2x15 revelations


A/N: Okay, so this AU is for @reidoneshots​ 2000 followers challenge and I chose no. 9 Revelations (I know The Big Game was mentioned in no 9 but I decided not to incorporate that because someone else was already writing for both eps as well lmao) 

This is basically the episode Revelations (2x15) with a reader insert & a slight twist, where basically the reader saves Reid from getting drugged and decides to put her life at risk instead. This is a much happier version to the actual episode, believe me. I know when you start reading you’re gonna be like “yeah right,” but truly it’s so much better. I rewatched the episode and so I made sure that all the dialogue was correct. If there’s anything wrong with the dialogue, please tell me!

Word Count: 2,066. Warnings: Angst, Kidnapping, Mentions of Drug use.

“There is not a righteous man on earth who does what is right and never sins. - Ecclesiastes 7:20”

“JJ, look at me,” Emily reasoned with the dazed blonde, she couldn’t fathom what she had done. The hounds lay there lifeless at her doing, her eyes fixed on their bodies before the sound of Emily’s voice snapped her into reality. She hesitantly turned towards her friend. “Where’s Reid?” Emily enunciated clearly, making sure she JJ knew what she was asking. “Oh, uh… we split up, he said he was going to go around back,” at those exact words Morgan bolted out of the dusty barn, his handcuffs in his back pocket shining under the dim light.

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So I made a list of ALL episodes that have some kind of Morgan/Prentiss interaction at all, or basically anything that’s related to them… All from mention about each other, to real scenes…

Season 2:
2x10 Lesson learned
2x11 Sex, Birth, Death
2x12 Profiler Profiled (Related)
2x14 The Big Game
2x15 Revelations
2x16 Fear and Loathing
2x18 Jones
2x21 Open Season
2x22 Legacy
2x23 No Way Out, part 2: The Evolution of Frank

Season 3:
3x01 Doubt
3x02 In Name and Blood
3x03 Scared To Death
3x04 Children of the Dark
3x06 About Face
3x07 Identity
3x08 Lucky
3x09 Penelope (Related)
3x10 True Night
3x11 Birthright
3x12 3RD Life
3x13 Limelight
3x14 Damaged
3x15 A Higher Power
3x17 In Heat
3x18 The Crossing
3x20 Lo-Fi

Season 4:
4x02 The Angel Maker
4x03 Minimal Loss
4x04 Paradise
4x05 Catching Out
4x07 Memoriam
4x09 52 Pickup
4x12 Brothers In arms
4x11 Normal
4x14 Cold Comfort
4x15 Zoe’s Reprise
4x16 Pleasure is my Business
4x17 Demonology
4x18 Omnivore
4x19 House on Fire
4x21 A shade of Gray
4x22 The Big Wheel
4x24 Amplification
4x25 To Hell and Back (part 1)
4x26 To Hell and Back (part 2)

Season 5:
5x01 Nameless, Faceless
5x03 Reckoner
5x04 Hopeless
5x06 The Eyes Have It
5x07 The Performer

5x10 The Slave of Duty
5x11 Retaliation
5x12 Uncanny Valley
5x13 Risky Business
5x14 Parasite
5x15 Public Enemy
5x16 Mosley Lane
5x17 Solitary Man
5x18 The Fight
5x19 A Rite of Passage
5x20 A Thousand Words
5x21 Exit Wounds
5x22 The internet is Forever
5x23 Our Darkest Hour (part 1)

Season 6:
6x01 The Longest Night (part 2)
6x03 Remembrance of Things Past
6x04 Compromising Positions
6x05 Safe Haven
6x06 Devil’s Night
6x07 Middle Man
6x08 Reflection of Desire
6x09 Into The Woods
6x10 What Happens At Home
6x11 25 To Life
6x13 The Thirteenth Step
6x14 Sense Memory
6x15 Today I Do
6x16 Coda
6x17 Valhalla
6x18 Lauren
6x19 With Friends Like These(Related)
6x20 Hanley Waters (Related)

Season 7:
7x01 It Takes A Village
7x02 Proof
7x03 Dorado Falls
7x04 Painless
7x05 From Childhood’s Hour
7x06 Epilogue
7x07 There’s No Place Like Home
7x08 Hope
7x15 A Thin Line
7x16 A Family Affair
7x17 I love you Tommy Brown
7x20 The Company
7x21 Diving Rod
7x23 Hit
7x24 Run

Remember, that it might just be a minute of screen time together or just a look in a few of the episodes, but most of them involves some kind of interaction, everything from a look to a real moment.
So sit back and enjoy! ;)