Short summary for Dangan Radio Mirai-hen (9/26)

1. This week’s guest is Matsukaze, Hagakure’s VA
2. Ogata says they say Munakata is SHSL Student Council President, but she thinks he’s just a SHSL gladiator. And Mitarai is SHSL Brainwasher instead of SHSL animator.
3. Matsukaze said Justice Robo will come out this episode, but it didn’t come out.
4. Ogata apologizes that this happens because VA’s don’t look at the finished product when recording, so it’s their first time looking at the finished video as well.
5. Kibou-hen is a finale to both Mirai-hen and Zetsubou-hen so a lot of VAs appear. So all the people couldn’t gather at once. In the team recording main characters, there were only 3~4 people.
6. Matsukaze: It’s becoming a more spoiler for Justice Robo, but there were really a lot of people when we were recording.
7. He was surprised that he wasn’t in the main team because Ogata wasn’t there.
8. Hagakure says that this anime’s plot progression is hard to read. Some questions will be answered and some questions won’t be.
9. Matsukaze says that the price of crystal orb that Hagakure drops rises by 100 million yen every time he appears. The most expensive one this time around is 300 million yen and he dropped it to break it.
10. Matsukaze thinks that they should have him in the Guiness World Record book because Hagkure broke the crystal ball too many times. He broke at least 33 crystal balls so that makes 3.3 billion yen wasted.
11. Ogata thinks that Hagakure should donate all that money to somewhere else if he’s going to waste them by dropping the balls. Like to Tokyo Olympics.
12. Matsukaze: Isn’t he really foolish? He breaks it like that and is fooled into buying one of those again…
Ogata: Yeah really, Matsukaze-san is the worst.
Matsukaze: Eh?
13. Matsukaze says that Danganronpa will still continue on. In Kibou hen, 35m Justice Robo with Hagakure in it will soar across the sky and cause wreck.
14. Ogata says to check whether his statements are true or not, everyone should watch the episode that airs 3 days later. And if Justice Robo doesn’t appear, everyone can go and send bad comments to Matsukaze’s twitter.

TN: Justice Robo is a prop that appeared in DR1.

Voicecast for next week: Team Rocket, Manon, Hari-san, Rentorar (so Limone could be in the episode!); aaaand to the surprise of no one (Manon’s party at the lab, as seen in the preview), Alan and Platane are also there /o/

4x2 was GR10

my favourite thing was that it made people who see characters like Mack and Yoyo and Melinda purely as props for Daisy REALLY REALLY MAD lol

and you know why?

because these characters were written FOR THEMSELVES. Mack didn’t put Daisy’s feelings above his own and people showed concern for Melinda first and foremost without it being put into some context about their mission to find Daisy or anything

this is why it’s good to be suspicious about people caring OHSOMUCH about a character who then flip their shit every time that character does something that isn’t to the benefit of a (or to show their love for), usually higher ranked, character and declare it OOC and Bad Writing TM

Mack actually getting angry and feeling betrayed that Daisy and Elena have been in contact behind his back instead of considering Daisy’s feelings FIRST? OOC

Melinda getting her own mini-arc and Coulson showing concern and trying to help her? The writer obviously doesn’t give a shit about May.

Puh-lease, you’re not fooling anybody with that thinly veiled concern trolling bullshit.

I just got my schedule for work next month (October). I notified them that I’d be out of town at the end of the month (and gave them the dates). I gave them all this info on time (a couple weeks early, in fact). They’re supposed to contact me directly if this is going to be a problem. I almost never ask for time off because I don’t get paid time off.

No contact, just scheduled to work during Walker Stalker.

So… I’m going to be panicking at least until the office is open tomorrow morning and I can get this bullshit sorted out. I hope.