It hurts to think back to how much the Daisy fandom rightfully defended S/immons when she decided to leave the team and do something important (undercover in Hydra) because she felt her presence was harming someone she loved. And the only person in the team who was shitty about her leaving was Shitz, while Daisy was worried and when she came back she was supportive and talked to her in admiration of what she did and she told her that she was glad she didn’t die.

And now Daisy leaves the team to do something important (protect Inhumans) after a terrible trauma because she feels guilty for things that weren’t her fault, and because she believes her presence is putting everyone she loves in danger, and the only thing she receives from both S/immons and her fandom is more victim-blaming and insults.

At this point I’d say I don’t understand why Daisy would want the friendship of assholes who treat her like this but Daisy loves everyone and her past childhood abuse makes her crave the love of ANYONE, even people with such ugly souls as Shitz and S/immons and it’s a fucking tragedy because Daisy will drag herself through the mud in the hopes of getting some love from people who definitely don’t deserve hers. It reminds me of how she did everything to keep L/incoln’s love even though he treated her like shit and their relationship was so toxic.

3rd House and Your Childhood

Yes your 3rd house can actually describe aspects of your childhood! So go to,, or and find out what sign rules over your 3rd house. 

Aries in the 3rd house: Associated with aggression and competition in their childhood. Takes a leading role at a young age. In early childhood learns well from hands on experiences, childhood had a lot of excitement and forward attitudes.

Taurus in the 3rd house: Likely had a very stable environment as a child, slow learner, good listener as a child, early practical mind. Associated with growing up around nature or in an attractive neighborhood, probably didn’t move a lot as a kid.

Gemini in the 3rd house: Likely VERY involved in their community and environment growing up. Highly curious as a child. Had a very active, energetic childhood. Associated with mimicking others, associated with ADD and ADHD.

Cancer in the 3rd house: Likely to grow up in a very tight-nit community, neighbors like family, family had a HUGE influence in early childhood. Associated with protective and caring siblings or being protective and caring over siblings. Easily home sick when older, likely to not stray far from their hometown or old neighborhood.

Leo in the 3rd house: Had a childhood with a lot of travel, praise, attention, and ways to express their creativity. Likely lived comfortably as a child, attracted a lot of attention as child, ego was developed quickly. Likely the golden child, grew up in a very traditional household, aligning with their society.

Virgo in the 3rd house: Had a very practical childhood, associated with worry, stress, and desire to be skilled or perfect as a child. Associated with OCD as a child, there was a lot of direct, unfiltered communication in their environment. Associated with being a germaphobe at a young age, develops skills very quickly, a natural in academics.

Libra in the 3rd house: Associated with growing up in a balanced environment with room to explore. Likely had guardians/parents who are very well liked in a community, associated with developing unbiased views. Associated with growing up in a “it” place, famous city, posh neighborhood, etc. Does have an association with distance and shallowness being around in early childhood somehow.

Scorpio in the 3rd house: Learns to be perceptive at a young age, associated with traumas and secrets in early childhood. Investigate child. For sure had some sort of private journal or box as a young child. Associated with witnessing secrets among siblings, neighbors, and parents. Learns passion and deepness young.

Sagittarius in the 3rd house: Might travel a lot as a child and associated with having a lot of religious influence growing up. Had many adventures growing up, associated with learning multiple languages as a child, lucky childhood. Learned independence and aspects about honesty early on, associated with high-quality education as a kid.

Capricorn in the 3rd house: Associated with growing up in a strict environment, huge connection to their father and authority. Associated with growing up in a conservative atmosphere, learned hard work and practicality early on. Grew up in an organized and structured environment, parents likely very providing, a lot of family traditions. Realistic expectations for them as a kid,reputation likely important to their family, workaholic family members. 

Aquarius in the 3rd house: Associated with child genius/prodigy, stood out in school, could feel like an outsider growing up. Thought differently than most kids, associated with an unusual childhood and progressive learning. Associated with having parents/guardians who mentally stimulated them and gave them freedom to explore ideas. Found it hard to belong to a group as a kid, very observant, distant, likely reserved.

Pisces in the 3rd house: Likely very involved in their community as a kid, especially helping out. Withdrew into their mind a lot as a kid. Had family or an environment that stimulated the imagination, acted kind towards neighbors and siblings. Associated with religious education as a kid, easily being used as a child, shy or sensitive child. Escapism and creative expression were part of childhood.