2x09: queen of hearts*

I’m currently working on a life-sized Maleficent sculpture, and I’d love to post her to this blog when she’s closer to being finished. Tonight I took a break from her to sketch out my version of the Queen of Hearts. The concept has been floating around in my mind for a few weeks now~♤♡◇♧ She’s inspired by one of the face characters from Club Villain and the classic + new movie designs. She’s a bit mad and I’d love to do more concept sketching ;) 

Hope you like her!   [Instagram Post]

Heartless by Marissa Meyer

Finished 24/03/2017

I’m a sucker for a fairytale retelling and this darker look at Alice in Wonderland fully delivered.

In the same fashion as Wicked, Heartless tells us the tragic story of the Queen of Hearts and her life before Alice fell down the rabbit hole. It’s got everything you could want from the genre, forbidden love, nods to the original story, and an inevitable ending, though that doesn’t stop you from wishing your predictions will be wrong.

It was also surprisingly pleasant to journey into Wonderland with a much more substantial plot than the original story holds. I understand that Wonderland is this weird and wonderful place, but I definitely appreciated following a story rather than a series of scenes which was the feeling I got from Alice. 

No it’s not perfect, and I could have done without the insta-love, but Heartless is a nice and easy read that gives you a new perspective on a classic tale.