’t speak for stores that close or more suburban stores.

Good luck babes💖💖😘 

10:51 A.M

You, 10:51 A.M
Yes or no, is salt hour happening later?

I don’t know what this is except purely texts that I thought of if you were dating doyoung so. Uh. Enjoy??? probably not as good as i’m hoping it’s late i’m sleepy i’m passing out

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Superstitious Rebellious

The world falls around
Comes crashing down
Comets and angels
With demons abound

Broken mirrors and black cats
Thirteen witches at black mass
Witches cause you recoil
With double trouble and toils.

Don’t walk under the ladder
Laugh with me, mad hatter
Embrace the common mistakes
Dance at midnight with snakes

That you do
Can bring you
Nothing new
Bring with you
Witches’ brew
Welcome to
Terror Dome

Horror’s Home

Hold the dark
Douse the spark
Friday beckons
Thirteen reckons

Falls apart
Dead will march


Hell’s bells
Ring again.

-H. Murcia 3/30/2017 12:33PM

oh by the way that bit about REM cycles! yeah, i don’t remember where i heard it, but it’s legit advice: a REM cycle lasts about an hour and a half. if you sleep 9 hours a night, you had ~6 dream cycles. waking up from a deep sleep and feeling like you’ve just been pulled out of a deep dark pit of really thick mud, that’s the result of waking up mid-cycle. your brain has these lulls of dream activity when the cycle ends where you’re more easily stirred and you wake up and actually feel awake. so it’s good advice even if you can’t sleep a full 9 hours to try and time your “falling asleep” time to your alarm so it’s a multiple of 1hr30m. trust me, it works wonders.

ex. alarm goes off at 8:00, so recommended falling asleep times should be 5:00, 3:30, 2:00, 12:30, and 11:00! but you should try to aim for the same time every night.

definitely not the last

A birthday drabble for our favorite chef, Yukihira Soma!

“So what are you giving him for his birthday?”

“Whose birthday?”

“You’re kidding me, right?”

Erina stopped typing on her laptop and looked up to find Alice’s perplexed look. She rolled her eyes at her cousin’s dramatics and returned her gaze to the paper she was writing for Chapelle-sensei’s class.

“I don’t have time for any of your games, Alice.” She said as she continued where she left off, typing away sentences about the French Influence on Japanese Cuisine.

“But it’s Yukihira’s birthday,” Alice whined, not knowing the effects of her words on her cousin.

Erina’s fingers hesitated above the keyboard, but only for a moment that one would probably miss it if they weren’t paying attention.

“And?” She asked nonchalantly without lifting her head from her work.

“Mou! They’re going to have a Barbeque at the Polar Star and I told them that we’ll be there.”

Oh. So that’s what it was for.

“I really don’t have time for that, Alice. I told Megumi as much when she invited me this morning.”

And before Alice can say anything else, she added, “You can bring Ryo instead.”

She knew that Ryo would be there nonetheless. He and Soma have been a lot closer since the Autumn election so she had no doubt that he’d already been invited. The same goes for Akira. And Takumi. Maybe Ikumi, too.

And as much as she wanted to hang out with them, her schedule just wouldn’t allow it. Besides, it’s not like they would miss her, or anything. They probably wouldn’t notice her absence. She wasn’t that close with them, anyway. Sure, they’ve fought side by side against her father but that doesn’t mean that she’ll already be welcomed in their circle. Megumi was probably just being polite when she invited her.

“Okay, okay!” She almost jumped when her cousin spoke in a defeated voice. She had her hand held up in the air and then sighed when she looked over Erina.

“I wouldn’t force you to come. No need to destroy that keyboard. Just… come over when you’re done. We’ll be there ‘till afternoon.”

She nodded and with that Alice left, leaving Erina alone in her room.

She hadn’t noticed that she was typing furiously. She checked her work and sure enough, some words were misspelled with extra letters. While she was editing her mistakes, her phone pinged, signaling a message.

Soma: Hey… ~3:04PM

Soma: You’re on tomorrow, right? ~3:05PM

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Day #3, Arranged Marriage AU

JB’s hooves thundered along the forest floor as Eggsy urged him faster, wind whipping by and mussing his hair and clothes. He ducked a low branch and burst into a wide, sunlit clearing.

“Damnit” he muttered, pulling JB to slow and stop beside a majestic dark stallion.

Viscount Harry Hart sat atop it, equally as majestic, with a small hourglass in his palm.

“Two minutes and twenty-odd seconds. That’s your best time yet.” he said and pocketed it.

Eggsy shrugged and hopped off his horse “Figured I should make every second count, yeah? Now are you going to sit there all day, or come down and fight me?”

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supermodelindisguise  asked:

What's the biggest and smallest age gap between the duggar siblings and the bates siblings - as separate families?

Josh - 3/3/88

Zach - 12/30/88

Jana & John - 1/12/90

Michael - 1/23/90

Erin - 5/2/91

Jill - 5/17/91

Lawson - 7/27/92

Jessa - 11/4/92

Nathan - 8/29/93

Jinger - 12/21/93

Alyssa - 11/9/94

Joseph - 1/20/95

Tori - 12/20/95

Josiah - 8/28/96

Trace - 2/1/97

Joy - 10/28/97

Carlin - 4/11/98

Jed & Jer - 12/30/98

Josie Bates - 8/4/99

Jason- 4/21/00

Katie - 10/5/00

James - 7/7/01

Jackson Bates - 2/17/02

Justin - 11/15/02

Jackson Duggar- 5/23/04

Warden - 5/19/03

Isaiah - 10/16/04

Johannah - 10/11/05

Addee - 2/17/06

Ellie - 4/28/07

Jennifer - 8/2/07

Jordyn - 12/18/08

Callie - 8/2/09

Josie Duggar - 12/10/09

Judson - 9/15/10

Jeb - 2/1/12

Smallest Bates/Duggar age gap is Michael and Jana/John (13 days), though Jill and Erin are pretty close (15 days)!  

Smallest opposite sex age gap is Alyssa and Joe.

Biggest age gaps between numbers in the lineup counting by pregnancy, I think that’s Jenni and Addee (opposite sex would be Jason and Josiah opposite Josie and Tori; both are about 16 months apart; figuring it out exactly involves doing more math than I feel like :P )  If you count each twin separately you’ll get different results, obviously, but I feel like you get less of a real idea of how close or far apart the ages are that way. 

Closest gap between eligible Duggars and Bateses is…technically Josiah and Trace (or has he made it official with Campbell yet??), but realistically Jason and Katie ;)  Both overall and considering placement in the lineup, I think.

I hope that answered your question, because if it didn’t I just wasted some time :P


Our first night home went amazingly. I was a little overwhelmed at first, Aubrey was so excited to see Hazel and I that she was very hyper (she stayed up until almost 1 which NEVER happens). Hazel only woke up 3 times (12:30, 5 and 7:30) so I’m feeling very well rested and praying that’s how much she sleeps every night.
I love my girls so much, they’re both so perfect. I can’t believe I was ever scared that I wouldn’t be able to love them equally, my heart has never felt so full and so happy❤️