3 23 12


aries-aries decan 1 (march 21-30 )
aries-leo decan 2 ( april 1-9 )
aries-sagittaurius decan 3 ( april 10-19 )

taurus-taurus decan 1 ( april 21-30 )
taurus-virgo decan 2 ( may 1-10 )
taurus-capricorn decan 3 ( may 11-21 )

gemini-gemini decan 1 ( may 22-31)
gemini-libra decan 2 ( june 1-10 )
gemini-aquarius decan 3 ( june 12-20 )

cancer-cancer decan 1 ( june 22-july1 )
cancer-scorpio decan 2 ( july 1-12 )
cancer-pisces decan 3 ( july 13-22)

leo-leo decan 1 ( july 21-august 1)
leo-sagittarius decan 2 ( august 2-12)
leo-aries decan 3 ( august 12-23 )

virgo-virgo decan 1 ( august 24 - sept 3 )
virgo-capricorn decan 2 ( sept 4-13 )
virgo-taurus decan 3 ( sept 12-22 )

libra-libra decan 1 ( sept 23 - oct 3 )
libra-aquarius decan 2 ( oct 4-13 )
libra-gemini decan 3 ( oct 14-23 )

scorpio-scorpio decan 1 ( oct 24 - nov 2 )
scorpio-pisces decan 2 ( nov 3-12 )
scorpio-cancer decan 3 ( nov 13-22 )

sagittarius-sagittarius decan 1 ( nov 23-3 )
sagittarius-aries decan 2 ( dec 3-12 )
sagittarius-leo decan 3 ( dec 13-21 )

capricorn-capricorn decan 1 ( dec 22-31 )
capricorn-taurus decan 2 ( jan 1-9 )
capricorn-virgo decan 3 ( jan 11-20 )

aquarius-aquarius decan 1 ( jan 21-29 )
aquarius-gemini decan 2 ( jan 30 - feb 8 )
aquarius-libra decan 3 ( feb 9-18 )

pisces-pisces decan 1 ( feb 19-29 )
pisces-cancer decan 2 ( march 1-10 )
pisces-scorpio decan 3 ( march 11 - 13 )

The first decan are the coldest and more stubborn then the rest

Second decan is the more sensual,warm , laid back and relaxed the most sensitive decan

Third is very driven work wise or driven towards something they really want but they are a bit uptight .


18-3-10    23-10-20      17-23-11-19-5      23-6-19       17-6-19-23-4
                    22-3-4   5-11-23-12-12   4-16-15-10-17-5    21-23-10  16-23-2-19
   21-16-23-15-10         6-19-23-21-4-15-9-10-5.


(insp. by @lesbiankelsinielsen’s recent post) tbh I also don’t really recommend this if you haven’t listened to it in the right order, and the fractured songs show it’s not really meant to be heard like this. but! anyway:

• I Don’t Know – sung by everyone, so there’s nowhere else to really put it.
• Bad Men (until 1:57)
• Monk
• Tango Dancer (both the scene and the song)
• Camera Shop (from 1:10 until 2:15)
• The Astronomer
• The Telescope
• Bad Men (from 1:57 until 2:55)
• Camera Shop (from 2:15 until the end)
• Bad Men (from 2:55 until the end)
• The Wind and Rain
• Soldier and Rose
• Family Meeting
• Lights Out
• Any Kind of Dead Person
• Four Friends
• Starchild
• Usher, Pt. 1
• Usher, Pt. 2
• Fathers and Sons
• Usher, Pt. 3 (until 1:53)
• Usher, Pt. 3 (from 2:29 until 2:38)
• Usher, Pt. 3 (from 3:23 until 4:12)
• Subway
• Usher, Pt. 3 (from 1:53 until 2:29)
• Usher, Pt. 3 (from 2:38 until 3:23)
• Usher, Pt. 3 (from 4:12 until the end)
• Hero
• The Camera Shop Scene
• The Camera Shop (until 1:10)
• The Photograph
• Midnight
• Prayer

For those who feel like no one listens because they’re “too young”

“Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity.“ 1 Timothy 4:12.

These words were written by Paul to Timothy. Timothy was a very young leader in the church at Ephesus. Just like we constantly are told by those older than us, Timothy had his fair share of “What do you know? You’re young and inexperienced.” Paul saw this. What did he do? He encouraged Timothy to continue doing what he was doing. He encouraged Timothy to be an example to everyone.

When it comes to God, your age doesn’t matter. He has great plans for you and wants to see you accomplish great things. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re too young. Be an example to everyone. Show them God’s love.

These words got me through some tough times at the end of my time at the church I grew up in. These words still help me today. Because, no matter how old I get, someone is older and thinks they know better than I do (Which is sometimes the case. I’m not going to overlook wise counsel. I just don’t want to hear things like “You’re just a kid. You have no clue what you’re doing.”).

Just remember that there’s a difference between wise counsel from those who have experienced what you’re going through and not listening to you because of your age and/or inexperience. Soak up the wisdom of those who have come before you like a sponge. Wisdom and experience are important. But don’t listen to those who wish to discount you and what you’re doing because of your age. 

You are important. You matter. God loves you. Unlike people, God looks at your heart (1 Samuel 16:7). It is God we should aim to please, not others. If you show God to others through your speech, love, life, etc., He will see what you’re doing and reward you (Colossians 3:23-24).

I’ll repeat it because I know I need to hear it as well:
- You are important.
- You matter.
- God loves you.


Очень много меня в ленту :‘3

15 июня. 23:12.
В последние пару дней я перезнакомилась теперь уже со всем составом лаунж кафе-бара в котором я работаю. И да, работаю я официантом, но мечтаю после стать барменом. Очень хочу подробно вас познакомить с моей новой семьёй и этим местом. А ещё очень хочу продлить своё пребывание там. Когда я осознаю, что я не задержусь тут больше, чем на год, я начинаю жутко грустить..
Вчера я попробовала впервые кальян и пару алкогольных коктейлей. Теперь чуть больше чувствую себя взрослой. Если честно, то я стала замечать, как меняюсь. И дело не только в том, что я нашла работу, начала пить, курить кальян и ярко краситься, нет, дело в другом. Очень хочу описать вам свои ощущения, но оставлю это для другого поста.
Ещё хочу с вами поделиться тем, что с июля постараюсь переехать на квартиру к трём знакомым девчонкам. Это будет круто. Я надеюсь, что все получится.
Сегодня я весь день провела у Насти, так как у меня был выходной. Было лампово и классно. Теперь, возвращаясь домой, я понимаю, что мне здесь плохо. Я хочу проводить время с кем-то, хочу быть рядом с людьми. Хочу растворяться в них и событиях, что постепенно заполняют мою жизнь.
Теперь я действительно чувствую, что мне 18. И знаете, кажется, следующий год моей жизни будет потрясающим.

Watch on mysticdragon3md3.tumblr.com

Persona Live P-Sound Bomb Concert @Yokohama Arena (02/08/2017) Renz

Live performances of not just Persona 5 music, but also of Persona 3 and Persona 4 songs.  
Concert starts at 27:58/3:23:41.
Each singer is wearing a costume from whichever Persona series they’re singing!  Lyn wears Makoto’s Shujin uniform, Yumi Kawamura and Lotus Juice wear S.E.E.S. costumes, and Shihoko Hirata cosplays a pop idol version of Rise.  ^o^  
At 44:33/3:23:41, there’s a really nice medley of P5’s “Beneath the Mask”, P4’s “Signs of Love”, and P3’s “When the Moon Reaches for the Stars”, sung by all 3 singers, simultaneously.  
At 48:20/3:23:41, there’s a long voice-over from Jun Fukuyama (Akira Kurusu) ^.^!  (He even does the Lelouch laugh!!!  *u* )  Then cosplayers of the Phantom Thieves appear on stage!
54:12/3:23:41 voice-over from Mamoru Miyano (Ryuji Sakamoto) and the rest of the Phantom Thieves—in an audio drama with Persona 3 characters!  O.O!  (I may not know P3, but I’d recognize Kazuya Nakai’s voice anywhere!  ^o^ )  
1:00:40/3:23:41 A Teddie mascot makes an appearance on stage!  ^u^  
I love how the audience’s glowsticks turn blue/yellow/red, to correspond with which Persona series the song being performed is from.  
1:16:50/3:23:41  I didn’t know we needed a tap dancing Futaba Sakura, but apparently it’s something we all needed in our lives.  ^-^  
1:23:45/3:23:41  Yosuke and Minato rescue Haru and Futaba from Shadows.  ^o^
1:30:00/3:23:41  Junpei and Ann team-up.  Very short; you might miss it!
1:55:09/3:23:41  Caroline and Justine appear.
1:58:04/3:23:41  Caroline and Justine sing the Junes song.  ^o^  And then they skip off stage!  LOL  
2:06:13/3:23:41  Ballet performance by Haru.  
2:12:26/3:23:41  Dancers in Persona 3 cosplay dance with Lotus Juice.  
2:32:19/3:23:41  Jun Fukuyama / Akira Kurusu voice over.  (He does that Lelouch laugh again!  ^u^ )  Akira asks if everyone enjoyed the concert, then he introduces the premier of the trailers for Persona 5 Dancing Star Night.  
2:35:11/3:23:41  Listen to that crowd cheer when they hear Minato say, “Sorry to make you wait” at the beginning of the Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night trailer premier!  ^o^  And again, when he says “It’s good to meet you again” at the end of the trailer!  ;u;
2:36:15/3:23:41  DJ Waka mixes songs from Persona 3 and Persona 5 (presumedly from their newly announced dancing games), while P3 and P5 cosplayers dance together.  I feel kind of bad that Yosuke was the only P4 dancer though.  
2:39:55/3:23:41  Futaba and Yosuke dance together.  
2:40:02/3:23:41  Akira Kurusu dances with Mitsuru Kirijo—and dips her!  ^.^!  He’s so smooth!  LOL
2:40:41/3:23:41  Persona Q 2 announcement.  Mostly the PQ2 logo with voiceover by Jun Fukuyama (Akira Kurusu).  
2:57:22/3:23:41  Lotus Juice gives a farewell message for the international audiences watching on stream.  
3:11:30/3:23:41  "Hoshi to Bokura to" / “With the Stars and Us”.  ;u;  
3:19:33/3:23:41  And—ohmygawd—is that audio drama at the end of the concert, of previous Persona casts getting a calling card from the Phantom Thieves?!?  *o*!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It sounds like Kirijo’s Shadow Operatives are chatting with Nanako and Teddie about how the Phantom Thieves appear to be Persona users and even though they’re thieves, they look like good guys.  But then they get a cheeky calling card from Joker (how he’ll steal the #1 spot?) and scream that the Phantom Thieves are “uncute” (probably as kohai).  LOL  ^o^  [No one told me Teddie’s seiyuu was Kappei Yamaguchi all this time!!!  ;U; )  

friday i’m in love (chapter 3)

Synopsis: Parties! Girls! Alcohol! Deep conversations about human impulse! The classic teen experience. Featuring Broody Even and Nerdy Isak.

Pairing: Isak/Even

Chapters: 3/?

Words: 4681

FRIDAY 12:23

“Dude… are you okay?” Magnus says thoughtfully while shoving a forkful of…something…into his mouth. Isak sniffs and rubs an eye sleepily, “yeah I was just… up all night writing those fucking labs.” He rolls a tomato around his plate with his fork. Jonas squints quizzically.

“You’re normally on top of that shit. The last time we had a lab you did it the night she assigned it?” Isak slumps over and rests his head on his arms folded on the table.

“Yeah well I forgot until 4AM last night or….this morning I guess. It’s not a problem. I got it done. I’ll just nap in my study hall and then I’ll be fine.”

“Fine enough for the party at Emma’s tonight?” Mahdi pipes up, grinning.

“Dude…she’s got to be THE hottest girl in the first year. In the school, even.” Magnus replies, eyes lit up. Jonas scoffs, “uh, no. You’ve just got the lowest standards in the school. She’s pretty though. Isak,” Jonas elbows Isak softly, jolting him out of his daze, “you should talk to her. Chat her up- you’ve got game… unlike these idiots.” Mahdi and Magnus mock offense,

“I’ve totally got game bro!” Magnus scorns. Jonas, Mahdi and Isak (somewhat sleepily) cast gazes of derision laced with the usual fondness his way.

“Seriously bro, if any one of us stands a chance with Emma, it’s you.”

read on ao3


“Merciless” Mary McGee Fighting Highlights

By: oneinamillionboxing

Shame this HL reel is 8 years old. Can’t find any of her more recent performances.

Mary McGee (23-3, 12 KOs) is probably most well known for losing to Holly Holm in Holm’s last fight before retiring from boxing to go do MMA full time. Outside of that, McGee has been one of the handful of American boxers out here getting wins between lightweight and super welterweight over the last dozen years. Yet a world title has eluded her. She’ll get another shot at a world title this Saturday (July 15th) on the undercard for PBC on FOX: Guerrero-Figueroa Jr. She’ll fight for the IBF super welterweight title when she faces fellow American Alicia Napoleon (7-1).

itsgarbagecannotgarbagecannot  asked:

1, 3, 11, 12, 23, and 41 for the fandom/fanfic ask please :)

I’m in a state: I had this question almost completely answered and then the tumblr app was like “you took to long! Bye!” and deleted the whole response. So I’m on my computer now.

1:  What was the first fandom you got involved in?

Class of the Titans.  I loved and still love that show; it was amazing.  It was also the first fandom I wrote for, which was awesome.

3:  What is the best fandom you’ve ever been involved in?

Is it trite to say this one?  The AOS faction of the Trekkie fandom has persisted since 2009, so I always know I have somewhere to come home to.  On the whole, this is a really friendly, uplifting, optimistic community.

11:  Who is your current OTP?

I know already answered this for someone else, but I can’t express how much I like McKirk.

12:  Who is your current OT3?

Probably the triumvirate.

23:  Name a fic you’ve written that you’re especially fond of & explain why you like it.

Making Scotty a Hat.  I reread this story at least twice a week.

I love this one so much because I wrote it immediately after finishing knitting Scotty’s hat myself IRL.  I was like “what if someone made him that hat?” So I explored that thought.  I got to work with Scotty at a different stage of his life than I usually do, which was also fun.  And it was super fluffy too, amirite?

41:  List and link 5 fanfics you are currently reading.

Since I’m on my laptop, I can actually like these now! Go me!

What Hides in the Night by @goingknowherewastaken

What We Were Part 1 by @imoutofmyvulcanmind (who I can’t tag for some reason)

A Very Good Morning by @pinkamour1588 *NSFW

Conversations by @pinkamour1588 and @auduna-druitt *NSFW

The Art of Healing by @mccoymostly **This one actually destroyed me in all the best ways. I love this story so much. I can’t recommend it enough. *NSFW? (It was beautifully done)

Thank you for all the questions, my love!!

Zayn Malik's Tattoos Updated 01/03/14

1) Ying-Yang on his left arm.

2)Grandfather´s name in arabic on his chest.

3)A playing card with his initials on his ribs.

4)A born lucky symbol, and later a heart.

5)A New Zealand Fantail on the back of his neck.

6)A puzzle piece on his right arm (matching tattoos with Danny Riach).

7)Fingers crossed on his right arm.

8)‘Be true to who you are’ in arabic on his left collarbone.

9)Microphone on his right arm.

10)Big number 6 on his right arm.

11)'ZAP! ’ on his right arm.

(Now looks like this)

12)Number 1 on his right arm (down his crossed fingers tattoo).

13)Another number 6 on his right arm (on the right of his microphone tattoo).

14)Another number 6 on his right arm (on the left of his microphone tattoo).

15)Number 1 tattoo (next to the fingers crossed tattoo).

16)A number 5 tattoo (next to his microphone tattoo).

17)’Friday?’ tattoo on his right collarbone.

18) Boombox tattoo on his right arm.

19)Skull tattoo on his right shoulder.

20)Bird shape tattoo on his right hand.

21)Bandana on his right elbow.

22)'Chilin’ on his right arm.

23)’M.S.G. 3-12-12’ on his right arm. 

24)Skull on his right arm.

25)Shadows and stuff on his right arm (he completed half sleeve).

26)A smoking skull with a hat on his left shoulder.

27)Pink Floyd tatoo on his right arm.

28)Lips between a pair of wings on his chest. 

29)Wolf & Feathers on his left leg.

30)'Don’t Think I Won’t’ on his hip.

31)'Bus 1’ tattoo on his left hand.

32)Tic Tac Toe Board on his right leg.

33)Robot tatto on his right arm (next to the boombox tattoo).

34)'A pirate’s life for me’ tattoo on his ribs (matching tattoo with Alexander De Leon).

35)Lighting Bolt on his right upper arm.

36)Tiger on his left arm.

37)Snake tattoo on his right shoulder.

38)Space Monkey & Spaceship tattoos on his right upper arm (between snake & Perrie’s tattoos).

39)Geometric shapes (next to the lighing bolt tattoo).

40)Gun on his stomach (left side).

41) Henna-style flower design on his wrist

As I’ve said before I believe the numbers that are randomly all over his right arm are his X-Factor number.

The images are not mine. The credit is to their owners.

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Thank you for seeing my post :) xxx

The Evolution of AJPunk Part 2

Okay, so if you’ve read part 1, then you may or may not have noticed I forgot a few tiny little things. If you didn’t, I did, and so I’m back with these moments and gif reactions! Here’s the link to the first one if you haven’t read it the-evolution-of-ajpunk

So, I forgot to add where I really thought their relationship started.

NXT, 9/21/10

When I saw this, I had literally just started paying attention to wrestling. I started watching wrestling during this episode right here! This was my reaction when I saw/heard this.

But seeing it now, my reaction is

Smackdown, 3/23/12

So, you all may be wondering, what happened on Smackdown between AJ Lee and CM Punk when she was with Daniel Bryan? Well, for those of you who watched that Smackdown and either forgot or didn’t catch it, CM Punk said to AJ. “When you’re done with him [Daniel Bryan], call me!” And that’s what started their storyline romance. 

I watched that Smackdown and gagged in the beginning when AJ was talking about her and Daniel, but didn’t catch what Punk said to her, so I go back after their storyline ended, remembering he said something to her, and this is my reaction when I realized what he said.

That was such a sad moment for me, because I thought they were totally over when I re-watched it, because I re-watched it when AJ and Ziggler were together.

Summerslam, 8/19/12

Again, you may be wondering, what happened at Summerslam that was so important that we may have not noticed? Well, a lot of people didn’t notice it at the time (including me), but that’s what I’m here for, to tell you what happened.

Around this moment right here, John Cena said. “I know there is something going on between you two.” When AJ and Punk were staring at each other. Now, why would the writers have John Cena say that when the ring mics barely picked it up? So, this is my reaction when I realized this, about five months after Summerslam.

RAW, 8/26/13, we all know what this day was. At least we all should. The hints escalating that AJ and Punk were dating in real life.

Notice that word up there. Pipebombshell. PipebombshellPipebombshellPipebombshell. 

Let’s all remember that Punk is the one that first said it!

Raw, 12/9/13

And let’s not forget when we were so fucking close to having AJ and Punk in the same room together, on camera, that hasn’t happened since she was GM! No one noticed it? Well, it was when AJ got a slammy stolen from her be Stephanie McMahon. It was for Insult of the Year, and when they announced it, it was right before Punk’s match and Punk was in the ring! But, those motherfucking writers, ruined it and let Stephanie beat her, and everyone hated what Stephanie did that got her nominated. Fired and assaulted Big Show. AJ fucking went out there, no script, and spoke her mind and lost to Stephanie!

My reaction to the writers and the McMahons after tearing an AJPunk moment away from me.

Okay, that was it for The Evolution of AJPunk Part 2! Now,

mcalhen  asked:

Fanfic asks: 3, 11, 12, 23, 31, 36?

3. What is the best fandom you’ve ever been involved in?

Probably FFXV. Prior to this, I would gush over certain video games with friends, but this was before the days of twitter and social media. I am old people. In my 20s, I really didn’t fangirl at all. I missed out. 

11. Who is your current OTP?

Oh jeez, Ignis and Noctis. IgNoct. Igunoku. Nokuigu. Give me all of them.

12. Who is your current OT3?

Ignis x Noctis x Prompto. I do ship Promnis on the side, so this kinda just naturally happened. Plus there’s a really good OT3 fic out there from @crossedquills that uh…yeah, does things to me. Here it is: https://archiveofourown.org/works/12004005/chapters/27161568 VERY NSFW, but very good. (I hope they aren’t mad at me for linking it >_>)

23. Name a fic you’ve written that you’re especially fond of & explain why you like it

Ooooh you so tricky. So I don’t normally name my fics that I haven’t posted on tumblr because…well I’m still very nervous about people finding my handle. But, I will share writing in private occasionally so…I’ll throw you a title. There’s one out there called Nostalgia. I won’t say which fandom it’s in, pairings, etc, but I was happy with how quickly I was able to write it and the fact that it made me feel…nostalgic? 

31. What’s the nicest thing someone has ever said about your writing?

People frequently compliment my characterizations, which warms my heart. I spend a lot of time digging around my own head and the heads of others, trying to pick apart behaviors and motivations and contradicting thought patterns. I guess all of that comes through.

36. What’s your favourite genre to write?

That’s tough. I’d say probably angst? I’m still getting back into practice though, so that may change. I’m also fond of humor and awkward puns (which makes Ignis so fun for me).

themaevethcometh  asked:

2, 3, 12, 13, 23, 24, 25

Oh my! Thank you so much for all these, phew ok!

2) what work of yours, if any, are you the most embarrassed about existing?

God, anything I wrote, fanfic or otherwise, from the age of like 13 to 19??????? All of it is garbage. Some of it is still floating around out there, as long as I don’t run into it, good riddance

3) what order do you write in? front of book to back? chronological? favorite scenes first? something else?

All of the above? If it’s a short thing - 2k words or less - usually I wrote in order. If it’s a long, long fic - 15k and up - I usually write my favorite scenes first, the ones that are stuck in my head for it. Anything in the middle is a toss up, sometimes I write in order, sometimes I skip a scene because it’s not working, sometimes I write bits of different scenes and then figure out how to put them all together. I have no set way of doing it, just whatever is working in the moment.

12) your weaknesses as an author

Imagery, I don’t paint pictures with my words. I don’t have a pretty flow in my writing. I don’t do a great job of helping anyone visualize or feel like they’re part of the scenery.

13) your strengths as an author

Dialogue. I think I’m pretty good at making characters seem like real people, or I hope I do anyway, that’s always the goal. I think I’m pretty good at injecting humor into my stories. It doesn’t always work, but most of the feedback on funny things I’ve written has seemed positive.

23) any obscure life experiences that you feel have helped your writing?

Hmmmm….not sure about obscure like experiences but I do tend to put a lot of the random things I see in my every day life that I think are funny or just very human into my writing. I don’t know if there is anything that has helped me with the physical act of writing though.

24) have you ever become an expert on something you previously knew nothing about, in order to better a scene or a story?

I don’t know if I’m an expert but I learned the military alphabet for a story I wrote once several years ago and can still recite them all to this day.

25) copy/paste a few sentences or a short paragraph that you’re particularly proud of

I’ve done this a few times before with the Mimic mostly, so I’ll do one from a fic I’m proud of but don’t talk about much

From ‘With Naps Like These’

It takes him a few seconds to realize that he’s not all that comfortable, not how he’s been before, when he notices that Joe is lying there as stiff as a board below him.

“You gotta relax.”

“I’m trying,” Joe argues, but he just clenches his jaw and holds his shoulders a little tighter.

“Well, first of all, move your arm, ya weirdo,” Luz tells him, pulling Joe’s arm down from where he’s been clinging to the back of the couch, so that his hand rests on Luz’s back.

He can feel the heat radiating from Joe’s hand onto his back and the warmth immediately spreads, making him rest a little more comfortably against Joe’s side.

“Now, do you want me to talk about my week?”

“Absolutely not.”

“So, Monday started out rough. I hit snooze on my alarm a few times, I guess, because I completely overslept.”

Thank you for the ask, friend!!

Here Are all of the #AJPunk moments on TV!

#AJPunk TV Moments
1. NXT 9/21/10
2. Superstars 11/18/10
3. Smackdown 3/23/12
4. RAW 5/14/12
5. RAW 5/21/12
6. RAW 5/28/12
7. Smackdown 6/1/12
8. RAW 6/4/2012
9. RAW 6/11/2012
10. Smackdown 6/15/12
* No Way Out 6/17/2012 *
11. RAW 6/18/2012
12. RAW 6/25/12
13. RAW 7/2/12
14. Smackdown 7/3/12
15. RAW 7/9/12
* Money In The Bank 7/15/2012 *
16. RAW 7/30/2012
17. RAW 8/6/2012
18. RAW 8/13/2012
* Summerslam 8/19/2012 *
19. RAW 9/3/2012
20. RAW 9/24/2012
21. RAW 10/1/2012
22. RAW 10/8/12
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If Islam is Evil then Why.....

If the religion of islam is so evil why does it tell us to:

Why does the Quran tell us to be Kind to eachother?

Why does the Quran tell us to Forgive those who have wronged you?

Why does the Quran tell us not to backbite, defame, and hurt one another?

Why does the Quran tell us that we need to look after our neighbours ?

Why does the Quran tell us we need to give 2.5 % of our income to charity? - The largest population who gives charity is the Muslims

Why does the Quran tell us to accept invitations?

Why does the Quran tell us to avoid being jealous of other people?

Why does the Quran tell us to keep ourselves clean and in a pure state?

Why does the Quran tell us to fulfill our promises?

Why does the Quran tell us to avoid lieing and cheating and bribary?

Why does the Quran tell us to avoid suspicion and avoid spying on others?

Why does the Quran tell us to Lower our gaze? So that we may be happy with our spouses and not look elsewhere..

Why does The Quran tell us to be obedient to parents? To be Gentle to our parents and take care of them when they’re old? - instead of puting them in an old age home

If the Quran and Religion of Islam is so Evil Why does it tell us to rather remain silent if we have nothing good to say?

Why does it tell us to not commit fornication and adultery? - do you think that if everybody only had sex with their spouse that there would be SO many sexual transmitted diseases? That there would be abortions?

Why does it tell us to stay away from intoxicants? - look how many families drugs and alcohol have broken up

Why does the Quran tell us to Greet people?

Why does the Quran tell us to be united?

Why does the Quran tell us that we should never oppress anyone

Why does Islam teach us to be KIND to every living thing? The animals, and even the plants

Why does the Quran teach us to not fight anybody unless they fight us first and take our homes and property?

Why does islam teach us to let go of our ego and become humble?

Don’t you see? Islam teaches us to be the best kind of person..

Don’t you see? If everybody abided by these laws, there would be no corruption and chaos?

If you don’t believe me, below are the verses of the Qur'an, you can look them up on your own :)

1. Respect and honour all human beings irrespective of their religion, colour, race, sex, language, status, property, birth, profession/job and so on- Quran [17/70]

2. Talk straight, to the point, without any ambiguity or deception - Quran [33/70]

3. Choose best words to speak and say them in the best possible way - Quran [17/53, 2/83]

4. Do not shout. Speak politely keeping your voice low. Quran [31/19]

5. Always speak the truth. Shun words that are deceitful and ostentatious - Quran [22/30]

6. Do not confound truth with falsehood - Quran [2/42]

7. Say with your mouth what is in your heart - Quran [3/167]

8. Speak in a civilised manner in a language that is recognised by the society and is commonly used - Quran [4/5]

9. When you voice an opinion, be just, even if it is against a relative - Quran [6/152]

10. Do not be a bragging boaster - Quran[31/18]

11. Do not talk, listen or do anything vain - Quran [23/3, 28/55]

12. Do not participate in any paltry. If you pass near a futile play, then pass by with dignity - Quran [25/72]

13. Do not verge upon any immodesty or lewdness whether surreptitious or overt - Quran [6/151].

14. If, unintentionally, any misconduct occurs by you, then correct yourself expeditiously Quran [3/134].

15. Do not be contemptuous or arrogant with people - Quran [31/18]

16. Do not walk haughtily or with conceit - Quran [17/37, 31/18]

17. Be moderate in thy pace - Quran [31/19]

18. Walk with humility and sedateness - Quran [25/63]

19. Keep your gazes lowered devoid of any lecherous leers and salacious stares - Quran [24/30-31, 40/19].

20. If you do not have complete knowledge about anything, better keep your mouth shut. You might think that speaking about something without full knowledge is a trivial matter. But it might have grave consequences - Quran [24/15-16]

21. When you hear something malicious about someone, keep a favourable view about him/her until you attain full knowledge about the matter. Consider others innocent until they are proven guilty with solid and truthful evidence - Quran [24/12-13]

22. Ascertain the truth of any news, lest you smite someone in ignorance and afterwards repent of what you did - Quran [49/6]

23. Do not follow blindly any information of which you have no direct knowledge. (Using your faculties of perception and conception) you must verify it for yourself. In the Court of your Lord, you will be held accountable for your hearing, sight, and the faculty of reasoning - Quran [17/36].

24. Never think that you have reached the final stage of knowledge and nobody knows more than yourself. Remember! Above everyone endowed with knowledge is another endowed with more knowledge [12/76]. Even the Prophet [p.b.u.h] was asked to keep praying, “O My sustainer! Advance me in knowledge.”- Quran [20:114]

25. The believers are but a single Brotherhood. Live like members of one family, brothers and sisters unto one another - Quran [49/10].

26. Do not make mockery of others or ridicule others -Quran [49/11]

27. Do not defame others - Quran [49/11]

28. Do not insult others by nicknames- Quran [49/11]

29. Avoid suspicion and guesswork. Suspicion and guesswork might deplete your communal energy -Quran [49/12]

30. Spy not upon one another - Quran [49/12]

31. Do not backbite one another Quran [49/12]

32. When you meet each other, offer good wishes and blessings forbsafety. One who conveys to you a message of safety and security and also when a courteous greeting is offered to you, meet it with a
greeting still more courteous or (at least) of equal courtesy - Quran [4/86]

33. When you enter your own home or the home of somebody else, compliment the inmates - Quran [24/61]

34. Do not enter houses other than your own until you have sought permission; and then greet the inmates and wish them a life of blessing, purity and pleasure - Quran [24/27]

35. Treat kindly
“ Your parents
” Relatives
“ The orphans
” And those who have been left alone in the society - Quran [4/36]

36. Take care of
“ The needy,
” The disabled
“ Those whose hard earned income is insufficient to meet their needs
” And those whose businesses have stalled
“ And those who have lost their jobs. - Quran [4/36]

37. Treat kindly
” Your related neighbours, and unrelated neighbours
“ Companions by your side in public gatherings, or public
transportation. - Quran [4/36]

38. Be generous to the needy wayfarer, the homeless son of the street, and the one who reaches you in a destitute condition - Quran [4/36]

39. Be nice to people who work under your care. - Quran [4/36]

40. Do not follow up what you have given to others to afflict them with reminders of your generosity - Quran [2/262].

41. Do not expect a return for your good behaviour, not even thanks - Quran [76/9]

42. Cooperate with one another in good deeds and do not cooperate with others in evil and bad matters - Quran [5/2]

43. Do no try to impress people on account of self-proclaimed virtues - Quran [53/32]

44. You should enjoin right conduct on others but mend your own ways first. Actions speak louder than words. You must first practice good deeds yourself, then preach - Quran [2/44]

45. Correct yourself and your families first [before trying to correct others] - Quran [66/6]

46. Pardon gracefully if anyone among you who commits a bad deed out of ignorance, and then repents and amends - Quran [6/54, 3/134]

47. Divert and sublimate your anger and potentially virulent emotions to creative energy, and become a source of tranquillity and comfort to people- Quran [3/134]

48. Call people to the Way of your Lord with wisdom and beautiful exhortation. Reason with them most decently - Quran [16/125]

49. Leave to themselves those who do not give any importance to the Divine code and have adopted and consider it as mere play and amusement - Quran [6/70]

50. Sit not in the company of those who ridicule Divine Law unless they engage in some other conversation - Quran [4/140]

51. Do not be jealous of those who are blessed - Quran [4/54]

52. In your collective life, make rooms for others - Quran [58/11]

53. When invited to dine, Go at the appointed time. Do not arrive too early to wait for the preparation of meal or linger after eating to engage in bootless babble. Such things may cause inconvenience to the host - Quran [33/53]

54. Eat and drink [what is lawful] in moderation - Quran [7/31].

55. Do not squander your wealth senselessly - Quran [17/26]

56. Fulfil your promises and commitments- Quran [17/34]

57. Keep yourself clean, pure _ Quran [9/108, 4/43, 5/6].

58. Dress-up in agreeable attire and adorn yourself with exquisite character from inside out - Quran [7/26]

59. Seek your provision only by fair endeavour -Quran [29/17, 2/188]

60. Do not devour the wealth and property of others unjustly, nor bribe the officials or the judges to deprive others of their possessions - Quran [2/188]

How can these PERFECT Laws be written by anyone else Except God?

SEVENTEEN - Very NICE (3:12) line distribution

SEVENTEEN - Very NICE (3:12)

  • DK - 23 sec
  • Seungkwan - 13 sec 
  • Vernon - 11 sec 
  • Jeonghan - 10 sec 
  • Joshua - 10 sec 
  • Mingyu - 9 sec 
  • Woozi - 9 sec 
  • Dino - 7 sec 
  • S.Coups - 7 sec 
  • Hoshi - 4 sec 
  • Jun - 4 sec 
  • The8 - 4 sec 
  • Wonwoo - 4 sec

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