2x15: breaking up is really really hard to do

Recommended BMW/GMW episode pairing:

GM the New World +
BMW 2x02 ‘Pairing Off’ +
BMW 2x15 ‘Breaking Up is Really, Really Hard to Do’

Major Shared Theme: Going out with someone because you feel pressured to do so/because you think you’re “supposed to” and the consequences thereof.

Other things to note/file away: a young, sweet girl having weirdly high expectations for a seventh grade relationship because her grandparents have been married for 66 years, Wendy knowing things about Cory/Cory’s family that he never actually told her, cancelling a date to just hang out as friends getting to know each other after some parental advice, “hi”/“hi,” Cory behaving a certain way because Wendy wants him to/likes him that way, Cory genuinely liking Wendy (because she’s cute and she likes him) and missing her when they break up even though she’s ultimately not his “one”…and more.

Bonus: “They WANT you to take the rolls!” gets paralleled in GM Pluto.