2x10 hunted


02x10 “Hunted
10x03 “Soul Survivor”
“You know how it ends… One of us dies… Or worse.”

I know at this point probably all of the possibilties and all the scenarios have been typed out though I myself am getting new ideas every day and somehow all of them seem possible (one more tragic than the next). After I watched this episode today and took a look at the promo for next week suddenly this seemed like one of the possibilities that could come up in the finale. I am thinking about the info on 10x22 “The Prisoner” and the description of “Dean going on a rampage and Sam coming to terms with his decision” here. I know I’ve been swinging back and forth millions of ideas what that could mean, but this one here certainly would fit to the tragedy (though any other scenario really would too) that we are destined for. I sort of had this in mind when making this gifset the other day. And well… I don’t want any of this to happen, but based on the parallels and the foreshadowing, I think it might as well could…