TVD 2x20 Review

1. “No, Bonnie can’t break the curse without dying.” “I’ll write her a great eulogy!” I won’t lie, I did like Ian’s delivery here but also, Elena’s  “It’s not an option, Damon.” is like, you’re like super chill with how much he wants to kill your best friend. Legitimately, there should be a moment where she snaps and is like OK ENOUGH or he shouldn’t be a part of the conversation at all. It’s weird that they’re even letting him have a say about this. I get why Stefan would because as he said, his love for Elena is what keeps him protecting her and he wants all the protection for Elena he can get and he keeps Damon in his lane when it comes to Bonnie, but Elena should be a lot more outraged than she is.

2. So guys, if Elijah has an elixir made by witches that is supposed to bring Elena back to life, maybe have Bonnie look at the elixir?

3. “The ring only works on humans, the doppelganger is a supernatural occurrence…” but Elena is human, though, she is a human doppelganger, that’s bad dialogue, it should just be “The ring only works on non-supernatural humans.”

4. “What do you want me to do, Damon, Elena made her choice!” He wants you to disregard it and put your own feelings above hers, Stefan.

5. Matt and Caroline were super cute. Seriously.

6. “She’s not the same, she’s a vampire.” “At this point, I don’t even know what that means”. Exactly, though. They’re SO bad at differentiating.

7. “Damon is the problem, not Caroline. We should focus on him.” I mean seriously, though. Killing Damon would legit solve so many problems.

8. It also makes no sense that Elena would go upstairs to find Damon. HE KILLED YOUR BROTHER AFTER TRYING TO FORCE HIMSELF ON YOU. How much time has gone by since then? A month? Two? And you’re just OK?

9. Nina legit looks super young in comparison to Ian.

10. “I can’t lose you.” “You won’t.” He should though.

11. And then he force feeds you his blood. Kind of like how you said “I care about you” and then he killed Jeremy because it wasn’t exactly what he wanted. When things don’t go his way, he enacts violence on Elena through violation and we just NEVER talk about it.

12. This fight between Damon and Stefan is so telling because Stefan is winning and Damon is a little bitch about it and STABS him. Also, legitimately, they’re two vampires fighting, there should be cracked walls and floors from all the force.

13. I also love how focused on each other Stefan and Elena are. Like Elena’s just been forced to drink vampire blood but Stefan has a stab wound so she’s focused on comforting him and getting him better, Stefan is in a lot of physical pain but Elena’s been forced to drink vampire blood so he’s focused on apologizing for what happened to her.

14. Oooooh quasi-topless Stefan scene. Also, super subtle but cute that Elena’s hand is on his leg.

15. Jenna and Alaric, oh how I do not care.

16. Also Stefan always gets Elena to do a little smile.

17. Aw, charged glances between Tyler and Caroline. Great chemistry.

18. “I screwed up.” Oh, Damon, tattoo it on your forehead.

19. Joseph was super skinny.

20. “Thanks for the loner, mate.” LMAO. What a dickish thing to say to the dude whose body you possessed.

21. I love how DE fans/Damon fans try to say that Damon saved Tyler’s life this episode and therefore that shows growth when actually what happened was that he wanted to take “the werewolf” out of the equation for the ritual to postpone it so the vampire blood could pass out of Elena’s system and she wouldn’t spend an eternity hating him.

22. See, this is how you challenge someone. Stefan doesn’t push Elena to talk but he gives her the space and the time by climbing up a waterfall, he makes her feel safe but he also pushes her to be vulnerable through the climb itself.

23. I don’t get this. Damon advances on Katherine and she backs away like “hey, hey, hey” why though, you’re not weakened, you’re just compelled by Klaus so you could easily defend yourself against Damon, he is a BABY vampire. It’s always so transparent when the writers try to make someone seem more menacing and/or powerful than the narrative states they are.

24. “Those witches vervained me.” Caroline, should you not be drinking vervain everyday? Being a vampire in this town?

25. “Tyler, you shouldn’t have come back here.” No shit, Caroline, he’s chained up across from you.

26. “What’s the worst part of becoming a vampire?” “You know the worst.” “Besides from the blood.” But Damon taught Elena the worst parts of being a vampire tho.

27. Klaus keeping Katherine around makes no sense.

28. Klaus, you’re not holding the coffee mug but its handle so it doesn’t look as menacing as it should.

29. Why wouldn’t the witch just stake Damon? Lol.

30. Damon, was it really necessary to knock Matt unconscious?

31. “But our future, our lives together…” legit, Elena did think about a future with Stefan, she just didn’t have everything mapped out at 17 which is understandable and realistic. Her awareness of that would be more realistic if they made her breakdown more realistic and not related specifically to the possibility of her becoming a vampire and about the entire situation in general.

32.  Yeah, Nina’s crying is acceptable.

33. LOL OK, let me see if I got this straight, the sun was up when Damon is in the cellar rescuing Caroline and Tyler and he stops and tells Tyler “don’t make me regret this.” Cut to Elena and Stefan and the sun is setting during their talk. Cut back to Damon and the others and they’re JUST getting out of the tomb and it’s night with a full moon??? CONVENIENT. How fucking LONG does it take to get out of the tomb?

34. It also doesn’t make sense for everyone to go help Tyler chain himself up. Matt is a human, Caroline should’ve taken him home or Damon should’ve taken him home.

35. Aww, the Stelena love cue playing during their goodbye scene.

36. And still a much more moving goodbye than the Steroline goodbye in 8x16.

37. I also love that Elena smiles when Stefan says he loves her despite going to her “death”.

38. “I’ll take care of it.” Will you, though? 

39. It also makes no sense that they all watch Tyler transition, they could’ve run, it’s not insensitive, he could kill them. They just wanted Damon to get bit.

40. “What is this, Damon?” “A werewolf bite.” DUN DUN DUN.