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Celebrity campaign for Somalia has raised almost $2 million to relieve famine

  • A viral aid campaign led by actor Ben Stiller, Colin Kaepernick and others has raised nearly $2 million for famine-stricken Somalia in just five days.
  • The movement began after French social media celebrity Jérôme Jarre, concerned about a lack of media coverage surrounding the famine Somalia is currently experiencing, put out a call to action to his followers.
  • After figuring out that there is only one airline currently making commercial flights to Somalia — Turkish Airlines — Jarre set a seemingly impossible goal: What if, using the hashtag #TurkishAirlinesHelpSomalia, his fans could get the company to respond?
  • Soon Stiller and other social media influencers joined in, posting short videos on their respective platforms appealing to the airline to let the initiative use one of their cargo planes to deliver supplies.
  • To their surprise, the airline didn’t just accept — it offered to make multiple trips. Read more (3/21/17 11:40 AM)

aries-aries decan 1 (march 21-30 )
aries-leo decan 2 ( april 1-9 )
aries-sagittaurius decan 3 ( april 10-19 )

taurus-taurus decan 1 ( april 21-30 )
taurus-virgo decan 2 ( may 1-10 )
taurus-capricorn decan 3 ( may 11-21 )

gemini-gemini decan 1 ( may 22-31)
gemini-libra decan 2 ( june 1-10 )
gemini-aquarius decan 3 ( june 12-20 )

cancer-cancer decan 1 ( june 22-july1 )
cancer-scorpio decan 2 ( july 1-12 )
cancer-pisces decan 3 ( july 13-22)

leo-leo decan 1 ( july 21-august 1)
leo-sagittarius decan 2 ( august 2-12)
leo-aries decan 3 ( august 12-23 )

virgo-virgo decan 1 ( august 24 - sept 3 )
virgo-capricorn decan 2 ( sept 4-13 )
virgo-taurus decan 3 ( sept 12-22 )

libra-libra decan 1 ( sept 23 - oct 3 )
libra-gemini decan 2 ( oct 4-13 )
libra-aquarius decan 3 ( oct 14-23 )

scorpio-scorpio decan 1 ( oct 24 - nov 2 )
scorpio-pisces decan 2 ( nov 3-12 )
scorpio-cancer decan 3 ( nov 13-22 )

sagittarius-sagittarius decan 1 ( nov 23-3 )
sagittarius-aries decan 2 ( dec 3-12 )
sagittarius-leo decan 3 ( dec 13-21 )

capricorn-capricorn decan 1 ( dec 22-31 )
capricorn-taurus decan 2 ( jan 1-9 )
capricorn-virgo decan 3 ( jan 11-20 )

aquarius-aquarius decan 1 ( jan 21-29 )
aquarius-gemini decan 2 ( jan 30 - feb 8 )
aquarius-libra decan 3 ( feb 9-18 )

pisces-pisces decan 1 ( feb 19-29 )
pisces-cancer decan 2 ( march 1-10 )
pisces-scorpio decan 3 ( march 11 - 13 )

The first decan are the coldest and more stubborn then the rest

Second decan is the more sensual,warm , laid back and relaxed the most sensitive decan

Third is very driven work wise or driven towards something they really want but they are a bit uptight .

DC mayor Muriel Bowser announces new effort to help find missing children

  • Even though a widely shared statistic about 14 black girls going missing in Washington, D.C., in recent weeks has been debunked, the city’s mayor Muriel Bowser has announced new initiatives to help find missing children in the nation’s capital.
  • The initiative includes “wraparound” social services to help address the needs of families in distress.
  • “One missing young person is one too many, and these new initiatives will help us do more to find and protect young people, particularly young girls of color, across our city,” Bowser said, according to Fox News. 
  • The mayor’s statement comes after an inaccurate statistic went viral claiming that 14 black girls had gone missing in 24 hours.
  • The District of Columbia tallied 501 cases of missing juveniles, many of whom were black or Latino, in the first three months of 2017. 
  • In total, only 22 were unsolved as of March 24. Most of the city’s missing teens had left their homes voluntarily, NBC Washington reported. Most were later found. 
  • But, as BuzzFeed reported, the hysteria was rooted in some truth: The cases of missing black people are disproportionately large compared to their white counterparts. 
  • In total, 37% of people reported missing in 2016 were people of color. And those cases rarely make headlines, unlike those of young white women. Read more (3/2717 11:21 AM)

putuksstuff  asked:

Sexy Robotnik Post.

But that would mean posting every scene he’s in!

And of course

Együtt III.

Megtanítottál rá, hogy szeretni valakit nem olyan dolog,
ami körül az életem folyik.Nem egy szemüveg, amin át a világot látnom kell, nem egy szín mi mindig előttem van, akármerre fordítom a tekintetem… Szeretni valakit nem látható.

Bennem van, akkor is, ha éppen nem borzongok bele, ha nincsenek pillangók a hasamban, ha nem ver olyan gyorsan a szívem, mint egy géppisztoly.

Megtanítottál kitartani melletted. Harcoltam érted olyan emberekkel, akiket szeretek, olyanokkal, akik téged szeretnek. Hazudni, csak azért mert azzal megvédtelek.

Megtanítottál bízni. Már nem is kell figyelnem ahhoz, hogy igent mondjak. Már tudom, hogy Te mindig a legjobbat akarod nekem.

Annyi mindent tanítottál… És nap mint nap hiszem, hogy még én is taníthatok valamit-Neked.

Chapter 10~ Deceiving Precautions

  Taking slow, deep breaths Stephan decided to get a glass of water. Moving the bed sheets aside, he let his feet rest on the creaky wood floor before stepping off carefully beginning to head downstairs.

  He tiptoed quietly to the dining room and retrieved a glass cup from one of the cupboards. Beginning to fill it calmly, he took a small sip letting it wet the back of his dry, hoarse throat. As he began to make his way back to his bedroom, he passed multiple paintings and photos that were hung on the walls of the old dollhouse. A painting Ffionn had created during their youth of dear Stephan, Ffionn’s family photo, and many more. One that particularly wrenched the bunny’s stomach however, was a photograph of him with his parents. Now being as busy as he was with things, the last thing he had time for was to admire pictures on the walls. But now looking closer, and actually inspecting the walls he felt sick regretting it instantly. In anger and frustration, he manipulatively turned all of the various photos and paintings upside down. It somehow made him feel better about himself.

  Quickly scurrying back off to his room he passed the young fox’s room. Suddenly stopping, he turned his long figure slowly to the door; and began opening it. There layed a young fox sleeping peacefully along with a few occasional small snores. Stephan walked in closer trying to refrain making any noise. Looming over the fox he quickly tapped his shoulder waiting for a response.

  “Tap…….tap…….tap tap-”

  “Foxy-” Hissed Stephan. “Wake up you mutt.” Ffionn sat up tiredly with his eyes half shut. He looked at the bunny before yawning and continuing to lay back down turning the other way. Stephan frowned in disapproval before shaking the fox awake.

  “I’m talking to you!” He sneered.

  “It’s still dark..” Said Ffionn quietly pulling the sheets closer to himself.
  “What are you doing up at this hour anyways?” Stephan clenched his tie turning it in spirals nervously.

  “I-I uh..” He spat out. Ffionn sat up interested as he began to wake up more.

  “I..” Started the bunny.

  “I had a nightmare-” he turned towards the door beginning to make his way towards it before the fox called out:


  Stephan turned to see what Ffionn could possibly want from him now. His patience was running short.

  “What gave you the idea to wake me for..?” The fox leaned his head to the side confused as Stephan tried to come up with a witty excuse.

  “You’re nothing but full of questions,” started Stephan. “why would I know as to come in and disrupt your slumber? I was just merely checking on y-”

  “What was the dream about?” Interrupted Ffionn.

  “Be quiet, you mongrel-” Snapped Stephan growing cross. Ffionn sunk down looking away as Stephan began twisting his tie again.

  “C-could I…stay here?” Whispered Stephan meekly looking at the ground. Now dear Ffionn did not expect these words from the bunny. As Stephan stalked closer, the fox tensed up feeling his fur rise on his back. He watched the bunny sit down next to him while proceeding to scoot about getting comfy.

When Stephan finally lied down Ffionn couldn’t help but giggle at his friend’s utmost childish behavior. Stephan was never like this always being the cold, grumpy bunny he was. His sudden neediness and cowardly state amused the fox. The boys sat in silence staring at the ceiling quietly. Not even the squeak of a mouse was present in the room. In attempt to break the awkwardness in the room, Stephan tried to start a lively conversation.

  “So…” the bunny coughed nervously. “Ever threaded a button-?” The fox turned to the bunny in a concerning manor.

  “Why of course, many times-” replied Ffionn.

  “No I meant- oh nevermind.” Sneered Stephan. The fox to look at the bunny scrunching his nose and raising his brow slowly as he realized what the bunny had meant. It wasn’t much of a surprise though as his vulgarity was through the roof.

  “S-Steph..?” Squeaked Ffionn.
Stephan turned to see whatever the fox could want as he continued.

  “Do you believe in ghosts?” Stephan smirked dismissing the fox’s random and childish illusions.

  “Pfft- why of course not; nonsense it all is really-” He pulled a cigarette from his trouser pocket beginning to light it. Ffionn held his nose to at least dilute some of the stench.

  “Well I do.“  He muttered quietly. Stephan ushered the box towards the fox offering him one.

  “N-no thank you.” He said. “Do you realize how many chemicals are in a single one of those?” The bunny rolled his eyes inhaling deeply before letting out a cloud of smoke in the small fox’s face. Ffionn’s eyes stung as his mouth grew dry from inhaling the stench.

  “How incompetent!” Snapped the fox. He turned towards the bunny lightly slapping the cigarette out of his hand. Stephan froze in shock at the fox’s sudden outburst. His worried, and concerned face soon turned into an unapproving frown. Turning the opposite direction, he bid his goodnight to Ffionn and was silent for the rest of the night.

  As the morning sun arose the English countryside, Ffionn tiredly forced one eye open. After a few minutes of regaining consciousness, he sat up to wipe the mucus from his eyes. After a few yawns he tried to get up, but was held back by something. Something large, and soft. Looking back towards the bed, Ffionn saw Stephan holding his waist tightly in his sleep. The bunny’s ear twitched as he snored lightly. Ffionn mustered a sweet, half lidded smile before prodding off the bunny’s hands heading downstairs quietly as not to wake him.

  About two hours later, Stephan lifted his head struggling to pry the seemingly weights off of his eyelids. He stretched his long limbs whilst yawning as a bitter aftertaste of cacao and tobacco covered his tastebuds. His eyes suddenly snapped open as the scent of sweet pancakes and coffee filled his nose. As he rushed down the stairs, he nearly came to a head on collision with a certain high strung fox. Stephan sweated nervously dreading what would happen next.

  “D-do beg my pardon M-mari-” choked out the bunny weakly forcing out a sheepish smile. Marinella glared as she held a large tray of assorted breakfast foods about to be served. She began to pull a muted green dish towel from the pocket of her apron. She held out a finger ushering the bunny over with a sly, but charming smile. Stephan leaned in closer to see what the fox could possibly want before being struck forcefully at the face. He stumbled back as Marinella carefully placed the dish towel back walking off with her nose in the air.

  “…beastly….witch-” Sneered Stephan rubbing his face lightly where he was struck. Continuing to walk to the dining room, Stephan found an open seat across from Ffionn who was busy guzzling down a large glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. The bunny cringed not taking a liking to the fowl beverage. To him, it tasted of vomit and acid spat up about fives times while then being regurgitated up once again only to be placed in a fancy glass to quench someone’s thirst.

  “Foxy-“ he hissed quietly trying to get the fox’s attention. Ffionn looked towards the bunny as he mouthed the words "I need to talk to you” while Marinella sloppily threw his breakfast on his plate not even noticing. Ffionn nodded and smiled calmly.

  After breakfast hours Stephan led the fox behind a staircase balcony seeming to be holding something. Before the fox could get a good look at whatever it could be, a soft bundle of cotton was abruptly shoved into his paws as the bunny whispered:

  "Meet me in the operation room as the clock chimes twelve times for the twelfth hour at noon.” His emerald eyes stared deeply into the fox’s soul hungrily.

  “Do try not to be late-” He chuckled walking off towards the direction of the courtyard garden. Ffionn felt his body grow cold as he began to shake. He wanted to run. But feared what would happen if he did.

  "How silly..deceiving yourself, I see?“ Said a voice from above the balcony

  "No, I’m not.” Replied the fox. He stared up at what another would see to be nothing. 

  “Steph is my friend, he’d never want to hurt me-” Insisted the fox.

  "He’s a m-“ the voice was cut off by Ffionn’s sudden snarls.

  "Don’t- call him that.” Growled the fox. His teeth bared as his ears snapped to the back of his head glaring at the top of the balcony.

  “…Very well;” started the voice. “You must be on your way. It’s a quarter to noon.” Ffionn froze at the voice’s sudden words and quickly headed off towards his room. As he shut the door quickly, then sitting on the bed beginning to change, he noticed a small, and crumpled sheet of rolling paper littered on his perfectly bare wood floor. The fox looked unamused at it as he picked it up looking at it closely. As he was about to toss it carelessly back on the floor, he noticed scribbled writing on it and began unfolding it. The fox stared confusingly at various dates scratched across in a vertical list.

  “9/1 /21, 17/2/21, 11/3/21, and 28/4/21”

  The fox wasn’t sure what any of these dates meant exactly, but he was sure they were gravely important. He looked back at the first date remembering it quite clearly. It was the day he had first been tested on. The next date was today. But the two final dates were the ones that made him shiver the most.

  “March 11, 1921”. Ffionn’s birthday. Why would Stephan want to commence such a thing on the fox’s special day? It puzzled the fox to a great extent. The last date, “April 28, 1921” was circled in red ink. Whatever was so important about that date was the last thing on his mind. He studied the paper closely almost tracing each rushed stroke of the circled trail the pen went around in.

  Ffionn jumped at the sudden sounds of the Westminster Chimes. He quickly hid the paper in a nearby drawer and bolted out the door as the first chime rang.

  The second chime rang.

  He quickly ran down the first flight of stairs.

  The third chime rang.

  Seeing that running down a whole new flight of stairs would be impractical, he decided to take the elevator.

  The fourth chime range.

  The dolls have to get around quickly somehow, right?

  The fifth chime rang.

  Shoving the elevator gates forcefully aside, he sneakily snuck to a room which held many paintings.

  The sixth chime rang.

  The room was always empty. But then again, who would want to spend their time gawking at still, bland pictures?

  The seventh chime rang.

  Ffionn went to a certain spot kneeling down,

  The eighth chime rang.

  and began to lift the floorboards.

  The ninth chime rang.

  Slipping himself into the small space he closed the boards behind him.

  The tenth chime rang.

  Breathing heavily and out of breath, he pushed himself to run just a bit further.

  The eleventh chime rang.

  The fox nearly skidded across the concrete floor as he ran in front of Stephan.

  The twelfth chime rang.

  “You’re late-” Muttered Stephan looking unamused as he walked off to retrieve his head mirror.


Donald Trump is on pace to have zero legislative wins in his first 100 days in office

  • President Donald Trump promised Americans that if he were elected president, there would be so much winning “you may get bored with the winning.”
  • Yet exactly two-thirds into his first 100 days as president, Trump has had zero legislative wins from the Republican-controlled Congress — with little hope of achieving a legislative victory in the remaining 37 days. Read more. (3/28/17, 11:21 AM)
Percy’s One-Liners

Anonymous asked: Would it be possible to make a compilation of Percy’s one-liners?

Thanks to @Clafairifed, Eric R., i-encourage-violence, icecream-s-coops, Kagey Kritter, kevvinn, Mel25200, pbandfluff, Rosie-lostbetweenthepages, Rowena Highlander, @SilentEnGee, @silv3rsing3r, vysoren-of-vord, wallflowerwaitlist and other fantastic critters for their help compiling this list!

Updated through Episode 61

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5/21/2017 3.11 miles
Found another foot bridge
YTD: 529.84 miles
506 days in a row

I decided to just hit up the small park this day and turned it into a mostly out-n-back. On the way out I noticed that this huge decorative arch was actually another foot bridge, so on the way back I decided to see what was on the other side.

Turns out I just hooked up with a sidewalk a bit beyond where I had turned back the day before.

This run brought my week to a close at 26.54 miles, just under what it probably ought to be to make 1,500 miles for the year (which is roughly 28.9 miles a week). I’m still behind pace and thus a little more, but I think I have a rough sketch of a plan mapped out.

Sorting INFP Characters

I have gotten a lot of questions about house sorting personality types. But it doesn’t work like that. To demonstrate this I will go through each type and sort as many characters as I can into hogwart houses. As you will see, a type doesn’t determine what house you are in.

  1. Eowyn from The Lord of the Rings Gryffindor
  2. Belle from Disney’s The Beauty and the Beast Ravenclaw
  3. Uncle Iroh from Avatar: The Last Airbender and Avatar: Legend of KorraHufflepuff
  4. Rory Williams from Doctor Who Hufflepuff
  5. Chopper from One PieceRavenclaw
  6. April Ludgate from Parks and Recreation Hufflepuff
  7. Nick Miller from New Girl Gryffindor
  8. Phoebe Buffay from Friends – Ravenclaw
  9. Helga from Vikings Ravenclaw
  10. Richmond from The IT CrowdRavenclaw
  11. Yayoi Kunizuka from Psycho-PassRavenclaw
  12. Itachi from Naruto and Naruto Shippuden Slytherin
  13. Sookie St. James from Gilmore Girls Hufflepuff
  14. Wilson Fisk from Marvel’s DaredevilGryffindor
  15. Philip J. Fry from Futurama Hufflepuff
  16. Radagast from The Hobbit Ravenclaw
  17. Daniel Sousa from Marvel’s Agent Carter -- Gryffindor
  18. Gordon from Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.Ravenclaw
  19. Raven from The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley – Ravenclaw
  20. Castiel from Supernatural Hufflepuff
  21. Beth Greene from The Walking Dead Gryffindor
  22. Tyreese Williams from The Walking Dead Hufflepuff
  23. Belle French from Once Upon a Time Gryffindor
  24. Robin Hood from Once Upon a Time Hufflepuff
  25. Isaac Heller/The Author from Once Upon a Time -- Slytherin
  26. Eric Forman from That ‘70s ShowHufflepuff
  27. Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls Hufflepuff
  28. Ada Shelby from Peaky Blinders -- Ravenclaw
  29. Tina Belcher from Bob’s BurgersRavenclaw
  30. Suzanne ‘Crazy Eyes’ Warren from Orange is the New BlackRavenclaw
  31. Molly Hooper from BBC’s Sherlock -- Ravenclaw
  32. Travers Goff from Saving Mr. Banks Ravenclaw
  33. Charlie from It’s Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaHufflepuff
  34. Dinesh from Silicon Valley Ravenclaw
  35. Grandmother Willow from Disney’s Pocahontas Ravenclaw
  36. Kira Yukimura from Teen Wolf Gryffindor
  37. Joseph Black Moon from Hell on Wheels Hufflepuff
  38. Kya from Avatar: The Legend of Korra Hufflepuff
  39. Luke Skywalker from Star Wars Gryffindor
  40. Merlin from BBC’s Merlin Ravenclaw
  41. Steve Smith from American Dad Slytherin
  42. Meg Griffin from Family GuyHufflepuff
  43. Wesley Crusher from Star Trek: The Next Generation Ravenclaw
  44. Morty ftrom Rick and Morty -- Hufflepuff
  45. Wes Gibbins from How To Get Away With Murder -- Gryffindor
  46. Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti from iZombie Ravenclaw
  47. Pumba from Disney’s The Lion King Hufflepuff
  48. Quasimodo from Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre DameHufflepuff
  49. Dr. Leslie Thompkins from Gotham Ravenclaw
  50. Butters from South Park Hufflepuff
  51. Roger Davis from Rent Gryffindor
  52. Tom from 500 Days of Summer Gryffindor
  53. Raj Koothrappali from The Big Bang TheoryRavenclaw

Out of 53 characters: Slytherin - 3 | Ravenclaw - 21 | Gryffindor - 11 | Hufflepuff - 18
Conclusion: INFP characters most likely to be Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff

sagecedarsrunning replied to your photoset “5/21/2017 3.11 miles Found another foot bridge YTD: 529.84 miles 506…”

If I were running in New Orleans, I’d just be running back and forth in front of Cafe Du Monde�� Rather than a beer mile, a beignet mile?

Haha, I wish! I have a recollection of beignets being absolutely delicious! Sadly gluten doesn’t agree with me, so I had to abstain from a lot of foods while I was there - including beignets :)

groovycasablancas  asked:

3, 8, 11, 21, and 23 :) <3

3. Who are you looking forward to seeing?
my pal jamie - we are going to SDCC together in july. it’s gonna be so much fun (and hopefully not as stressful as i imagine)
i’m also looking forward to seeing (and meeting) taking back sunday and against me! a few more times this year. bands count, right?

8. Do you have any tattoos?
i do! i have 7 i think so far

11. What do you typically have for breakfast?
i usually skip breakfast (terrible, i know)

21. What 3 words would you choose to describe yourself?
creative, worrier, passionate

23. Are you left or right handed?
right handed

zenjestrr  asked:


1. Who is your defense main?

Junk. I like when things go boom.

2. Who is your support main?


3. Who is your offense main?

Tracer apparently now. Before it was Solider.

4. Who is your tank main?


7. Which character do you want to learn how to play?

Sombra. I have slowly been getting better at her with what little I play her on mystery heroes but I’m still not that great. I also wish I was better at Orisa. Ana is another one… so all the added heroes. I would say Genji too but nah. I wouldn’t want to be a Genji player.

11. Which map is your favorite?

I really like Kings Row and Lijiang Tower

21. Which event legendary skin was your favorite?

She is beauty… she is grace

23. Which event legendary skin was your least favorite?

Iwas gonna say Torb’s uprising one, but no, soldiers anniversary one is bad.

26. Which event item do you most regret not getting?

I don’t even play Mercy a lot I really wish I would have gotten the “I’m not sure why I even bother” voice line. Because lemme tell you as someone who has over 40 hours as Lucio on all systems I feel that on such a level.

70. What character do you think needs a buff?

I think both Winston and Sombra could both use a little buff. Or for Sombra maybe a little rework to make her feel a little more viable in more situations. I have seen good Sombra players but it seems you have to really work at it.

stevienick  asked:

2,3, 11, 21, 28

From this post.
2. whats your “type”

Ummm… my ideal is a big beefy butch girl that could pick me up like a rag doll, but my ideal type and who I actually crush on are always like polar opposites. I always prefer someone my height or taller, but my actual type is anyone that can keep up with me? In like a verbal and scientific way i guess. I need someone who understands why I think bacteria are cool as shit who speaks “me” because I sure as fuck don’t know how to speak human languages half the time.

3. do you want kids?

Yes and no. I don’t, but mostly because I’m afraid I’ll fuck it up. I’m great with kids for short periods of time and I’ve gotten better at being patient with my little sister and understanding how to get her to listen even when she’s frustrated - but in the back of my mind I get stressed I’m not gonna be a good enough parent so I say no a lot.

11. would you ever date someone who owned rodents or reptiles?

Hell yeah. As long as they clean that shit idc.

21. favourite gay youtuber

Uh, she doesn’t really identify as straight up gay, she’s kinda ambivalent about sexuality labels, but I love Stef Sanjati? She’s funny and she’s super open about her transition and I think it’s awesome to have someone out there that’s willing to talk about her experience transitioning (MTF) so that other trans people know what to expect and feel less scared about the ordeal? Plus she glued popcorn to her face so like. I love my mom.

28. are you out? if so how did you come out?

Yes and no. I’m out because most of my family knows I’m some sort of “gay,” but I didn’t come out. My mom found out, which (at 16) was horrifying. She’s not homophobic but she handled the situation poorly and I ended up lying to placate her so I had to “come out” again later. I’d give the experience 1 star on yelp because it could’ve been a lot worse, it just wasn’t pleasant (and my mom still thinks I’m gonna marry a dude, which - no thanks lmao)

kaosstar  asked:

Get to know my character 2, 3, 8, 11, 21, 33 for Nagynne

Get to know my character

02. What is one of your character’s biggest insecurities? Are they able to hide it easily or can others easily exploit this weakness?

I’d say Nagynne’s biggest insecurity is not being powerful enough. And she strives in her training and her way to manipulate connections within the Sith Empire for her favor. She lets her own fear power her through and not hold her back, lacing her influence through the Sith and Imperial political system as much as she can.

03. What would be their favorite physical trait about themselves?

Oh gosh, she’s pretty favorable about most of her physical traits. She knows she’s attractive and she loves to flaunt it when she has the opportunity. She enjoys getting the glances, leers, and that because it’s a form of power in her mind.

08. What is, perhaps, their biggest flaw? Are they aware of this or oblivious to it?

Her biggest flaw is her own vanity. And no, she’s very oblivious to this fact, willingly so. She loves attention, she loves catching people’s eye, and so on. But it can definitely be used against her.   

11. What is something that would make your character fly into a rage?

Oh, that can be easily done some times. Insult her honor, put her out of what she views as her respectable place, disobey an order.

21. What is one of your character’s biggest fears? How would they react when dealing with this fear?

Lack of attention, lack of being the center, lack of being valued. And she would definitely fume over it unless she’s given a reasonable explanation for it (such as work or what not) and a promise to attend to her when they’re done. Usually that pacifies her to tend to her own work. (And if she’s “close” enough to the person and they allow her to maybe read near them while they’re working, that will also work for her.)

33. If your character wanted to be alone, where would they go?

Somewhere quiet outside, where she can look at the sky and stars. Far away from anyone and alone with her thoughts.