3 21 11


aries-aries decan 1 (march 21-30 )
aries-leo decan 2 ( april 1-9 )
aries-sagittaurius decan 3 ( april 10-19 )

taurus-taurus decan 1 ( april 21-30 )
taurus-virgo decan 2 ( may 1-10 )
taurus-capricorn decan 3 ( may 11-21 )

gemini-gemini decan 1 ( may 22-31)
gemini-libra decan 2 ( june 1-10 )
gemini-aquarius decan 3 ( june 12-20 )

cancer-cancer decan 1 ( june 22-july1 )
cancer-scorpio decan 2 ( july 1-12 )
cancer-pisces decan 3 ( july 13-22)

leo-leo decan 1 ( july 21-august 1)
leo-sagittarius decan 2 ( august 2-12)
leo-aries decan 3 ( august 12-23 )

virgo-virgo decan 1 ( august 24 - sept 3 )
virgo-capricorn decan 2 ( sept 4-13 )
virgo-taurus decan 3 ( sept 12-22 )

libra-libra decan 1 ( sept 23 - oct 3 )
libra-aquarius decan 2 ( oct 4-13 )
libra-gemini decan 3 ( oct 14-23 )

scorpio-scorpio decan 1 ( oct 24 - nov 2 )
scorpio-pisces decan 2 ( nov 3-12 )
scorpio-cancer decan 3 ( nov 13-22 )

sagittarius-sagittarius decan 1 ( nov 23-3 )
sagittarius-aries decan 2 ( dec 3-12 )
sagittarius-leo decan 3 ( dec 13-21 )

capricorn-capricorn decan 1 ( dec 22-31 )
capricorn-taurus decan 2 ( jan 1-9 )
capricorn-virgo decan 3 ( jan 11-20 )

aquarius-aquarius decan 1 ( jan 21-29 )
aquarius-gemini decan 2 ( jan 30 - feb 8 )
aquarius-libra decan 3 ( feb 9-18 )

pisces-pisces decan 1 ( feb 19-29 )
pisces-cancer decan 2 ( march 1-10 )
pisces-scorpio decan 3 ( march 11 - 13 )

The first decan are the coldest and more stubborn then the rest

Second decan is the more sensual,warm , laid back and relaxed the most sensitive decan

Third is very driven work wise or driven towards something they really want but they are a bit uptight .

نظرية أمريكية جميلة جدًّا استوقفتني كثيرًا !!

وهي كالتالي :

If : إذا

are equal to :

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

إذا أعطي كل حرف في اللغة وزنًا بناءً على ترتيبه الأبجدي، مثلًا أول حرف هو A ووزنه يساوي 1 وآخر حرف Z ووزنه يساوي 26 ..

فإن :

🔸العمل الجاد 🔸

( H+A+R+D+W+O+R+K ) =

8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11= 98%

🔸 المعرفة 🔸
( K+N+O+W+L+E+D+G+E ) =

11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5= 96%

🔸الحب 🔸
( L+O+V+E ) =

12+15+22+5 = 54%

🔸الحظ 🔸
( L+U+C+K ) :

12+21+3+11 = 47%

💡لا شيء مما سبق سوف يعطيك نتيجة 100% التي تريد 😊

إذا هل هي ، ،

🔸النقود 🔸؟؟؟

💡 طبعاً لا !!!

( M+O+N+E+Y )=


🔸القيادة 🔸؟

💡أيضا لا !!

( L+E+A+D+E+R+S+H+I+P ) =

18+19+8+9+16= 97%

💡لكل مشكلة حل ، فقط ربما إذا غيرنا سلوكنا وأسلوبنا في التعامل ..

🔸السلوك 🔸 “ATTITUDE”

( A+T+T+I+T+U+D+E ) =

1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100%

✨ إذاً :-

💡إذا غيرنا سلوكنا تجاه الحياة ،
سوف نحدث تغير حقيقي
في حياتنا بإذن الله ..

نظرية حققها الإسلام قبل 14 قرن ونصف
﴿إِنَّ اللَّهَ لَا يُغَيِّرُ مَا بِقَوْمٍ حَتَّى يُغَيِّرُوا مَا بِأَنْفُسِهِم )..

anonymous asked:

could you possibly reblog/post the 911 transcript ✨

Sure! There are four transcripts of note here, and as you didn’t specify which one you’re looking for I’m just going to gift you with all four. ;) One is of the segment of the call that was released to the general public and that corresponds with the timestamped transcript which can also be found on pages 15,912-15,916 of the 11k. The second and third transcripts are more interesting by far, because they include parts of the call that were never released to the general public.

The fourth transcript is from an extended audio clip and is basically a collection of key phrases heard during the shooting:

I’m going to post the remaining three transcripts under a cut, because they’re superlong and I don’t want to clog up anyone’s dash with it..

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putuksstuff  asked:

Sexy Robotnik Post.

But that would mean posting every scene he’s in!

And of course

CGX Week 2017

It’s happening!
@bridges-you-cross @busy-old-fool  @messysketchpad @soniavillain-artist-universe @justforreplying @shebsart @tartsplace @minobishe  @detectivecappychan @dtriad @my-everskies @dreamingcellardoor Thank you so much for your swift replies! You guys are great. :’) Most of you indicated a preference for Option B, so a CGX week it is.
Duration: 19 Nov (Sun) - 25 Nov (Sat)


Day 1 (19/11): “Uncle” or “Mother”

Day 2 (20/11):  “Choice” or “Shampoo”

Day 3 (21/11):  “First Meeting(s)” or “Things Left Unsaid”  

Day 4 (22/11): “Snark” or “Bite”

Day 5 (23/11): “Seasons” or “Fierce”

Day 6 (24/11): “Again” or “Trust”

Day 7 (25/11): “Reversed Identities” or “Fluff” 

Bonus Prompt: “Unable” or “Unwilling”   ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

How To Participate:

1. Create fan content according to a prompt.

2. Post on tumblr with the hashtag #cgx week 2017.  Do tag it within the first five tags for visibility~

3. Enjoy likes, kudos (if it’s an ao3 fic) and wonderful fan content created by fellow fans.

Things to note:
1. For fics, no minimum length is required.  
2. All forms of fan content are acceptable. Examples include: Fan art, fan fic, gif sets, image edits, translations, poetry, doodles, crafts, cosplay, meta, icons  
3. You can interpret the prompts however you please. Content can be pre-canon, canon, post-canon or AU-you decide! SYL content is very welcome too.
4. One prompt, three prompts, seven prompts; doesn’t matter. Do as many prompts as you like. The more the merrier~
5. If you can’t submit on a particular day, just do it another day. Late entries are a-okay!
6. If your entry does not appear under the #cgx week 2017 or #chang ge xing tag for whatever reasons, please message me if you’d like your work reblogged.
7. The main point of the event is for fellow fans to create/ogle at fan works and have fun, so don’t worry about your works being “good enough”. Anyone of any skill level is welcome to join!
8. Thank you for being part of this tiny fandom :) 


StarTracker sparkling concepts!! All these darlings are not born at the same time (except for the triplets), I simply decided to draw them all as 8-10 year olds to have something more to work with than just little protoforms.

You might recall this pic I drew some time ago. Well these 5 little ones are based of some of the babies found here! 13, 21, 11, 3, and 6.

These design and names might change a lot before I’m satisfied, and I might make even more kiddos, but have this for now!

I’ve eaten 800 cals today and have walked 7 miles… all on 5 hours of sleep… Soft tissue surgery is going to be the end of me. :’)

"I can't lose you!!" + "I love you too much!!" + "Why are you so jealous?" with Johnny

@ourllamacornlove : 3, 11, 21 Imagine with Johnny.
Thanks so much for being patient babe.

You were walking home with Johnny from the Curtis’ house. Johnny was walking farther away from you. “What’s wrong Johnny?” You asks shyly. “Oh nothing, just that Steve was all over you and you went along with it like ‘No!! I don’t have a boyfriend!! Forget about Johnny!!’” He says sarcastically.

“Why are you so jealous? Don’t take it like that. ” You say. “I’m sorry,” Johnny says. “I’m sorry, I love you too much!!” He snaps. You were honestly taken back. “Baby, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like that. We were messing around, I didn’t mean anything Johnny. I love you.” You say looking at the ground.

“I can’t lose you.” He says. “I’m afraid you’ll leave me because I’m emotional and sensitive. I’m not exactly tuff, but I try to be to protect you baby.” He says hugging you.

“I know Johnny. I’m never ever gonna leave you, I love you.” You say kissing him. “I love you too.”

Percy’s One-Liners

Anonymous asked: Would it be possible to make a compilation of Percy’s one-liners?

Thanks to @Clafairifed, Eric R., i-encourage-violence, icecream-s-coops, Kagey Kritter, kevvinn, Mel25200, pbandfluff, Rosie-lostbetweenthepages, Rowena Highlander, @SilentEnGee, @silv3rsing3r, vysoren-of-vord, wallflowerwaitlist and other fantastic critters for their help compiling this list!

Updated through Episode 61

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Sorting INFP Characters

I have gotten a lot of questions about house sorting personality types. But it doesn’t work like that. To demonstrate this I will go through each type and sort as many characters as I can into hogwart houses. As you will see, a type doesn’t determine what house you are in.

  1. Eowyn from The Lord of the Rings Gryffindor
  2. Belle from Disney’s The Beauty and the Beast Ravenclaw
  3. Uncle Iroh from Avatar: The Last Airbender and Avatar: Legend of KorraHufflepuff
  4. Rory Williams from Doctor Who Hufflepuff
  5. Chopper from One PieceRavenclaw
  6. April Ludgate from Parks and Recreation Hufflepuff
  7. Nick Miller from New Girl Gryffindor
  8. Phoebe Buffay from Friends – Ravenclaw
  9. Helga from Vikings Ravenclaw
  10. Richmond from The IT CrowdRavenclaw
  11. Yayoi Kunizuka from Psycho-PassRavenclaw
  12. Itachi from Naruto and Naruto Shippuden Slytherin
  13. Sookie St. James from Gilmore Girls Hufflepuff
  14. Wilson Fisk from Marvel’s DaredevilGryffindor
  15. Philip J. Fry from Futurama Hufflepuff
  16. Radagast from The Hobbit Ravenclaw
  17. Daniel Sousa from Marvel’s Agent Carter -- Gryffindor
  18. Gordon from Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.Ravenclaw
  19. Raven from The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley – Ravenclaw
  20. Castiel from Supernatural Hufflepuff
  21. Beth Greene from The Walking Dead Gryffindor
  22. Tyreese Williams from The Walking Dead Hufflepuff
  23. Belle French from Once Upon a Time Gryffindor
  24. Robin Hood from Once Upon a Time Hufflepuff
  25. Isaac Heller/The Author from Once Upon a Time -- Slytherin
  26. Eric Forman from That ‘70s ShowHufflepuff
  27. Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls Hufflepuff
  28. Ada Shelby from Peaky Blinders -- Ravenclaw
  29. Tina Belcher from Bob’s BurgersRavenclaw
  30. Suzanne ‘Crazy Eyes’ Warren from Orange is the New BlackRavenclaw
  31. Molly Hooper from BBC’s Sherlock -- Ravenclaw
  32. Travers Goff from Saving Mr. Banks Ravenclaw
  33. Charlie from It’s Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaHufflepuff
  34. Dinesh from Silicon Valley Ravenclaw
  35. Grandmother Willow from Disney’s Pocahontas Ravenclaw
  36. Kira Yukimura from Teen Wolf Gryffindor
  37. Joseph Black Moon from Hell on Wheels Hufflepuff
  38. Kya from Avatar: The Legend of Korra Hufflepuff
  39. Luke Skywalker from Star Wars Gryffindor
  40. Merlin from BBC’s Merlin Ravenclaw
  41. Steve Smith from American Dad Slytherin
  42. Meg Griffin from Family GuyHufflepuff
  43. Wesley Crusher from Star Trek: The Next Generation Ravenclaw
  44. Morty ftrom Rick and Morty -- Hufflepuff
  45. Wes Gibbins from How To Get Away With Murder -- Gryffindor
  46. Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti from iZombie Ravenclaw
  47. Pumba from Disney’s The Lion King Hufflepuff
  48. Quasimodo from Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre DameHufflepuff
  49. Dr. Leslie Thompkins from Gotham Ravenclaw
  50. Butters from South Park Hufflepuff
  51. Roger Davis from Rent Gryffindor
  52. Tom from 500 Days of Summer Gryffindor
  53. Raj Koothrappali from The Big Bang TheoryRavenclaw

Out of 53 characters: Slytherin - 3 | Ravenclaw - 21 | Gryffindor - 11 | Hufflepuff - 18
Conclusion: INFP characters most likely to be Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff

anonymous asked:

Hey Unknown! You seem to be good with numbers, mind helping me with my math homework? What's 296 + 411? For eternal paradise :DDD

Looks like we have a comedian visiting us. With that knowledge in mind, I’m not surprised you’re having trouble answering such a simple and idiotic equation. I’m assuming these two will go over your head as well?

6 + 21 + 3 + 11 = ?
25 + 15 + 21 = ?

i was tagged by @lowdenglynnstyles :)

1. Name: danielle

2. Age: 21

3. Birthday: april 11

4. Favourite actor in Dunkirk: believe it or not, it’s cillian fucking murphy, whose cheekbones i have admired far longer than tom gc’s

5. Favourite character in Dunkirk: peter :)

6. How many times did you see it in the cinema: twice!

7. Favourite press interview: really just any that had tom and jack together - i love the one about the poison dart game! 

8. Favourite bromance: gotta be tom and jack

9. Favourite Dunkirk actor performance not in Dunkirk: i would die for tommy shelby (cillian in peaky blinders!)

10. Actor you’d most like to be friends with: probably tom, we seem to have a bit in common

11. Who deserved better: george :(

12. Tag your friends: @wardley10 @tomgcsglasses @ontheoddoccasioniwritestuff @suspiciouslycurly more?? anyone can do this?? i love each and every one of you