The brother who loved me too much & the one who didn’t love me enough.

And the evil slut vampire who only loves herself.

I’m hoping the English language doesn’t fail me now, and I can try and explain this coherently.

The brothers both loved Katherine. Now this is my guess, but in 1864 Virginia - with an upbringing that the Salvatore brothers had, they wouldn’t have had the same interaction with women than they did when ‘orphaned’ Katherine Pierce arrived from Georgia. 

She would have been their firsts - if not first kiss, then definitely first lover. 

They both would have done anything for her. They both wanted to rescue her before she was trapped in the tomb with everyone else.

Once they were turned, and Katherine had disappeared, Stefan was led to believe that they had been used to her advantage, nothing more than pawns in her game - and that anything they might have felt, or any feelings she may have professed, a lie. 

He moved on, while Damon was intent on bringing her back, and he believed that his feelings for Katherine weren’t true.

While Damon continued to love Katherine, Stefan believed that he no longer had those feelings.

146 years later, when the tomb is finally opened in 2010 to find out that Katherine isn’t there, Damon finally has to face the fact Katherine never came back to him; and no matter how crushing that feeling is - he realises what Stefan has been saying all along - she never really loved them.

Stefan however, is faced with the fact that Katherine is back, and that she’s back for him and that it’s always been him. Being around Katherine again is forcing him to bring up the possibility that maybe what he did feel as a seventeen year old in 1864 is still possible in 2010.

And with the final scenes of 2x07, there’s the possibility that even though Damon knows that Katherine was never going to love him like he spent a century and a half loving her, he hasn’t been able to forget what he’s spent a lifetime feeling.

Damon might be coming to terms that he no longer loves Katherine, but Stefan hasn’t even begun to think that he has these long unresolved feelings for her; that he might be the brother to still love her after all this time.

Stefan/Katherine - "I love you, Stefan. We will be together again, I promise."

Okay, first thing first. I do not believe that Stefan is a boring character, or lacks any sort of personality. I believe that he’s interesting, he has a complex past (if you’ve been immortal for 145 years that’s sort of expected), and he has a great personality.

I believe though, that we see a different side of Stefan when he’s with Katherine instead of Elena. With Elena, he’s become this good-guy saviour, who is never going to hurt her. When he’s Katherine, his vampiric nature comes to the surface. He’s not so much the good guy anymore. In my opinion, he becomes more real.

“You haven’t changed at all, have you?” - Stefan Salvatore
“But you have. You’re stronger, meaner. Sexy.” - Katherine Pierce

Katherine has spent the last 534 years surviving as a vampire, running from Klaus and the Originals (If that’s the theory we’re working under). She’s been living under the mental capacity of kill or be killed, doing whatever she could to survive.

When she’s with Stefan, you see her humanity. She can be fun and playful and human around him. Whether or not she should, she feels like she can let her guard down.

She could have continued on, ignoring that Stefan was out there; but she continued to track him down over the years, checking in on him.

You were watching Bon Jovi, and I was watching you - Katherine Pierce

Stefan is not, nor ever has been, indifferent to Katherine; that’s evident in just how easy it is for him to get worked up around her, how easy it is for her to get a reaction out of him, in nearly anything she says.

He’s had so many chances now to kill her, but he can’t do it. He’s hesitated nearly every time. 

This is the only place that has remained constant. This room holds every memory that I ever thought was important enough to hold on to. - Stefan Salvatore

He held on to Katherine’s photo for nearly a century and a half. It remained secure in the room where he held every memory that he thought was important enough.

As far as we know, that photo is still in his bedroom. It was definitely there when Katherine appeared at the house.

He might have buried his feelings in his conscience, but in his subconscious everything he felt was still there. He just never dealt with it, deciding that he hated Katherine. He decided that the love he felt with Katherine was only her compulsion; when she never actually compelled his love, but instead compelled away the fear he felt when he found out exactly what she was.

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The Vampire Diaries

OTP: Damon and Elena

Least Favourite Ship: I never really understood how people could ship Bonnie and Damon. They might happen in the books (maybe?) but in the show they hate each other. Or at least, it’s made clear she hates him.

Favourite Character: This show has some of my favourite characters on TV at the moment. Damon, Katherine and Caroline. And everyone else is a very close second.

Favourite Episode: 1st season, I think it was A Few Good Men. The 2nd season would have to be Masquerade