2x23 spoilers

Can Kara show up, be invulnerable to the timeline changes, and get pissed at Barry?
  • Kara: BARRY ALLEN.
  • Barry: Kara? I -
  • Kara: No. No no. Don't speak. Your actions affected my earth, and I am NOT HAPPY.
  • Barry: Wait, really?
  • Kara: Yes, really! How do you think I'm here?! What gave you the right to go back in time and change everything?!
  • Barry: I was saving my mom and dad -
  • Kara: You don't think I've wanted to save my mom and dad too? You're not the only one who's lost people!
  • Barry: Wait, you lost...
  • Kara: Why do you think I was on Earth? For my own health?! My planet burned!
  • Barry: Oh Kara, I'm -
  • Kara: I said don't speak! The only thing that got me through losing was everything was recognizing everything I've gained. The people I love. You were so desperate to get back to your Earth and your friends when I met you. Well, where are they now? Because something tells me because of what you did none of them are in your life. You were selfish. That is not what heroes do.
  • Barry:
  • Kara: Now, you go back and fix this or I'm throwing you into space.
  • Barry: You can do that?
  • Kara: DON'T TEST ME.