2x08: taken

When we talk at night the only thought running through my head is how much I want you here next to me. I want to hold your hand and lay my head on your chest as we talk about the future and our goals. I want to hear your heart beat as I feel your breath on my neck. I want to feel your lips as you kiss me. I want to see you and know that when I come home, I’ll be coming home to you.


-she poofed the Zircons when the blue one accused one of the diamonds

-she hasn’t seemed as upset by Pink Diamond’s death as Blue has

-She had motive, she put the cluster in the Earth

that being said, Pink Diamond might have wanted to preserve the earth but Yellow wanted the cluster there

Rose got blamed bc she was able to protect a few of her friends with her shield from the “diamond attack” that mutilated all the gems

And how could Rose shatter a diamond with the sword Connie now has? Especially after what happened with Bismuth, when Bismuth had the idea to shatter the diamonds Rose locked her away inside Lion

Yellow had motive.

((also, side note, but where the fuck is White Diamond???))

Why are we saying this a typical thing for boyfriends to do, as if it would be weird for a man to not surprise dry hump me? If this is what boyfriends do then i think i’ll be staying single thank you very much, before i let a man dry hump me while i’m trying to do shit.

I never thought I find a girl who understands me the way you do. You don't judge me; instead you encourage me to find ways to better myself. You don't put me down when I don't feel like talking to you; you say it's okay and that you're still there when I'm ready. I know I can vent to you about anything without the fear of you telling me to go see a therapist. I know I can be myself with you and still you love me. And, that means the world to me.

I love you.