Duo lounged in the passenger seat, a man in full possession of his fate.

Rodeo and Ranch, Part 9: First Kiss on AO3

I asked him how his day had been.
“Long. Dissolvin’ a legal contract takes a lotta paperwork.”
“They didn’t let you keep the clothes?”
“Naw, wasn’ like that,” he said and I smiled.
“I like this look better,” I told him. When he was quiet, I glanced over. He was watching me with this gleam in his eyes that made my heart beat faster, harder.

“And now, in second place overall, is Duo Maxwell!”

Rodeo & Ranch, Part 8: Heavyarms (on AO3)

The clerk dismissed me with a look.
“Do any of your guests drive a red Camaro?”
She paused. “Why do you ask?”
“Well, because a buddy of mine is being sick all over it. Right now.”
She looked horrified.
“It’s damn shame,” I agreed and walked back out.
Then I ducked around to the valet parking lot to wait.