2x07: the witchfinder


Merlin Rewatch - 2x07 The Witchfinder

I really loved this scene. Arthur practically springs from his throne and runs the length of the room to stop Merlin from attacking the Witchfinder, because if Merlin went through with it Arthur wouldn’t be able to protect him. He handles Merlin firmly and immobilizes him, but look at the way he leans forward to Merlin’s ear and tries to soothe him by saying: I understand you’re angry, you have the right to, it’s alright, you won’t go to jail. And then he goes on to disobey his father’s orders and lets Merlin see Gaius. I think at this point Arthur believes Gaius actually IS a sorcerer; Gaius admitted it explicitly not a minute earlier. He could feel tricked, betrayed, hurt. But still Arthur knows how important Gaius is to Merlin, so he breaks the law for him. This episode was very emotional and it wasn’t really about Merlin and Arthur as much as it was about Merlin and Gaius, but this scene truly moved me.  Your heart is in the right place, prince Arthur. Always was.

//I was rewatching Merlin while I got ready for class. And can we discuss The Witchfinder (2x07)? Cause I really like how Arthur just knows Merlin’s going to attack Aredian so he gets up and grabs Merlin before Merlin gets to do anything stupid. And he manhandles him all the way to the dungeon and when he finally lets him go – Merlin actually throws a punch at Arthur. Arthur isn’t even mad, he tells Merlin he’s breaking the law and giving him a few minutes with Gaius and I just really loved it and I’m sad there are no gifs of that scene.


okay i’m going to talk again because this scene, this short little scene, breaks my heart in so many ways because Merlin doesn’t get to enjoy his magic. ever. he has so much power and he never gets to use it for himself. “I use it for you Arthur, only for you.

BUT LOOK AT THE SMILE ON HIS FACE EVEN THOUGH IT’S ONLY THERE FOR A SINGLE MOMENT. This split second of joy is so rare for Merlin because, I think, he sometimes starts to believe that the power he has is wrong. It takes him a long time to accept that “I was born with it.” But for this moment when he is alone, let’s himself enjoy it as “just a bit of fun.” But then he remembers that it’s not allowed, that magic is not okay in Camelot. And this one moment leads to him almost loosing not only his own life but also the lives of two friends. 

It makes you truly understand “It’s lonely… to be more powerful than any man you know and have to live like a shadow. To… to be special and have to pretend that you’re a fool. I know how it feels… I understand.” because not only can Merlin not share his gift with others, he can hardly share it with himself.